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Winter, Part 3000

snowThis is happening again. Supposedly we’re getting another 5-9 inches today, so that’s fun. March, you are drunk. I’m working from home, because I’d rather not risk my life trying to do a commute that takes me 45 minutes on a good morning.

Prior to the 400,000 winter storm of the year, it was actually a pretty nice weekend. I got out for my long run on Saturday afternoon when it was a lovely 37 degrees (feels like 32) and partly cloudy. I wore my new favorite Nike capris and a lightweight long sleeve and was perfectly comfortable. Well, until I got in the shower and realized my sports bra chaffed my poor underboobs. You’re not livin’ till you head out for an evening with bandaids on your boobs.


I’m pretty happy with my overall consistency pace wise on this run, as I have a tendency to shall we say “blow my load” in the early miles and then die at the end. I hopped on the W & OD Trail, which conveniently runs behind my neighborhood, and headed down towards The Village of Shirlington, did a loop through there and around the dog park, and came back. I particularly love when I’m running through Shirlington and get hit with clouds of people’s cigarette smoke. Blech.

photo (9)

Mile 7 was basically all rolling hills, which is terrible when you’re tired and butt is on fire and you just want to be back at your house to lay and die on the sidewalk. I’m heading out to Chicago! on Friday to hang out with this chick, and I think I’ve convinced her to do a long run with me. Amy, it’s supposed to be 8 but I won’t be mad if we don’t do that many :).

I know I’m a little ( a lot) crazy, but I’ve really enjoyed my long runs in the cold and I swear on all things unholy if it is hot and humid on April 6 I will lose my mind and throw an immature temper tantrum. The end.