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Well, since I know you guys have all been anxiously waiting to see what I decided, unless you follow me on Twitter then you already know, but…

Bangs!  And a severely over-waxed right eyebrow that I didn’t notice until this morning and is now pissing me off.  I guess it’s a good thing I have bangs now to cover it up?  Hmm, I have some makeup in my gym bag, probably wouldn’t hurt to throw some on my face would it?  The rest of the hair is pretty much the same, threw in some more angles in the front and layers through the back to break it up a bit, but that’s it.  Still not sure how long the bangs will stick around for, but free trims at the hair salon are quite convenient.

Most of my day yesterday was occupied by pinning things on Pintrest, and falling in love with a future wedding venue for that wedding I’m not even planning yet because I’m not engaged yet.  It’s all Darren’s fault though, he never should have taken me ring shopping in August.  Now I just need to figure out a way to sell my soul to the devil so I can pay for said venue.  If you’re curious, this is it.

Click to go to the Photographers webpage


Both of those photos came from here.  Anyway, so yeah, I’m in love with a location on Lake Michigan that looks like it could actually be in Ireland.  Hey, any golfers in the fam, the PGA Championships was played here in 2010!

Anywho, so it’s January, and going to be almost 60 degrees today.  Um, dear winter I would like at least one big snow storm please.  Preferably not when I’m trying to fly to and from Wisconsin next month.  Please and thank you, Kelly.  Happy Friday betches.


So I miss Chicago and my boyfriend already, it’s a shame he doesn’t actually live there, because that would be fantastic.  I suppose Milwaukee isn’t thaaaaaaaaat far of a drive, I’ll just have to find a room to rent for weekends :).  Yesterday was a pretty uneventful one.  I brought gym clothes with me, but that ended up just being silly since I sat on my ass at my desk all day without moving.  Made it easier for today though, since they’re still packed and sitting at my desk.

Dar gave me a Nook as a “just because I love you” gift, or an early birthday present,  whichever you prefer, so I spent some time yesterday trying to play with that.  Unfortunately my wireless network here at work blows chunks so I couldn’t connect for very long.  Then I ended up leaving it sitting on my desk, because apparently I was still half asleep at the end of the day.  At least it wasn’t stolen.  Any good suggestion of books I should download?!

Anyway, so I stayed at the Chicago Hilton during my trip, and positively fell in love with it.  Not the hotel itself actually, wifi wasn’t free, they charged $15 to use the gym, and it took me one whole day to figure out why the air conditioning wasn’t working, but the building.  From the second I walked in the front doors, I was amazed by how beautiful the lobby and was, and then I got the chance to explore the ballrooms and could immediately picture Darren and I getting married there.

Yes, I’m well aware we’re not engaged yet, but we were once and I know we will be again sometime in the future, so don’t go telling me I’m all crazy and insane.  He actually put up with my nonsense and went exploring with me, and then sat down at the grand piano and played me a song <3.

grand ballroom

mood lighting

Waldorf Room set up for a wedding

staircase in the great hall

Seriously, it’s beautiful, and I’m sure like a bajillion dollars, sigh.  I guess it’s good I have a longgggggggg time to save?  All Dar says is “whatever you want hun” haha, although he will want a budget.  Also, I don’t have nearly enough friends or family to fill up that room, but whatever.

Back to regular routines today, which means a workout at some point during the day.  I hate trying to get back in the swing of things after a vacation, I have zero motivation.  Well happy Tuesday and first day of summer, longest day of the year!  Oh, and I spent some time editing photos yesterday and am in love with this one, I just ordered it in an 8×10 print.