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Ch, ch, cha changessss

Over the weekend I got to thinking about some things. Mostly, how it seems my birthday is suddenly one month away and I would like nothing more than to barely acknowledge the day. If you know me IRL, this is the opposite of how I normally feel about my birthday. For the previous 4 years I have spent a wild and drunken weekend at my BFF’s beach house boozing my face off.

24, 25, 26, and 27

24, 25, 26, and 27

Granted I did get dumped on the second night of last year’s trip, so that put somewhat of a damper on the weekend, but at least no one judged me when I showed up to the beach on Friday with a Nalgene full of vodka and not water. Now, since I was broken up with 6 days before my birthday last year, I could pretty much drive off a cliff, into shark infested waters, and have it be more enjoyable than whatever I was doing last year (I’m pretty sure it involved crying into vodka) but that’s not the point. I think last year just kinda ruined it for me, and that’s fine I suppose. I mean I’m well past the age where you should get excited about your birthday, but it kinda sucks too. It falls on a Thursday this year, which is my WFH day, so I’m sure I’ll be at a happy hour or something to celebrate, buy I am definitely a grumpy guss this year. Sigh. I suppose it doesn’t help that, as my mother so eloquently put it, “hunny you are almost 30!” I’m not, I will be 28 dammit. Haha.

Anyway, moving on. I also started thinking (I was alone most of the day on Saturday) about how I’ve seemed to adopt an “Out with the old, in with the new” policy in my life recently. First, I cut off about 7 inches of my hair back in March:


It’s awesome for summer, and it curls so much better, but I’m sure I’ll be sick of it once winter rolls around. Then, spurred by what can only be classified as insanity my roommate and I completely tore apart our backyard. We’re talking an entire Saturday of cutting down tree branches, pulling up weeds, raking old leaves killing the ivy that takes over. It was a mess, and now it looks awesome. We have plants, and flowers, and vegetables assuming I didn’t kill them when I planted them.



The interior of our house also recently got some upgrades and changes, mostly out of necessity since when our third roommate left us to go live with a BOY she took a lot of our furniture. After nearly three years of living in Virginia, we finally have a couch that didn’t also exist in 1954.



I’m still obsessed with that rug and vacuum it weekly. Let me tell you, I’m pretty sure there’s already an ass shaped impression in that corner of the chaise. Best purchase, ever. Also, for $40 freakin bucks at Homegoods I purchased the prettiest and girliest bedding, and I love it.

photo (2)

And, AND WE GET AIR CONDITIONING INSTALLED STARTING TOMORROW! It’s not central air, but both upstairs bedrooms and the kitchen are having ductless units installed and I’m so happy I could cry. No more crappy window unit rattling my brains at night! I might even be able to turn my blow dryer on without blowing a fuse! Perhaps though, the biggest change coming is this sweet girl coming to live with me, Adrienne, and Pumpkin on Saturday!

image (7)

photo (3)I don’t think Pumpkin really understands that this is happening, and I suspect she’ll be pretty pissed for a while, but the dog needed rescuing and well we wanted a dog. It’s not technically my dog, I just get to be her cool aunt. Can’t wait to meet her on Saturday! So lots of changes going on, most not really life changing but good things nonetheless. Oh, and I have a date on Wednesday. The last date I went on there was snow on the ground, and it was so terrible I gave up dating for 4 months. Hopefully this goes better than that one :).


Nothing to Say

So, ummm, I spent the whole ride to work this morning trying to come up with a post today, and I’ve still got nothing.  Except for trying to figure out why yesterday was the most popular day for views of my  blog ever.  I didn’t even write about anything exciting, verrrrry curious.  Does anyone know when Starbucks is going  to stop serving gingerbread drinks?  Because I might go into withdraw when they do, I’ve stopped and gotten my gingerbread latte the past two mornings just in case.

Happy hour was fun as usual last night, and I called it quits at a reasonable hour and was home on the couch by 8 pm.  Apparently there is another one going on tonight, since most of us are off tomorrow, not sure yet if I’ll be going.  I have to run some last-minute errands for roommate Christmas tomorrow morning and New Years Eve festivities tomorrow night.  Originally the roommates and I were planning on buying tickets for an event at one of the local bars, but those lucky ducks ended up scoring two free tickets to the Winter Classic and are leaving for Pittsburgh tomorrow afternoon instead.  They’re huge Capitals fans, and couldn’t turn down an offer like that.  So my NYE has all of a sudden become remarkably low-key, but I’m fine with that, in fact I’m pretty excited for what I’ve got going on instead now.  I’ve always thought of NYE as kind of overrated anyway.  Who wants to pay $100 to stand in an overly crowded bar with tons of sloppy drunk idiots, not me.  I could use some help though, help me decide!

Parking garages are still closed here at work, luckily I escaped getting booted yesterday, fingers crossed my good luck continues into today.  Apparently the lack of people working, also means a lack of heat in the office because yesterday I spent the whole day wearing my North Face down puffy jacket, and was still cold.  Today I’m prepared in a super old school, but super warm, Abercrombie sweater.  Not even kidding, it’s probably close to 10 years old.  I’ve also come prepared with some of my home movies on DVD to watch today, since I have no work to do and I almost died of boredom yesterday.

Meh, sorry to be so boring today.  I guess I’ll post another youtube video in hopes to at least provide some entertainment.  I watched this yesterday, and it is seriously one of the craziest things I’ve ever seen.  Enjoy!  Oh and thanks for the condolences and well wishes about my break-up, much appreciated.