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Glory Days

The best thing about taking Monday off from work is that you feel like you completely skip Tuesday.  When I woke up this morning, realized it was Wednesday, and that for once it wasn’t raining, I was instantly in a better mood.  I also had an email on my phone informing me that any swim order over $60 qualified for free shipping at Victoria’s Secret.  I’d had my eye on one particular suit for a while, so this morning I finally ordered it.

And well, because that only totaled $40, I also ordered this fun looking cover-up.

Nothing like getting in some shopping before 10 am on a Wednesday.  I’ve also now hit my quota for swim suits/cover-ups for the season.  One is my limit, until I go to Jamaica in the winter that is :).  Actually I’ll probably just “borrow” what my sister bought for her spring break two months ago.

Anyway, enough of that.  Yesterday I did this upper body workout, and the speed cardio that the work out plan called for.  2x 400 m and 1x 200m.  I threw in a mile warm-up and cool-down to make it an even 3 miles for the day.  The speed work got me thinking, and I kind of want to find out just how fast I can still run 200 m.  I’ve mentioned before, but I actually used to be a pretty good athlete back in high school, especially when it came to track and field.  While I highly doubt that I could still run at 27 second 200 or a 60 second 400, it would be interesting to see what I can do.  Anyone want to race?

Sometimes I miss track meets, and competitive events I was actually good at.  When I wasn’t nervous to run, or jump (mostly jump), because I was the one to beat.  Let’s be serious, long distance races are not my forte and I will never be part of a competitive field when it comes to them.  But for some reason, I was really good at flinging my  body up and over a bar, and launching myself into sand pit.


Granted, the 20 plus pounds I’ve put on since then might hinder my abilities now, but that’s neither here nor there.  It would still be fun to try again.  Oh, I also miss my blue and gold spikes, Go Pandas!


Thanks for the compliments on my Easter dress yesterday!  It’s from Victoria’s Secret, my go to for cheap summer sundresses actually.  They’re always cute and comfortable, in fact, one summer when I was a hostess at a restaurant in Philly we used one type as our uniform.

"Hi, welcome to Bongo!"

That one was really short though, made it interesting when I had to climb a ladder to get to the loft to change the music.  I typically wore a bathing suit bottom underneath at all times.  That was the best summer job ever, I got to work outside every day, on a boat, on the Delaware, and if it rained we got to go home :).  I miss the Bongo days :(.

Sorry for the tangent, anywayyyy, last night I went to the gym with the intention of running 3 miles.  I ran one, decided I felt like I was going to vom or pass out, and decided to do a walking work out of sorts.  I alternated between a 6-10 incline for two minutes each, bringing it back down to a 4 and jogging at 6.0 mph for 2 minutes after each time at 10.  I ended up doing something like 2.6 miles in 30 minutes.  Whatever.  Then I did 10 minutes on the arc trainer.

Our fitness facility at work opens next month, and you have to have a fitness assessment in order to join, so I signed up for mine yesterday.  So that will happen sometime in May.  It will be nice to workout at lunch time and right after work without having to drive an hour in traffic.  I can’t wait.

Since I have a visitor arriving in 2 days ;), I spent most of last night cleaning my room.  It was seriously looking like a bomb exploded, I wasn’t even sure if I still had a floor.  Also, since I brought back my entire summer wardrobe and didn’t bring any of my winter clothes home, I had to make some big time room in my closet.  I switched out all my heavy sweaters and winter shoes and boots, to the smaller closet and organized the summer stuff in the makeshift closet I built when I moved in.

Much better, and now I don’t have to go digging around on a closet floor to find the pair of shoes I’m looking for.  Although I am missing one of my favorite pair of gold flat sandals, which is really pissing me off.  Yes, you do see pink and teal pants hanging in my closet.  I’m sorry for my preppiness, but not really.

So, we don’t have central air in our house, just window units in all our rooms, and technically the living room, but we haven’t put that one back in yet.  Yesterday when I got home, it was so hot downstairs that I felt bad for Pumpkin.  So today I locked her in my room with her food, water, and the A/C.  I hope she’s not pissed at me, but I have to keep the door closed and I don’t want her to get too hot.  Sorry Pumps, it’s for your own good!

Anyway, it’s Tuesday, yuck, but I might be having dinner with some people tonight?  Maybe? Today kind of snuck up on me.  I can’t wait for Thursday to get here though.  Laterrr.

Shopping Saturday

Ever since moving to Virginia in November, there’s been something noticeably missing from my life.  Starbucks, and my bank account is sort of happy about the fact that I am no longer making a $5 daily withdraw from it.  Despite the fact that I haven’t been to Starbuck’s in months, my coffee intake has increased substantially.  You see, we have a coffee maker of our own, and buy coffee in bulk, and with my new addiction to Coffee Mate Cinnamon Bun creamer, I can’t get enough.  Example?  I’m on my third cup of the morning already.  I think I need an intervention, I buy the containers of creamer two at a time because I go through it so quickly.  It’s seriously amazing.

The roommates are off to a wedding today, and after I drop them off I’m heading to the gym for a long run and some weights.  Probably.  Then I plan on heading to the mall, doing some shopping, maybe get a mani/pedi and relaxing.  It’s going to be delightful.  My main shopping stop is Sephora, but I’m sure I”ll end up venturing into a few other places a long the way.  I am a shopping addict, I’ll admit it.  Speaking of shopping addict, here are some of the things I ordered from Victoria’s Secret last week.

I got the shoes in the nude color shown in the front, and the short dress in a pink color.  Obviously I look exactly like the models in both dresses :).  Or not even remotely a little bit, but whatever. Confession, I may actually be on the verge of purchasing a pair of black boots from Steve Madden right now, I told you I have a shopping problem.  Happy Saturday!