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Sorry, I’m Not Sorry

I brought a blanket in to work today.  Until I can illegally smuggle a space heater in, that will have to keep me warm.  I refuse to sit at my desk wearing my coat, scarf, and gloves all winter again this year.  Sorry I’m not sorry.

My hair is actually down and straightened for the second day in a row (because I didn’t wash it yesterday) and I think people are having a hard time recognizing me.  I even have some makeup on.  If this meeting gets cancelled again, I resolve to give up on my appearance.

I had a pretty great workout last night that involved a 2.5 mile run and 25 minutes on the elliptical, followed by push-ups and abs.  Yes, that’s right I did not wash my hair after that, and I am not one of those people who doesn’t sweat when they work out.  I’m just gross and don’t care.

After the workout, all I could think about was getting home and stuffing food in my face.  Unfortunately, once I got home I still had to make it.  At the grocery store on Sunday I bought the ingredients for both Stuffed Peppers and Sausage and Peppers, and decided to go with whatever I felt like when the time came.  Last night it was stuffed peppers, and they were just as delicious as always.

except, I also added cheese

Sorry I’m not sorry, sometimes cheese really does make everything better.  I stayed up past my bedtime watching Sons last night, and that show is really starting to give me anxiety.  I don’t want to ruin it for anyone who watches and may have missed it, so all I’ll say is WTF Clay, WTF?  Darren called me the second next weeks previews played, and he didn’t even wait for me to say hello before he started venting.  I’m sad there’s only three more episodes left of the season.

Anyways, happy Wednesday!  We’re half way to another weekend!


Dinner Companion

Hooray, it’s Friday!  I am so excited for a weekend where I don’t have to travel, or even leave the house if I don’t want to.  Yes, sometimes I’m very antisocial, so what.  Yesterday was just as busy as every other day this week has been, so once again I resigned to working out at the end of the day.

I ran for 25 minutes and followed it up with 25 minutes on the Adaptive Motion Trainer while watching Sweet Home Alabama.  I love that movie.  In fact, one of the movie lines Darren will randomly quote is, “Whatcha wanna marry me for anyhow?”  To which I always respond, without hesitation, “So I can kiss you anytime I want.”  Haha.

I headed home after my workout for some leftover Stuffed Peppers and to watch the Visa Championships.  I’m so excited it’s a pre-Olympic year, because all the national competitions are broadcast leading up to Worlds and the Olympic Trials.  Although, if last night is any indication, the future of the US is not looking bright.  Sloppy routine after sloppy routine.  They better pull it together.

Pumpkin joined me for dinner and TV watching, and made it very well known that she would also like some Stuffed Peppers.

watching, waiting...

Getting ready to make her move...

Going in for the kill...

Little brat, you would think she’d at least be smart enough to wait until I wasn’t looking.  Anyway, this went on for the entire time I was eating dinner.  You’d think I didn’t feed her or something.

Ok, well that’s it from me today, hopefully today goes by as quickly as the rest of the week has.  Have a great weekend!

Stuffed Peppers, and the end of the Finance Debate

Well, thanks for all agreeing with me that I was right and he was wrong.  Obviously I knew that, but sometimes men need a little help realizing such things.  I kid, sort of.  Anyway, we finally squashed the argument sometime yesterday afternoon, and thank god because I was on the verge of running into traffic.  Also, fyi, the wine comment had more to do with me complaining about being fat all the time then the money it costs.  He maintains if I really was upset about it I’d quit drinking.  Ha! Doesn’t he know he drives me to drink?

Anyway, a solution came about after I worked out all my expenses, and what I actually take home every month after school loans, car payment, cell phone, car insurance, gas, rent, and other utilities (it isn’t much).  Then I figured out what I could feasibly put into savings every month and still have enough to live on, and buy things like groceries and the occasional dinner out.  I told him the number, and he agreed it sounded decent.  THEN, I used some of my savings to pay off my two credit cards and eliminate that monthly interest charge completely (that one hurt a little).  Now I just have to keep myself from using them.  So yeah, argument ended, credit cards paid off, and an agreed upon amount going into savings every month.

To be fair to him, I do see his point about him saving so much money and working so hard to do so, for us, while I’m just out spending my money on whatever.  But, it’s not my fault he doesn’t want any of my help when it comes to a down payment for a house, and I can’t very well buy my own engagement ring.  Who am I, Jessica Simpson?  Anyway, hopefully this is the last of the financial arguments.

After my workout last night, an hour of various weights, I could not wait to get home and cook dinner.  I had ground beef defrosting, and some peppers that were quickly approaching their death.  I had stuffed peppers, and only stuffed peppers on my mind.  I found this recipe on the Betty Crocker website, and based my creation off of that.

I cooked up some ground beef, and then seasoned it with a packet of taco seasoning.  Once the water and seasoning was absorbed, I added 1 cup of my favorite marinara sauce, roasted onion and garlic.  I let that cook together, while I boiled my peppers in water for 5 minutes.  After the peppers were done, I drained them and placed them upright in my casserole dish.

I spooned the meat mixture into each pepper, then covered tightly with foil and cooked for 35 minutes covered, and uncovered for the last 10.  The original recipe says to add rice, but I’m not a fan of Mexican rice, you could probably add rice or beans to this though.  Also add cheese, I did not, but you should.  I’m saving my cheese and carbs calories for the weekend.

These peppers were delicious, and after I demolished my first one, I seriously contemplated going back for another.  I did not though, and now I have three left for various meals throughout the rest of the week.  See all that delicious juice?  That would be amazing mopped up with a piece of crusty bread.  Something else you should probably add to this dinner.  Anyway make these.  I was skeptical about the marinara and taco seasoned beef combination, but it works.

Alright, happy Thursday betches.  Have a great one.