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They Stole It!

Last night my sister and I invited a few of our friends over for girls night/movie night, and decided on When in Rome with Kristen Bell and Josh Duhamel.  It seemed like it would be a cute and funny movie, which it was.  Maybe about 5 minutes into it Kristen Bell’s character has a run in with her ex bf and they get into a discussion about their break-up.  The ex says something along the lines of do you remember when we broke up, and Kristen Bell goes “Of course I remember when you broke up with me, IN THE APPLEBEES!”  On either side of me Col and Jenna gasped and my mouth just dropped in shock, and I said “THEY STOLE MY BREAK-UP STORY!”  Haha, yes last year I was unfortunately dumped in an Applebees, well not exactly inside, but in the parking lot out front.  It was a fantastic time.  Anyway, the three of us laughed about it for a while.  Prettttty funny.

Prior to realizing my life inspired movies, my sister and I hit the gym for a workout.  We were both dragging our asses and weren’t in the mood at all, but we went and I am so glad I did.  You know when you have those runs where you feel like you could just keep going and going?  I had one of them last night.  Including my 5 minute walking warm-up, I did 4 miles in 39 minutes.  If I wasn’t now a smarter runner thanks to a billion years of PT, I would have pushed and pushed until I was exhausted.  I was good and stopped myself at 4 miles though.

My sis and I lounged on the mats for a while after where we pretended to stretch and do abs, but really just chatted with another friend.  I guess I probably managed to do some ab exercises.  Then for dinner, I crushed a chicken cheesesteak and it was sooooooooo good.  In fact I barely remember eating it, it was gone so fast which means there was no opportunity to take a picture either.  I mean sometimes you just have to eat a cheesesteak.

I have an exciting evening of laundry ahead of me to get ready for vacation next weekend and Baltimore tomorrow.  There will probably be an alcoholic beverage or two that accompany me in my laundry doing, but hey it is Friday after all.  Not that it would matter if it was Wednesday either.

What are you all up to this weekend?  Anyone going to the O’s game tomorrow?