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A Few Things

Whoa… two posts in the same week, I KNOW. I don’t actually have anything meaningful or important to say (when do I ever), but I kind of felt like shooting the shit this morning. Also I wanted to say thank to everyone who weighed in on Monday’s post, you guys are kind of great at making a girl feel like she’s not actually going insane, even if I am just slightly.

Anyway, back after I had my heart ripped out, stomped on, put in a blender and buried in the ground, I started getting bi-weekly manicures. It made me feel pretty, and helped to cheer me up, and when I paint my own nails it lasts maybe two days before chipping or my nails breaking. Also, it’s not that expensive and my nails stay painted for two weeks without getting messed up. I had an appointment yesterday, and the salon had just gotten in the new OPI James Bond collect, and omg is it fun.

this is GoldenEye and Moonraker

Yup, there is something so fun about sparkly gold nail polish. I can’t wait to try all of the colors. Also, I figured this combo was good for Halloween? Just go with it. I also cooked last night, for like the first time since June? I made Shepherds Pie (sweet potatoes instead of regular) for myself, Dani, and her boyfriend, and it turned out just as fantastically as I remembered. I just wish it had been 50 degrees last night instead of 70. WTF October?

my hands still smell like onions and garlic

Umm yeah, so that’s really all I’ve got for you today. OH! I’ve been listening to Taylor Swifts new album (the deluxe available only at Target, obvi) and I’m obsessed. Specifically these two songs:



Happy Wednesday!

Make Fun of Me Friday

Yesterday I took a spin class that was so difficult I could barely walk out of the room at the end of it.  I was stumbling around like a drunk who had no control of their body.  Ridiculous.  Also, my instructor ran Boston on Monday and still managed to kill me.  She is awesome.

I really don’t have much to say today, so I thought I’d put up a fun little post that will allow you to mock me endlessly.  Since I’ve recently decided to start running more, I’ve had to revamp my iPod with some new jams to keep me motivated while I’m sucking wind.  So I present to you, songs I currently run to/rock out to in my car/dance around to in my room.

This one gets played no less than 3 times a run, and when I listen in my car it’s SO loud, and I rock out SO hard. It’s impossible to not dance in your seat. Listen to it and tell me you sat still the whole time.

Yup, I went there, but it’s catchy and reminds me of JT who has sadly not made music since I was in college.  Seriously though, when did Bieb’s go through puberty?

I blogged about this one last week, but it still gets played on the regular.

This was one of my favorite songs to hear in spin class, so go figure it also happens to be one of my favorites to run to.

Sorry to all you T. Swift haterz, but I love this song.

And you can pretty much add every song from Rihanna’s Talk That Talk album to this list.  Whatever, they’re catchy.  So go ahead, laugh at how horrible my taste in music is, I can take it.

8 hours and counting until a weekend with my boo begins!

And it’s Over

Well just as I suspected, my Valentine’s Day was anti-climatic and uneventful.  My lover claims he sent flowers, but said flowers never showed up.  I bet it has NOTHING to do with the fact that he waited until late Monday night to order them.  Nope, nothing at all :).  Anyway, flowerless and dateless or not I still treated myself to a delicious dinner and wine.  First though, there was a workout to get out of the way.

Day 30 of the Live Fit program had me dreading it since the moment I looked at it; chest, abs, and cardio.  So. Many.  Push-ups.  Side to side push-ups?  They can go die.  So yeah, after my 1.5 hours in the gym I was more than ready for the dinner I’d been thinking about all day.  On my way home I made a little detour to the Italian Store and picked up two giant sandwiches and two bottles of wine for Adrienne and myself.  We both ordered large Napoli’s on soft bread with all the toppings.

Pepperoni makes this our spiciest creation, with lean capacola ham, and buttery soft mozzarella cheese.

It was fantastic, and I ate the entire thing (I think a large is a 10 inch roll) and relaxed on the couch watching TV with some wine for the remainder of the evening.  Oh, and I spent an exorbitant amount of money on a plane ticket to Vegas.  Happy Valentine’s Day to me!  Also, now I want another sandwich.

So I’m working a half day tomorrow, and then I’m on the 6 pm flight out of here to Milwaukee for a nice long weekend.  Plans include looking at houses, dinner and a movie, perhaps some sightseeing, and hanging out with friends.  Obviously since I’m flying tomorrow, there is rain in the forecast for here and snow in WI, typical.  Here’s to hoping everything gets out on time and goes smoothly!

Lastly, yesterday I stumbled across a new song from Taylor Swift featuring The Civil Wars.  It’s on the Hunger Games soundtrack and so good.  Even if you hate T Swift, give it a listen because it’s a completely different sound for her and sounds kind of haunting.  I’m a fan.  Here’s a link to the video.  Happy Wednesday!