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Girl Talk

Well, just as expected, once Jill and I got to happy hour and started chatting there was no wrapping it up in a timely manner.  Throw in a free beer from the bartender, and you have me crawling into bed around 10:30 somewhat buzzed.  Despite living 15 minutes away from each other for the past two months, it had been a long time since Jilly and I got together just the two of us.  In fact, thanks to the blog, I know our last outing together was June 5!  Sure we got together for an Olive Garden pasta party the night before the Philly half, but there were lots of other people there too.  Jilly has always been one of the types of friends where no matter how long it’s been since we last saw each other, it feels like 5 minutes.  The two of us are kind of living parallel lives at the moment, so it was really funny to talk about all that’s been going on.  Love you Jill, can’t wait to see you again soon!

Yesterday afternoon I found out that I will be heading out to Chicago for the second time this year in June for a work conference.  I’ve never been before, and now I get to go twice within a four month time period, haha.  Amy claims that I’m going to end up going out there one day and just never come back.  She may be right :).  Anyway, I’m thinking Chicago in June has a much better chance of being warm and nice than Chicago in March, so I’m excited.

It never ended up snowing last night, which I’m fine with, so the roads were clear and I didn’t have to kill anyone this morning.  I did have two cars with Wisconsin plates get in front of me at different points though, which was bizarre, and made me do a double take.  I have absolutely no desire to do any work today, which sucks because I actually have a lot, but I’m tired and my head kind of hurts.  Sigh.

The plan for tonight is ladies night at one of the other girls houses with wine and stretchy pants, which I can fully get behind at the moment.  I haven’t worn my wunder unders in almost a week and I’m starting to go through withdraw, real pants are just not my friend.  I don’t know what I’ll do if leggings ever go out of style, actually I’ll probably still wear them, who am I kidding.  Alright well happy Friday everyone, any plans for the weekend?

First Day!

Well today is my first day at my new job, and I’m currently sitting at my new desk, on my new (old, but new to me) laptop, craning my neck around my cubicle wall to occasionally glance out the window.  This morning was full of introductions, tours of the building, and initial set-ups, and web training.  Fun stuff!  I have a few meetings this afternoon, and then my first day will be behind me.  Seems pretty good so far, I’ve already had an invite in calender for the company Holiday Party on Friday, wooo!

Yesterday, the girls and I did more decorating of the house for Christmas, this time tackling the outside fence and front porch.  We’re pretty happy with the outcome so far, but I think we are going to hang some more lights as soon as we figure out an outlet situation.

Front of the house!

After the decorating, I finished unpacking my clothes and hanging them in the makeshift closet that Adrienne’s dad helped me put together.  The one that came with my room is teeny tiny, so something had to be done about it, and thanks to one trip to the Container Store I was stocked with the makings of a new closet.

new closet!

Pumpkin is trying to decide how she can make it to the open window, and I still need to buy a curtain to hang across there, but you get the idea.  It definitely added a lot of space to my cozy room :).

The rest of the day was really the epitome of a lazy Sunday.  I was in my pajamas by 6:00 relaxing on the couch with my roommates, and in bed by 10 pm.  Today after work I’m going to try to figure out a gym situation.  There is a LA Fitness (which I already belong to from home) about 10 minutes from my new house, and then there is a Bally Total Fitness right near work, which they will pay for.  With my new 9-5 hours (I used to work 7-3:30) I definitely want to try the whole working out before work thing, it’s just do I want to work out close to home and commute to work or get the commute over with and work out close to the office.  Decisions, decisions!

Alright well I’m off to meet more new people and hand in my new hire paperwork so I can get paid!  Happy Monday, only 24 days until days off for Christmas!

A Long Day

For some reason, yesterday felt like the longest day ever.  I kept checking the time and being amazed at how early it was.  Maybe it’s because I did a lot and was up relatively early that the day felt so long, who knows.  I did have a very nice Sunday though.

My day started with a Gingerbread Latte from Starbucks, which I enjoyed while blogging and reading some blogs.  Then I headed over to Philly Sports Club with Chris for the 11th Annual Philly Fit Bash.  Chris was part of a team that was riding stationary bikes for 24 hours to raise money for cancer research, so we went over to check on his team.  It was a pretty cool event, there were a bunch of different vendors giving out things, and various group exercise classes going on in the main area.  We hung out for an hour or two, Chris got two different types of massages, and I got some free smoothie samples :).

We left the Fit Bash, and decided to head into New Hope for a late lunch/early dinner.  It was absolutely gorgeous out yesterday, so we knew New Hope would be a great place to eat outside and people watch.  Turns out Chris’s dad and gf were on their way to New Hope also, so we met them at Havana where Chris and I enjoyed some food, and they periodically came over from the bar to our table to chat.  We sat outside on the deck under one of the heat lamps, and were perfectly comfortable in the late afternoon sunshine.

We left New Hope just as the sun started to set, and made our way back home.  It was a really nice Sunday, and I’m glad I had the opportunity to enjoy the warm temperatures one last time this year.  Hopefully it’s at least half as nice next Sunday.  Speaking of next Sunday, forecast update!

I’d be pretty happy with those temps, hopefully it doesn’t change too much in the next six days.

This is officially my last week at work, I’m hoping it doesn’t drag on too slowly.  I cannot believe that Thanksgiving is next week already, and then I’ll be moving! I’m slowly, but surely, crossing things off of my “to do” list so hopefully by the time the 27th rolls around I’ll be ready to go!

12 days…