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These are a Few of My Fav Things

So I ended up taking the 5 pm cycle and strength class last night, and boy oh boy did I have my ass handed to me. As you can probably guess, the class was split with the first half being cycle and the second half a boot-camp style strength class.  The cycle part was good, lots of hill climbs, and then we moved into the group fitness room for more.  Seeing as my entire back and hamstrings were sore from yoga on Monday night, I was not fully prepared for the next 25 minutes but it was great.

We started with walking lunges, then did walking double lunges, then chest press, flies, a million push-ups, squats of all kinds, and abs. For the push-ups, we would do one narrow, one wide, etc for the set, then one in front of a step, one with our hands on the step, climb over the step and do one with your feet on the step.  I thought I was going to fall on my face.  I was spent by the end, and breathing heavy, again probably partly to do with the fact my lungs are still not fully functioning but whatevs. I’ll probably take it again, it was kind of fun.

Since that’s really all I’ve got at the moment, I’m just going to share a few of my favorite things right now.

This song by Lee Brice.  I like to think this is how Darren feels about me, haha.

Katharine McPhee’s version of Florence and the Machine’s Shake it Out from Monday’s episode of SMASH.

Lastly, the 80 degree weather today allowing me to dress like an Easter egg.  I have every intention of taking my computer outside to do some work later this afternoon.  Hooray for laptops and wireless that travels! Happy Wednesday!

Insert Clever Title Here

Mmmmmk so, judging by the extreme lack of traffic this morning me thinks there are a good number of people playing “72 degree weather” hookie today. Lucky them.  I’m at work, but oh well what are ya gonna do.

No news about the house yet, the house buying gods are against us and do not want us to get one it seems.  The more I watch shows like Property Virgins and House Hunters the angrier I get (yes I know they’re fake) because NO ONE hears back about their offer on a property within hours of making it.  It’s a load of bull if you ask me.  I’m just ready for this stressful process to be over.

I’m still making a strong comeback in the gym this week and was able to work off some of that stress by doing some more cardio yesterday.  40 minutes on the elliptical (while getting angry at HGTV) and 20 minutes on the treadmill, I even ran for the last 5, followed by some stretching and planks.  I still feel like a blimp, but hopefully after a few more weeks like this I’ll be feeling back to normal.

Darren’s birthday is on Sunday, and for it I got him a racing wheel controller and Need for Speed video game for his XBOX, because apparently 28 is the new 8.  The wheel arrived at his house yesterday and he is anxiously anticipating the arrival of the game because “This wheel is soooo cool and shiny!” Yes, actual words said.

My mom, sister, and two aunt’s are coming to visit this weekend, and umm I have no idea what to do with them. If only it were going to be this nice on Saturday :(.  So far my only two thoughts are walk around Georgetown and eat and shop, or walk around the Mall/Monument area and eat.  I suck.

Also, I thought today was Friday for a while, realizing it wasn’t also sucked,  but I think I’m going to ask to leave a few hours early tomorrow so that should be nice.  Anyway, bye.

Global Warming, it’s Real

It’s February (does anyone else say that totally weird in their head? No, just me, ok then) and in honor of the perfectly normal 65 degree weather for January 31, I took a 30 minute walk at lunch yesterday.

I ended up walking just about 2 miles, and since I currently cannot get into the gym and lift, it was a better workout than just doing nothing.  It was so nice out, I was afraid I was going to start sweating through my silk blouse, which since it is dry clean only would have been no bueno.  Um, if you’ve figured out where my office is from that picture please don’t come and stalk me.  I doubt if anyone would notice I went missing for at least a week.

After work I met the roommates at home and we ventured down the street to Bangkok 54 for dinner and some wine.  I ate my body weight in Chili Basil Fried Rice (oops hello carb overload yesterday) and enjoyed two glasses of Cab Sauv while chatting away.

I’m hoping to get away at some point this afternoon to go get my bangs trimmed, since they are currently too long to wear down and hang in my eyeballs.  Conveniently my hair salon is just across the street.  Maybe I’ll even walk to get some exercise in again.  I think there may be a chance of rain though, so we’ll see.

I think my back is on the mend, I can almost extend my arm fully straight in the air above my head without feeling like a rubber band is snapping, so hopefully I will be back in action in the gym soon.  I just almost said happy Thursday, it is only Wednesday.  Lame.