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Over too Fast

Well, another long weekend has come and gone and Darren is safe and sound back in Wisconsin.  45ish days until we see each other again, and hopefully we’ll have a house by then.

We had a great weekend here in VA together that started almost the second Dar got off the plane on Friday evening.  We navigated home through rush-hour traffic where we met up with my roommate Dani and her boyfriend to head out to dinner.  We decided to check out the new Market Tavern (used to be Harry’s Tap Room), and while a little on the pricey side for regular visits, it was delicious and nice for a special occasion.  Oh and two words, bread bar.  That is all.

Spotted, my new Bridier Baubles Boca Grande necklace and matching earrings that came as a free gift!

Friday night lasted much longer that I’m used to, and I was dragging a little the next morning when it was time to get up and get ready for kickball.  Yes, kickball and all it brings with it is back for another season, which means afternoons spent on The Mall followed by Miller Lights and tots in the evening.  Bring, it, on.

After winning our game, and a few hours in the bar, Darren and I said our goodbyes and headed home to hang out and relax.  After a pit stop at TJ’s (which I’m appalled to say my love did not like) we figured out a solution as how to grill our dinner in the rain.

Why we never thought to move the grill to our front porch I do not know, but it worked just fine.  Darren braved the cold and rain, while I kept the couch warm :).  The kebabs were delicious, thanks to TJ’s pre-marinated meat and cheap produce.  So what if they don’t sell marinade, you don’t need it.

Sunday was spent lazing around watching movies, until we pulled ourselves up off the couch and joined some of my friends to watch the Caps game at Whitlows.  Darren is a strange guy, and not really a big sports fan, so I spent some time secretly explaining why such penalties were called the Stanley Cup playoff structure. Shh, don’t tell him I told you.

The rest of the weekend was spent much the same way, drinking, eating, and lounging.  We did venture out for few hours yesterday to drop my bridesmaid dress off for altering and some home shopping at Crate and Barrel.  We managed to pick out flatware and plates that we both like, which is a huge accomplishment.

Today it’s back to life as normal, with no days off until the end of May.  Luckily, Amy, Jess, and Steph are coming to visit Kacy an I in a mere 10 days and I CAN’T WAIT! It’s going to be a ridiculously fun weekend, and I’m excited to finally meet Jess in person.  Although, sometimes I forget that I haven’t.  Well, happy Tuesday you fools. s

New Things

My mom put me on the phone with my cat the other night, and I think she recognized my voice. Yup, totally normal.

Anywhoodle, apparently my crazy town man friend went out and looked at some houses yesterday.  I didn’t know this because we weren’t speaking, but he liked one.  I like it. He’s looking at a few more today, and if nothing strikes his fancy more, we’re moving on it.  The owners have already moved, so hopefully it’s a smoother process? Although with our luck, probably not.

The past two mornings, I’ve tried something a little different.  Normally I drag myself out of bed about 10 seconds before I need to be in my car and driving to work, which kind of makes for a stressful morning.  Yesterday and today I woke myself up about 20 minutes earlier than normal, and took the time to make a nice breakfast.  Two egg omelet with some mozz and peppers, and actually drank some coffee before leaving the house.  Ya know what, I liked it.  Not only was my stomach not growling during my 45 minute drive in, but I didn’t feel like I was half asleep at the wheel.  I think I shall try to make this a regular thing.

Workouts have been pretty standard since returning from Vegas.  Monday I worked on my tan, Tuesday I ran 3 miles, and yesterday I did the Body by Bethenny yoga DVD.  The DVD was a good workout, it had me sweating and my arms burning and the 5 minute Booty Buster extra at the end was just enough for me to feel satisfied and call it a day.  Then I cleaned my entire room and bathroom, vacuuming and scrubbing the floor and all.  Good thing Darren likes to clean, because this girl?  Not so much.

In other news, because I figured my credit card bill is already absurdly high for the month, I added some more purchases to it on Tuesday.  I’d seen mentions of Bridier Baubles floating around Twitter, and then I started to see pictures, and then I decided I wanted some of my own cute Kate Spade and J. Crew-esque jewelry for a fraction of the price.  By tomorrow I will be the proud owner of an adorable pair of octopus earrings, the Boca Grande necklace, and the Flower Patch necklace.  I’m excited.  Check out the Facebook page here, and if you do, tell em I sent ya!

Darren arrives tomorrow at 5:15 and we have plans to double date with my roommate Dani and her boyfriend.  Clarendon restaurant suggestions are welcome, my usuals American Tap Room and Fireworks are getting old.  Happy Thursday betches.

Oblique Workout

Is it tomorrow yet?  Dar and I looked into switching his flight to today since he finished his last job early and I can work from home, but it was too expensive. So, tomorrow it is.  I have a lot to do tonight, including  finishing cleaning my bathroom, browning meat and onions and garlic for my spaghetti sauce tomorrow so I’m not cooking at 7 am tomorrow, and making myself pretty.  That last one is the most annoying since I typically am a hot mess with my hair in a ponytail at work.

On Monday I did an awesome oblique workout that I found in Women’s Health and I wanted to share it with you guys.

I used 12 lb dumbbells and I’m still feeling it today.  Also, that second one where you rotate, awesome for the shoulders too.  Try it!

I have to teach a two-hour training class today, blaaaaaah, on top of all my regular work so hopefully the day passes quickly.  Anyway, that’s all I’ve really got for ya today, pretty much just wanted to share that workout.  Later!