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Hello heat wave!

It feels like July over here in the Northeast this week, and I am not complaining at all.  July just happens to be my favorite month, I’m sure the fact that my birthday is in July has nothing to do with that, nope nothing at all :).

I dragged my sister out on a run with me yesterday when I got home from work, and we did a HOT 2 miles.  By the time we got home I think we both felt like our heads were going to explode.  This is what I look like after 2 miles in 86 degree weather.

Purple in the face and covered in sweat.  I actually ended up with a cute racer back tan-line from the 25 minutes outside.  That’s my favorite summertime running outfit, I scored that Under Armour top at a sale at Dick’s for like $15.  Nike tempo running shorts are the only shorts I can run in, I would buy them in every single color if I could.

After our run, I quickly started whipping up dinner for us.  On Monday I worked out a meal plan for the rest of the week, and Parmesan Crusted Stuffed Chicken was last nights.  I did everything almost exactly the same as before with one small addition.  Right before the chicken went in the oven I drizzled it with some Trader Joe’s Sweet Poppyseed dressing, and oh man did it make all the difference!  Instead of using a baking sheet, I also used a small casserole dish, which allowed the chicken to sit in the dressing.

With a few more asparagus spears on the side that were roasted in olive oil, salt, and pepper while the chicken cooked, and Uncle Ben’s Wild Rice.  The chicken was moist with just the right combination of spicy and sweet.  If you are going to make this recipe I highly recommend some sort of sweet sauce to accompany it.

Chicken, melty cheese, and asparagus.  Yum.  This was my sisters first time having this, and she loved it.  She said she was glad I only made one piece of chicken for each of us so that she didn’t go back and eat more, haha.

I don’t think I will attempt running outside today since it is supposed to be 92 and humid.  Maybe I’ll swim, although I still haven’t gotten new ear plugs and swimming without them is just a huge pain in the ass so we’ll see.  I am so so excited about the forecast for this weekend, and am pretty sure a trip to the beach is in my future for Sunday and Monday!  Eeeek I can’t wait, official start to summer in t-minus 3 days and counting!