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Weights Day

Since I haven’t be able to do any cardio since March 31 (we’ll discuss another day just how I’m dealing with that; hint not well) I’ve been trying to find other ways to make sure I keep fitting in my favorite J. Crew neon shorts and white jeans. Also so I don’t completely spiral out of control and have a meltdown, because ain’t no one got time for that. That’s where the weights have come into play. Twice a week for the past two weeks (this is week 3) I’ve been doing a full body circuit with some fairly heavy weights. Yesterday was Day ‘A’ workout.

Some Notes:

  • Each exercise pair is performed as a superset. There are three sets of 10 repetitions per exercise. So for each pair of exercises (A and B), you will do 10 reps of A, then 10 reps of B, increase weight and do 10 A and 10 B again, and then increase weight again and do the final 10 and 10.
  • Weights should be chosen such that the first set is not so difficult to finish all 10, the second set takes almost full effort, and the third set takes every last bit of effort and you may come up a couple reps short. If you’re not finishing the first or second set, do not go up in weight for the subsequent set.

Day ‘A’

First Superset

Second Superset

Third Superset

Fourth Superset


*As a precaution I’m being a little bit of a weenie with my leg weight selections just until I find out what’s wrong with my hip

My friend Kathryn and I do this workout together, and our friend Pat motivates us to not slack off/makes us laugh with “that’s what she said” jokes while we’re trying to reverse lunge. It takes about an hour, if you account for the much-needed face plant time on the ab mat at the end. It’s a good workout that leaves me sweating, out of breath, and incredibly sore the next day. In fact, I might need help washing my hair tonight. If you’re looking  for a new routine, give this one a try!





So many prizes!

It’s my WFH day, also known as my most favorite day of the week, yes even more of a favorite than Friday.  I get to sleep a whole 1.5 hours later than normal and stay in sweatpants all day long, if I so choose.  Today however, I’m having lunch with my lovah Kacy to lessen the withdrawal symptoms so I’ll probably shower at some point.

Yesterday after work, I begrudgingly made my way over to the gym for my leg workout (barf).  10 minute warm-up on the treadmill looked like this:

2 min at 4.0
6 x 30 seconds hard 30 seconds easy (9.o for the hard, standing on the sides for the easy)
2 min at 4.0

Followed by:
2 x 15 freehand squat jumps as a second warm-up

Three sets of each of these done as a superset
10-12 Plie dumbbell squats
10-12 lateral non-alternating barbell squats
10-12 calf raises

All wrapped up with 20 minutes on the treadmill.  Personally, I think running after lifting legs should be considered by the government as a form of torture.  I felt like I was barely lifting my feet up off the treadmill and was in danger of tripping and face planting for the whole 20 minutes.  Needless to say my legs were complete trash after, and they’re still pretty trashed today.

When I finally got home at the end of the day, I was greeted by 3 packages waiting for me!  I think half the fun of online shopping is receiving everything it the mail a week or so later.  One of my prizes, was my latest Bridier Baubles purchase, the Cisco Cuff (Hook).  I think it makes a lovely addition to what’s normally happening on my wrist.

Package numero due was my new running shoes!  My old ones had holes in the back of the heel so these were more than necessary.  I love the brightness of them, and I can’t wait to wear them because they’re sooooo cushioning.  Yay!

The third thing was my new pair of Toms, they’re red with stripes and adorable, and I’m probably wearing them to lunch today so I’ll take a picture then.  And, friends, I must confess I’m still waiting for one more thing and I hope it arrives a day early so I can pack it for my weekend in PA.

Oh, and one last thing, Happiest of happy birthdays to my lovely roommate and friend Adrienne!

I’m Really Good at Spending Money

It’s inspection day!! Again.  Although not until 3:30 this afternoon, which is really 4:30, which means you all need to keep me distracted all day so that I don’t go bananas.  I’m waiting to hear how the inspection goes before submitting an order for this photo to be turned into a canvas as a house-warming present.  Hopefully it goes well, because I really want to buy it, and three more, but that’s besides the point.  I have a twitchy trigger finger.

It’s from our trip to Jamaica, and I took it, and I’m quite proud of it, unless you guys think it looks like corny motel art.  Then I totally hate it. In my head, there will eventually be a collage of canvas photos from this trip and potential others on a wall in our house.  Yup.  Now, the only questions remaining are how big, and deep gallery wrap or thin gallery wrap.

So, it’s May, which is cool because that means summer hours start in 24 days and I get to work from home every Thursday from now onnnnn!  So, if you’re keeping track, I get to work from home on Thursday’s, and the Friday’s when I’ll actually be in the office are only half days.  Bring. It. On.

Remember that fitness assessment I took at my gym not too long ago?  Well, the results were ridiculous and told me I had 37% body fat and was technically over-weight for my height and age.  I don’t really believe the body fat measurement at all, but whatever.  Could I use to lose a few lbs?  Sure, but I am by no means over-weight, I don’t think anyway.  Well because of that assessment, one of the trainers drew up a plan for me, and finally got it to me last week.  Yesterday was day one.  It has me working out 5 days a week, with three days of lifting and two days of straight cardio.  On the days I lift, I still do a 10 minute cardio warm-up and 20 minutes of cardio at the end.

It’s designed as a circuit workout, where you do each exercise in a superset fashion, and take a 1-2 minute break between sets only.  I don’t think I went heavy enough on a few of the exercises, because even by rep 12 I wasn’t really feeling it.  Notes for next time.  My cardio was 10 min on the treadmill as a warm-up and then 25 minutes on the elliptical.

I can definitely increase to 20 lb dumbbells for the rows, and probably the 15 lb dumbbells for the Zottman Curls.  I’m mostly feeling it in my shoulders and chest today.  Today has cardio on the agenda, and I’m hoping to squeeze in a spin class at lunch.  She also has me really curbing my diet which I’ll talk more about in another post.  Until then!  Happy Doomsday, I mean Tuesday.