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Trail Run Fail

Holler friends, happy Tuesday! It may be the worst day of the week, but at least tomorrow is Wednesday and then the week is almost over! I really hate how I constantly am wishing time away, but seriously what else is there to look forward to except the weekend?

Last night my sister and I ventured over to a local trail to try it out for our run. It is literally two minutes from our house, but yet neither one of us has ever gone. It’s a 285 acre nature preserve called 5 Mile Woods, and now I know why we never ran there before. While a majority of the trails are dirt paths, there are sections that remind me of the wooden planks on jungle gyms. You know, when one person jumps on one end the person on the other is bounced off. There were tree roots sticking out of the ground everywhere and fallen tree trunks blocking the path. It was more of an obstacle course than a trail run, and after 2.5 miles we made our way out of the woods.


Thumbs down for sure. We managed to do another mile on the streets before looping back to the car and calling at a day. Oh well, something is better than nothing right? Oh and that is the third shirt from the bf from my birthday. I told my sister I was wearing it so she wouldn’t lose me in the woods, haha. Uh, Col thought I was taking a picture here which is why she’s just posing like a weirdo but it was really a video

After our run, we had to rush home because I was getting a surprise visitor! The bf needs to drive down to VA Beach this week, so he stopped here for a night to hang out, hooray!

For dinner we enjoyed some frozen pizzas, one California Pizza Kitchen Margarita Pizza and one Red Baron Pepperoni Pan Pizza.

Girl and boy pizza. The pan pizza was thick and delicious and the CPK was just as good as always. After dinner. the three of us sat on the couch watching The Bachelorette reunion special with all the dudes who were kicked off. Extremely entertaining. I can’t wait until the season finale next week to see who Ali chooses.

Tonight I think my sister is going to accompany me to the 4:30 yoga class, yeah I’m giving it another shot. I need to find a way to incorporate cross training and I think this is a good one. I’ll be sure to report back and let you all know if the chanting is as prominent as last week.

I hope everyone has a great day and that Tuesday goes by quickly!