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All Signed Up!

Wowzers sorry I’m posting so late today, but my morning at work has been spent moving from one office to another, and I’m just getting my computer back now!  Anyway, so happy Wednesday, we’re officially half way through the week, I’m leaving for vacation in 2 days and the only thing I’ve packed so far is bathing suits.  I should probably get on that huh?  The boyfriend arrives tomorrow, so I definitely need to get a majority of the packing done tonight.

Last nights workout was pretty standard, Yoga Meltdown.  I’m finally mastering the rolling t’s and side plank, which to me is almost as hard as the chatarunga push-ups because they hurt my wrists.  I blame all my years of gymnastics on this.  What wasn’t standard, was this:

Yup, I am now officially registered for the Philadelphia Half Marathon on November 21.  I’m already nervous.  I’ll probably start working on a plan in the next few weeks, and then training will officially start at the end of August.  I wanted to do the Philly Rock and Roll half, but one of my bff’s is getting married that weekend and I don’t think that is really a logical idea.

Because we are in the process of clearing out the fridge and freezer before vacation, dinner was a little random.  Some Kraft Mac and Cheese, and half a turkey and bacon wrap.

Look at that cheezy goodness.  I thought I had a slight dilemma on my hands when I realized there was no milk, but I just substituted the 1/4 of milk for a 1/4 of water and there was absolutely no difference.  Still creamy, cheezy, and delicious!

Out of pure boredom last night, I watched Yes Man with Jim Carrey and actually really enjoyed it.  The few glasses of wine I drank while watching may have helped that, but it was still a cute and funny movie.  If you’re in the mood for a silly Jim Carrey flick, I recommend this one.

Alright well I hope everyone has a great day, I plan on taking advantage of the much cooler temps today and going for a run outside after work.  It was so glorious out this morning, I wish I could have run then, but responsibility and 7 am start times call.

Memorial Day Weekend

If it’s at all possible, I feel more tired after this long weekend!  Or maybe it’s just that after the extra day off, I find it even harder to drag myself into work.  Yeah that’s probably the case.  Anyway the weekend was full of eating, drinking, poolside lounging, and even a trip to the beach.  It was exactly the way I wanted to kickoff the summer!

Friday after work, the bf, sister, and I celebrated the start to the weekend with a Mexican fiesta.  I cooked chicken in the crock pot all day for some delicious chicken tacos, and we drank Margarita’s.

I found the recipe for this Black Bean and Corn Salsa on Anna’s blog, and omg was it good.  Although for future reference I will exercise more caution when cutting up a jalapeño pepper because damn did my eyes start to burn when I took my contacts out.  Whoops!

And of course, and icy cold Margarita.  The rest of Friday night was just kind of spent relaxing, enjoying some cocktails, and watching TV.  Saturday morning, I woke up and went on my 2.5 mile run.  It went really well, no knee pain, and I averaged a 9:10 pace, which is faster than I’ve been, so that was exciting.  The bf and sis hit up the gym, and after they got home the three of us lounged at the pool for the rest of the day.

Saturday night we went out with a few people to watch the Flyers game, sucks that they lost but it was an entertaining game and very high scoring!  Sunday was pretty much just a repeat of Saturday.  We spent the day at the pool, and then I came home and grilled dinner for everyone.  The same turkey burgers from the other night, grilled corn on the cob, and roasted zucchini and yellow squash.  Yummmmmy.

Yesterday, my sis and I woke up bright and early to get a run in before heading to the beach for the day.  We did 2 miles, and man was it already steamy out at 8 am.  My knee did not feel as good as it did on Saturday, we’ll see how it looks at PT tonight.  The beach was absolutely perfect yesterday.  It was warm, but not so hot you were sweating, and the cool ocean breeze kept you from having to jump in the freezing cold ocean.

Not a cloud in the sky.  Sometimes I forget how lucky I am to only be an hour away from the beach.  After the beach, we ventured over to a Memorial Day BBQ at a family friend’s house where thunderstorms but somewhat of a damper on the plans, but it was still fun.

Me and my sis

The bf and myself, someone forgot to put sunscreen on their kneeeees, haha.  Dinner was fantastic, there was a BBQ turkey which I have never had before but it was amazing!

Homemade whole grain garlic and cheesy bread.  I would have been content with just a whole loaf of this :).

And what is a bbq without potato salad?  Not a bbq in my opinion!

I lover summertime and bbqs!  So that’s what I was up to this weekend, did you all have a nice Memorial Day?

July, is that you?

Yesterday on my drive home from work the thermometer in my car hit 90 degrees, 90!  It is definitely feeling more like July than April, which would be lovely because my birthday is in July.  Except I’ll be turning 25 so maybe not, hmm… anyway.  Last night I hit the pool for a workout, and just kept imagining myself swimming outside, instead of inside in an echoing chlorine filled crap hole.  I’ve had some requests for this, and because I like to embarrass myself on the internet I decided to comply.

Sexy, isn’t it?  Haha I look awful.  Also it occurred to me after purchasing that suit that my high schools colors were navy and gold, and now I look like a member of the swim team.  I actually did get mistaken for a real swimmer last night.  The guy in the lane next to me asked who I swam for, and I was like oh, I don’t.  Apparently he doesn’t typically see people doing actual sets, to which I explained I’d get too bored just to aimlessly swim laps so I need a plan.  The workout last night was this:

Warm-up: 200 Swim.
Set 1:

  • 8 X 50 Swim. 1-2 @ 85%, 3-4 @ 90%, 5-6 @ 95%, 7-8 @ 100% (30-second rest)

Set 2:

  • 6 X 50 Swim. 1-3 @ 90%, 4-6 @ 90+% (25-second rest)

Set 3:

  • 4 X 50 Swim. Make each 50 faster than the previous. (20-second rest)

Set 4:

  • 2 X 50 Swim. Sprint. (60-second rest)

Cool Down: 200 swim, 200 Pull

Total distance: 1600

It was intense, I liked it, all together it took me about 45 minutes, and then I attempted some aqua jogging. I’m not really sure if I was doing it correctly 1) because I don’t have the floaty belt thing and 2) the pool isn’t deep enough where I can go that I don’t touch the bottom.  I did half a workout I found and then called it quits.  All together about 55 minutes in the pool.  I did some stretching and abs after, but then my stomach started to growl uncontrollably and I knew it was time to go home.

Again nothing exciting for dinner, this week is operation eat all the leftovers, so I had some leftover turkey and mashed potatoes from Easter (I totally typed Thanksgiving the first time).

And then because I needed some fruits and veggies in my life, I had a glass of red wine and some chips and salsa :).  I am sad to report that Kate is still a contestant on DWTS, poor old Buzz got sent home.  At least he was a cute old man, I would have much rather watched him then Kate stomp around like a clumsy dinosaur.  Obviously the most important part of my night last night, was Lost!  The episode was all about Desmond, and if I can get the bf to start talking in a Scottish accent and saying brotha, I will be one happy girl.  So sexy.  I think the episode was an attempt to answer some questions, but for anyone who watches doesn’t it look like they sent Desmond on the time travel loop of death again?  Aahhh I love this show!

Did anyone else participate in the #fitblog chat on Twitter last night?  It was INTENSE, I was barely able to keep up!  I ended up giving up before we were finished, Lost required lots of attention.  Alright everyone, have a fantastic Wednesday!