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The Best Day

I had the best day ever with my sister yesterday. Actually the whole weekend was pretty damn great, but the photos from the wedding on Friday are on my camera still.  So I’m starting with Sunday.  Well I guess I can start with Saturday, I have those pictures as well.

Saturday morning after the wedding,I managed to check out of my hotel room on time, thanks largely in part to the blueberry muffin my mom had the foresight to give me. I swear the blueberry muffin saved me from a morning of vomiting. Open bar- 1, Kelly- 0, but I suppose that’s pretty much always the case.  Anyway, I had a nice hour long drive into Philadelphia ahead of me for a 1:15 hair appointment. I made it into the city with just enough time to cram some Cosi into my face before spending the next two hours getting beautiful.  Then after some quick stops in Steve Madden and J. Crew it was off to NJ for my Aunt’s 60th surprise party.

my sis and I at the party

with our momma

My escapades from Friday night eventually caught up with me, and once we got back to my sister’s apartment later that night I passed out cold on her couch. It worked out for the best though, since we had big plans for Sunday. For years now, my sister and I have been tossing around ideas for matching “sister” tattoos. Nothing corny, nothing that would resemble “best friends forever”, but something we could both get that would have meaning to each of us.

Back in the beginning of the year, during some intense idea googling, I stumbled across our family crest, and instantly LOVED the motto on it.  I immediately emailed my sister, she was on board as well, and we finally knew what we were doing. The plan was to get them done back in August, during a trip to WI that never happened, and we’ve been trying to find time ever since. When I realized I was going to be at her apartment on Sunday, with no plans, I told her we were doing it.  So there we were, yesterday at noon, standing outside waiting for the doors to open. I think we both got hit with nerves when we walked up to the door.

Col went first, and was a complete pro. Although, some of the faces she made during the process made me a little more nervous.

oh ya know, just ready to vomit

once we got started, it wasn’t nearly as bad as I was expecting. There was only one letter that nearly made me bite through my lip

All finished, and red. It says “sine timore” and means “without fear”

I love it. Could not be happier. Obviously drinks were needed immediately afterward, and lucky for us there was a bar directly across the street playing all of the football games. Our day continued to rock at the bar where we got 4 free shots, a fee drink ticket, and ended up having our food comped. It was a fantastic day with my sister.

I can’t wait to see her again on Saturday when she comes down to VA!

Anyone Want a Cat?

Adorable 8lb cat available immediately.

Enjoys lounging in the sun, cuddling on your lap, and begging for human food.  Perfect for insomniacs, as her latest passion seems to be running up and down the stairs for hours upon hours at dawn.  She will never fail to keep you company during the late night infomercials.  Inquire within.

Moving on.  It seems people were split on the tattoo question.  Some found them scary, others said meh not really and they liked tattoos.  Maybe they’re scary to me because I know him?  Boy’s got one helluva temper on him.  As do I, so you can imagine how rational we are when arguing with each other :).  Anyway, he has plans to get more, so we’ll see what those end up looking like.  Also, bonus points to anyone who can tell me where the two on his back come from.

For some reason Monday and Tuesday night’s traffic was out of control, and the last thing I want to do after it takes me an hour and a half to get home is work out.  So I didn’t.  Either nights.  Woops.  I swear I will tonight, although with temps hitting the mid 60s today I can only imagine how unbearable the gym temperature will be so I’m hoping to run outside.  We shall see my friends, we shall see.

When I left for the mid-west last week, signs of spring were beginning to show in the DC area.  There were buds on the trees, and flowers poking through the ground.  I landed in Milwaukee to snow on the ground and children still sledding and died a little inside.  Luckily, upon my return, I noticed spring had really sprung here in VA.  There were green trees, yellow flowers, and buds almost ready to bloom.  The actual first day of spring is on Saturday, and I am thrilled!  It’s almost Cherry Blossom Festival time, which means it’s almost time for me to run a 10 mile race.  I really need to get my ass in gear these next three weeks, sigh.

Hey, it’s Wednesday!  Let’s celebrate that.

Where We Stayed

A few months before my trip, Amy forwarded me a sweet Living Social deal for a one night stay at Hotel Raffaello at a price we could afford in the area we wanted to stay.  I sent the info on to Darren, and we quickly had our two nights booked.

The hotel itself is an older, boutiquey type place, but very cute.  The rooms looked like they had recently been renovated, and ours was way more space than we needed.  The king size bed was one of the most comfortable I’ve ever slept in.  The two tiny elevators were really the only thing that gave away the buildings age.


sitting room area


The shower was the best part


I really liked the hotel, especially for its location.  We only took a cab one night, and walked everywhere else the rest of the weekend.  Definitely cute, check it out if you’re looking for somewhere nice to stay in Chicago.  Also, Dar and I payed for the stay ourselves, (ok he paid for it) so they have no idea I’m giving them a review, just my thoughts on the matter.  Also, Darren wanted to know why I didn’t post any pics of him where you can see his tattoos.  I told him it was because they are frightening.  He disagrees.  So let’s see what the general consensus is.




If I remember correctly, he started getting them when he was 17?  Men.  The two on his back are the same on both sides.  Anyway, they scare me, and I know him.  Also, that cork screw was the most worthless piece of crap ever.  I just wanted some damn wine!

Due to extreme exhaustion by the end of the day yesterday, I did not run or work out at all.  I went home and laid on the couch, only to transition to my bedroom at 9 pm.  I also still have not unpacked.  Who knows when that will happen.  I’m currently on cup of coffee number two for the day, so hopefully I’ll have some more energy for the 7 miles scheduled for tonight.  Laterrrrrrrrrr.