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Still no news… hopefully today before I actually have a nervous breakdown.

So, at what point do I need to seek medical attention for this disgusting cough I have going on?  It’s been hanging out for about two weeks, and has not improved at all.  In fact, I think its gotten worse, as I spend a good 30 minutes each morning coughing up phlegm.  (Sorry if that’s a gross over share).  Also, my nose is now stuffy and congested with the same gross stuff.  I really hate the doctor though, especially if they tell me there is nothing they can do.  That really infuriates me.

LiveFit has about 2 weeks left to prove to me that it is working before I completely abandon it.  My pants are tighter than ever, and while I appreciate the added muscle to my ass and thighs, there’s no way in hell I’m buying new pants.  I did just start phase two and get back from 5 days of no work-outs and eating whatever I want, so it gets a few more days to prove itself.  Otherwise, I’m jumping ship.

I had visions of future married life the other night when I wanted to watch Khloe and Lamar and Darren would have rather killed himself.  We compromised.

He got to play his video game, and I got to watch my show, all while still hanging out together.  I can deal with that.  He even pretended to listen when I was talking to him, despite the noise cancelling headphones.  I tried to play one game, and was killed multiple times within the 3 minutes the controller was in my hand.  I think I’ll stick with Super Mario or Sonic thank you very much.

Having Monday’s off from work always confuses me, but I am in no way complaining that it’s already Wednesday, and next week is March.  Seriously, when the hell did that happen?  Alright, I’m outa here to stare at my phone and will it to ring with good news.  Have a great day!

No Morning Should Include Cat Pee

So I was standing in my bathroom this morning straightening my hair, and I looked around the corner to see where the cat was and why she wasn’t in her usual spot, the bathroom sink.  She was perched over a pair of jeans that happened to be laying on the floor, PEEING ON THEM.  I obviously screamed at her and she bolted out the bedroom door, but why would she pee on a pair of pants when her litter box is in the same damn room?  There was plenty of litter in there, and it was relatively clean.  Was she just being an asshole or should I be worried something might be wrong with her?  As far as I know, she’s never really done this before.  She’s about 7.5 and had a clean bill of health at the vet on her last check-up.

Anyway, moving on.  The other morning on the radio I heard something that reminded me so much of Darren, and was cracking up.  A woman called in because her husband had used vacation days to stay home playing the new Call of Duty game, and now wouldn’t be able to travel home with her for the holidays.  She wanted to know if she was justified in feeling pissed off.  Well, boyfriend didn’t exactly take off from work since he is the boss, but he stayed home almost the entire day on Tuesday playing the exact same game.  Men and their video games.  Adrienne sent this out in an email the other day, and just, yes.

After getting all the way to the gym locker room on Tuesday night, and then realizing I forgot my sneakers, I was more than ready for a good workout yesterday.  35 minutes on the treadmill followed by lots of core work and push-ups.  Push-ups are not getting any easier, and I’m still struggling through 2 sets of 10. Wah.  Then I battled traffic for an hour going home, and made it just in time to watch the CMAs.

The CMAs are pretty much the only award show I watch, 1) because country boys are dead sexy 2) Carrie Underwood is hot, and 3) it’s back to back performances of all my favorite songs.  Last night’s show didn’t disappoint, well until Taylor Swift won entertainer of the year.  Can’t we just all agree she’s pretty much pop now?  I mean I still like her, but she shouldn’t really be considered country.

Well, happy Thursday! Almost to the weekend, unless you are lucky enough to have tomorrow off. I am not.


Conquering Broad Street, again

Look what I did this morning!

Officially registered for the Blue Cross Broad Street 10 mile run!  Anyone want to run with me?  I have no running partner this year :(.  It is the first Sunday of May, which gives me what, 11 weeks to train.  That is exactly what I had last year, the difference being this year I have been running consistently since February 2009.  Well if you don’t count the past two weeks I had to take off to rest my IT band.  Stupid knee.  I’m so excited, I estimated my finish time at 1 hour 30 minutes, so fingers crossed.  Back to the gym tonight for me (finally)!.  I’m still not allowed to run, but I figure I can at least hop on the elliptical for a good 45 minutes and get some major stretching of my tighter than hell IT band in.

Yesterday was a very relaxing President’s Day off with the bf.  When we finally left the apartment to go find some lunch, I think at this point it was 2 pm and I was verrrrry hungry, we couldn’t decide where to go and wandered around for years.  Ok maybe not years, but it sure felt like it.  I think I was on the verge of passing out, and getting crankier by the minute.  Waiting until 2 in the afternoon to eat for the first time all day is not a good idea for me.

Alex finallllly decided on this new place that recently opened called Rockwell’s Express. It was a really cool place, you create custom burgers, salads, wraps, chicken burgers, chicken sandwiches with whatever you want on them.  For the burgers and chicken burgers, all of the ingredients are mixed in with the meat, and then the patty is made.  It was pretty cool and delicious.  I ended up ordering a grilled chicken sandwich on a whole wheat bun, but after seeing Alex’s burger kind of wished I had gone with one of those.

Alex’s favorite part was the giant selection of fountain sodas and sauces and condiments.  Apparently that’s what he wants for his house someday.  Good luck with that babe.

After lunch we just sort of wandered around and ended up in Union Square, where we spent 3,000 hours looking at one pair of shoes in Shoe Mania.  The most surprising thing about that?  The shoes were not for me, nope it was all the bf.  He did not end up buying said shoes (hooray, I was not a fan) but by then I was too tired and annoyed with the Union Square crowds to even try to go into Trader Joe’s (sad) so we just went home.  Well we made one last stop at a Game Stop where guess what we bought.  A new Xbox game!  Haha shocking right?  It’s ok, I approve of this one, it’s a snowboarding game and relatively easy for video game idiots like me to play.

I got home around 8:30 last night, after a very crowded train ride, and surprise surprise it was snowing.  Sigh, how many days until Memorial Day?  102?  Getting back into the swing of things today has not been easy, in fact I am still struggling.  Notice how it’s 11 am and I am just getting around to posting?  Well at least LOST is on tonight, and tomorrow is Wednesday already!