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Have you met my therapist?

Happy Friday everyone! It’s dreary and chilly here today, but at least the weekend is within sight! Per usual, I hit up Starbucks this morning for my Friday coffee, and the stupid line was a good 6 people long, and then the woman in front of me ordered eight drinks.  Eight!  To say she got my death stare would be an understatement.  There should be a rule against that, her stupid coffee order held me up for a good 5 minutes which in turn made me 10 minutes late for work.  Ugh.  Do not stand in the way of me and caffeine when I’ve been up half the night because of a bf who has insomnia.  Luckily I finally got my hands on some coffee, and with that first sweet sip finally felt like a functioning human being instead of a grumbling ogre.

Yesterday afternoon I had my second appointment with my Orthopaedist (realized I had been spelling that word wrong after endless minutes in the waiting room staring at crap on the wall) and he wasn’t too surprised to see me.  I told him that the pain in my knee wasn’t getting any better and now I had tightness in my hip.  He had me stand up I showed him where, and then he started talking about surgery.  He must have noticed the horrified look on my face at the mention of the “s” word and cutting my IT band in half because he quickly clarified that he’d only had to do that twice in 20 years.  Phew!  He did however recommend I see a Physical Therapist, which I was pretty much expecting.  So two times a week for the next four weeks, I will be placing my right leg in the hands of professional stretchers.  While filling out the 2084340 pages of paperwork, one of the questions was “what is your goal?” and I wrote “to be able to run again!” haha.  Pretty simple.  Hopefully the PT works, otherwise I’ll probably throw another temper tantrum.

By the time I finally got home from the doctor’s office, the bf was at my house, hooray! It was fun coming home to him, and I get to do it again today, although I’d much rather still be in the bed where he is than at my desk at work :(.  As an avid reader of my blog, he wanted to have the Zucchini Pepper Basil Pasta for dinner.  Lucky for him I just happened to have the ingredients on hand.  On his suggestion, we also added the Chardonnay Chicken Sausages I bought at TJ’s and oh man was it a delicious addition.  I also threw in the rest of the asparagus from the other night.

Alex cleaned his plate in record time and was finished his second plate while I was still eating my first, so I guess he liked it.  I think my favorite part of the night was after dinner when I asked Alex to wash some of the dishes.  He had gone through just about all of them when I walked over to start drying, at which point he asks “Hey where is your dish soap?”  I was like what do you mean where is the dish soap, what have you been using TO WASH THE DISHES? He just kind of stared at me with the water running and scrub brush in his hand.  He goes, “Um doesn’t soap come out of the brush?”  No Alex, it in fact does not, the dish soap is sitting in the SOAP DISPENSER next to the sink.  Men.  So yeah, if you ever come over for dinner you might want to choose your dish carefully.

After dinner and the dish washing debacle, we settled in on the couch with our bottles of wine (yes we both pretty much killed a bottle on our own, we’re champions what can I say) to watch The Blind Side.  Now I can see why Sandy (I like to pretend we’re old friends) won her Oscar.  One of the best movies I’ve ever seen, I loved, loved, loved it!  In fact I kinda want to watch it again tonight, the further I got into my wine the more chatty I became and things are a little fuzzy.  I also now want to dye my hair blond, develop a southern accent, and own 87 Taco Bell’s in the south.

Tonight the bf and I have a hot date at The Salt Creek Grille in Princeton, and I am very excited.  I’ve been stalking the menu all week trying to decide what to order, it’s gonna be deeeeliciousss.  I think I’ve rambled on enough for this morning, I hope everyone has a great day!