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I should be running down Broad Street right now with 30,000 other crazy people, but instead I am sitting here blogging, sigh.  Not going to lie, I almost started crying watching the coverage on ABC this morning.  Next year you are mine Broad Street, and hopefully I’ll be running one of the Philly half marathons in the fall.  Fingers crossed.

Last night I recruited my mom to go out to dinner, and we drove into Princeton to the Witherspoon Grill.  Since it was such a gorgeous night, there was about an hour wait for an outside table, but I was willing to rough it at the bar with a few glasses of Sangria while we waited.  For an appetizer we ordered the Crab and Artichoke dip, and oh man was it good.  I’m pretty sure that I ate the majority of it, and finally made the waitress take it away before I started licking the plate.

april 169Since I was deprived of real food all week due to the fact that I couldn’t swallow, I decided to splurge and order the burger.  Best decision ever.  For a dollar extra each, I added 2 hour sautéed onions, and American cheese.  The onions made this burger.

april 173   april 171

I couldn’t even make it through half of this, which mean leftovers for lunch, yessss! Haha.  This really was one of the best burgers I’ve ever had, the bun was soft and doughy, the burger was cooked with the perfect amount of pink remaining, and each bite was juicy and full of flavor.  The fries weren’t too bad either :).

The painters are finally done in my yard, so I am off to try and get a tan again today.  Also, I don’t know where everyone got the idea that I have this lovely pool, haha but sadly all I have is a slab of concrete.  My townhome community has a pool, but that doesn’t open until Memorial Day weekend unfortunately.  If any one who lives near me does have a pool, I will be more than happy to come over and keep you company though.  How come no one reminded me that I’m on antibiotics and should probably use some sunscreen?! Good thing I remembered.  The last time I attempted to tan while on antibiotics I ended up so burnt I thought my nose and forehead were going to fall off.  Granted I was on spring break and in the middle of the Caribbean, but it was not pretty.

DSCN0087_JPG.sized Seriously, look at that tan line, it looks like I’m wearing a white bikini under my top.  I’m one of those weirdo 95% Irish people that doesn’t typically burn and can get by with using 4 SPF, unless I am on antibiotics.  It was really cute when my forehead was swollen, not.  Alright, I’m going to force myself to turn off Broad Street coverage, enjoy my Starbucks, and head outside.

Happy Sunday everyone!