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Playoff Time!

Number of pairs of jeans I tried on this morning before finding ones comfortable enough for an 8 hour work day? Three.  You guys, my thighs, they are killing me.  They are just not getting any smaller, no matter how many carbs or pieces of cheese I don’t eat.  It sucks.  I didn’t even buy wine until Thursday this week!  I have exactly 71 days to get myself looking good in a bathing suit so I don’t feel like a fatty mcfatterson next to Darren.  Help. (I know I’m not “fat” but he is in extremely good shape and I hate him).

So yeah, with that looming over my head, you would think I’d have worked out last night.  Nope.  I decided my muscles needed a rest day in the form of red wine, which I had two or three glasses of.  Sigh.  That means, in about two hours someone needs to come drag me away from my desk and to the gym so I can get a mid-day workout in.  Hmm there’s yoga at 12:30, maybe I’ll do that.  I probably won’t.

I think we are having some friends over tonight to do some drinking and have a fire in the chiminea, and of course watch baseball.  Tomorrow morning I will be up back by work bright and early to get my hair did.  My girl goes out on maternity leave, like next week, so I had to squeeze in one last appointment with her.  I’m hoping they can also do something about the eyebrow situation I’ve got going on.  They haven’t been touched since March.  It’s ugly.

Alright ya’ll, have a great weekend! Oh, and go Yankees!

And good luck to the Phillies tomorrow.


Holler, happy Friday, we made it!  I’m hoping I have only 3 more hours of work left, 5 at most, fingers crossed people, fingers crossed.  It’s once again a scorcher here in DC, and perfect weather to attend a baseball game tonight, which is what I will be doing.  Although it’s the Nats, so I doubt I’ll actually watch the game very much.  Cheap tickets and Red Porch here I come!

My lunch time workout yesterday was amazing, don’t tell anyone but I was gone for more than an hour.  Only by like 15 minutes and I didn’t have any work to do anyway, so whatever.  I snapped a picture of the new fancy gym while I was on the elliptical, so here it is.

Wall of treadmills in the front, ellipticals, stationary bikes, stair climbers, and weird ellipticals that confuse me in the back.  All the way down at the end of the gym are free weights, and the weight machines, both the spin room and group fitness room are through doors to the right.

I did 35 minutes on the elliptical while watching the Food Network, ironic I know, followed by a core workout.  This core workout to be precise, except I increased the reps to 25 for the regular crunches and bicycle kicks.  I wrapped my workout up, showered like a speed demon, and wandered back to work for the rest of my afternoon.  It was really nice to just be able to go home after work, relax, and eat dinner before 8 pm.  I brought clothes with me today in case I feel like another lunch time workout, we’ll see.

Weight Update

Ok, as you all know, I’ve been counting calories and really working it in the gym in an effort to get back in my summer wardrobe.  As you also know, I don’t weigh myself, and I haven’t since last July, which makes keeping track of whether I’ve lost any weight or not kind of difficult.  Well this morning as I was staring into my closet trying to decide what to wear when it’s 90 outside, but also work appropriate, I hesitantly pulled out my white denim capri pants.

That’s them and me in them in September last year.  (Ignore Dani’s look of pain, she was just whining).  Well this morning, I pulled them on, and they fit!  I know what I weighed then, so I have an approximate idea of where I am now, and it’s still a few pounds away from where I’d like to be, but at least it’s progress.  I think.  I should probably try on some jeans that were snug from the winter to be sure.  It was a great way to start the weekend :).

Alright dudes, happy Memorial Day weekend, have a great one!

An Anniversary

Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone!  The 5th of May means more to me than just margaritas, it means another year has gone by since I graduated from the best place on earth.

 Instead of posting the same pics I did last year, feel free to go back and read that post.  Oh how I miss that place, roommates when can we plan a trip back?  Anyway, yesterday I was in a super negative mood and didn’t want to bring the rest of the world down, so I decided not to post.  I’m still feeling kind of bad today, but a rocking spin class last night helped my mood.  Either that or the vodka and soda I sipped while laying in bed.

Since I’m still feeling funky, I thought I’d share with you some of the pics Dar sent me yesterday from his job site.  He and his crew just started their huge summer job, which means 12 hour days and 5 minute sleepy phone calls for me at night.

Guess who gets to climb up that 40 foot ladder and paint the chimney, yeah, that’d be the boss who unfortunately is Darren.  I simply said “please don’t die”.  Boyfriend already has a steel plate and screws in his hip, we don’t need any more artificial parts or broken bones.  By the way, the scar from that surgery is NASTY, ask Amy, she’s seen it.  So yeah, the have a whole neighborhood of those condos to paint this summer, sounds fun right?  I’m thinking once summer temps set in, it will be significantly less fun.

So, I’m once again calorie counting, to try to figure out where I’m getting excess calories that are making my pants so tight.  I downloaded the Daily Burn ap for my iPhone which is giving me a calorie allotment of 1551-1801 a day.  It also suggests workouts to do to help you reach your goal, which for me is to drop about 10 lbs.  I think my  main problem is I’m overestimating how much I’m burning, and underestimating how much I’m taking in.  Hopefully if I can get a handle on the numbers I’ll  have some success in the weight loss department.

Anyone have plans for Cinco de Mayo?  Do you all still miss college as much as I do?