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Hello Stress, Now go Away

Hello and happy Monday! With one week to go until the big day, I am one giant ball of stress trying to get a ton of last-minute things done.  Mostly because of conversations that go like this:

Me: “Hun, did you actually read this before signing it?”
Dar: “Yeah, why?”
Me: “So then you know we need proof of insurance 7 days prior to closing?”
Dar: “It says that?”
Me: “Mmmhmm, and that would be Monday, which gives us 1.5 days to purchase, pay for, and have proof of said insurance.”
Dar: “Ok, I lied, I didn’t really read it.”
Me: “No, kidding.”
Dar: “Well, do you think you could take care of all that, I’m not going to have time, and you’re on a computer all day.”

If only I were one of those people that couldn’t eat when they were stressed.  Instead, I’ve already had two breakfasts and a snack today.  It’s 11 am.

So instead of talking about completely unfun things like that, let’s talk about something exciting!  I know I briefly mentioned this, but not too long ago my mom got engaged.  Here’s her stunning ring,

annnnnd one more just because it’s so pretty

The two of them haven’t really started planning their big day yet, but when I talked to my mom last night she mentioned the idea of a Napa wedding.  Wedding in wine country?  Now that’s something I can get on board with.  Also, death to anyone who even jokes about a joint wedding.  I’m serious.

This weekend was pretty regular, a relaxing Friday at home, followed by all day kickball fun and an early Saturday bedtime.  Then yesterday I did some furniture shopping, which would have been more fun if I could have bought things.  Perhaps tomorrow I’ll do a post on the furniture we are considering.  I mean, you guys know I can’t make a decision without your help.  Have a lovely day!

Basket Case

I’m frazzled, and slightly stressed out, and the weather forecast for tomorrow isn’t helping.  I’m sort of just keeping my fingers crossed that the heavy rain and thunderstorms hightail it out of here by 5:50 pm tomorrow night and that my flight takes off on time.  Blah.

Anywho, as you all know last night I got my hair did, and I love it.  So here are some pictures, as promised.






I think I owe the hair salon my first born now, but I feel like a new woman.  There’s an all over dark brown color on the majority of my head, and then some auburn highlights thrown in on the top and around my face.  She took about two inches off my length and added in some more layers and angles.  The best part?  The shampoo chair reclines with a foot rest and massages you.  When the girl asked if I wanted to put my feet up and the massage chair on I was like really, does anyone ever say no to that?  Surprisingly they do.  Here’s a close up of the highlights that I took this morning in daylight.  Sort of, it’s cloudy.

In honor of Fat Tuesday, I ate an entire frozen pizza for dinner.  It wasn’t one of those ridiculously small Kashi ones either.  This is how my convo with Dani went the second I finished.

Me: “Dani, I just ate an entire frozen pizza.”
Dani: “Well, it was thin crust right?”
Me: “Yeah.”
Dani: “That’s like only half a pizza then.”
Me: “That’s true, and there were no toppings.”
Dani: “Well then that’s only like 1/4 of one, you’re fine.”
Me: “Phew, that’s a relief.”

Thank you Dani, for helping me justify my pizza binge.  I’m somehow supposed to fit a 6 mile tempo run into my schedule tonight.  I don’t want to, but I’m hoping it will be a good source of stress relief.  Then it’s home to finish packing, and make sure I don’t forget anything.  Here’s to hoping today doesn’t drag on for as long as Monday and Tuesday did.