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Not 1 but 2 Starbucks Treats!

Umm, for no other reason than I wanted a Passion Tea to drink with my lunch today, and of course I had to have my Caramel Machiatto.  So Happy Friday everyone!  Yay we made it!

Yesterday started March Madness, did ya’ll fill out any brackets?  How are yours doing? This is the first time in years that I haven’t filled one out, and the past two years I had even taken off this day so that I could watch all of the games.  It feels kind of weird to not participate, but this weekend also held some bad memories for me the past two years so it is nice to know that won’t be possible again.  Nothing really tragic, my favorite pair of shoes and my bedroom floor got thrown up on (not by me), and last year was fighting and crying.  I was sitting on my couch last night indulging in how nice it felt to not be stressed and worried :).  I’m not really sure whether to credit the NCAA Tournament or the nice weather, but check out how empty my gym was at 5:30 last night:

Sorry it’s so blurry, but I was trying to not fall off the stair climber and discreetly snap a picture on the blackberry at the same time.  Typically every single one of those treadmills and ellipticals has people on it.  It was soooo nice to not have to wait for anything!  Last nights workout was a hodgepodge of different cardio machines so I didn’t get bored.

  • 15 minutes on the stair climber (does anyone else sweat more on this machine than any other?)
  • 15 minutes walking between a 10-12 incline on the treadmill
  • 15 minutes on the elliptical

I was going to lift some weights, but my stomach was really bothering me, so I did some stretching and abs and got out of there.  I figure I’ll have a nice long workout on Saturday to lift.  Mama dukes went out with her bf last night, so it was just me and I really didn’t feel like cooking for one, thank goodness for CPK pizzas.

Twas delicious.  I still think my favorite one is the White Pizza with Spinach though.  That was the last one in my freezer, time to hunt down some coupons and stock up on more!

Yes, I realize I eat an absurd amount of pizza, but it is my favorite food :).  The rest of my night was pretty uneventful, I made a Thursday cocktail, vodka and club, and talked to the bf on the phone.  He is currently traveling around the state of VA looking at law schools so I won’t see him until next weekend which is lame, but I guess his future is important.  Or something.  I’ll be supportive if he’ll be able to support me one day and I can stop working, hehe.  Ok I kid, I kid, sort of.

Yeah, that’s really all I have to say today, not to much happening.  I am wearing flip-flops though and it feels glorious!  My friend Alexis and I have plans to take our lunch outside and bask in the warm temps, so that should be delightful.  Have a fantastic Friday!