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Officially Holiday Season

Well, it’s November , which to me means the official start of the 2010 Holiday Season, and I couldn’t be happier.  Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, my favorite time of the year!  Ok, so I wrote about my epic run on Saturday, but backing up to the beginning of the weekend, Friday night was spent in my kitchen.  I offered to bring taco dip to the Halloween party on Saturday night, so I prepped most of the ingredients for that on Friday, and then moved on to my favorite pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.  I like to stay busy the night before a long run to keep myself from sitting on the couch and drinking too much wine :).

After the cookies and taco dip were finished, I finally relaxed for the evening with The Rocky Horror Picture Show.  I figured as a cult classic, it was probably about time I sat down to see it.  It’s a weird movie but I really enjoyed it, haha.  Probably because it’s a musical and I love musicals.  Saturday morning I woke up, ran, and then started to get ready for the party.  Boyfriend arrived on the 3:21 train and I picked him up in Trenton.  This year, our costumes were his idea since he went along with my sailor get-up last year.  What did he want to be, you ask?  Coach Eric Taylor and wife Tami from Friday Night Lights.  Now, as a fan of the show I had no problem going along with this, especially since all I had to buy were a pair of gold hoop earings and some aviator sunglasses.


Tami and Eric
Us as my fav TV couple

Not too shabby a job, huh?  I also had on cowboy boots, and a belted green dress.  Definitely a comfy Halloween costume, and apparently a cute outfit that my friend Ashley would like to borrow :).  Actually the leather jacket is one of my favorite articles of clothing, may have to steal that from my mom, k mom?  Other fun costumes of the night:


Ms. Paige the banana

Paige's parents as a beer pong table and vampire (eric and michelle)












Ashley and Sahil as Roman solider and goddess

Ashley and I

work friends

It was a really fun party, and thank you times 1 million to boyfriend for not drinking and driving us home at the end of the night!  Obviously, I could think of nothing better to do at 1 am when we got home, then mess with my cat and put her in her adorable Halloween costume that she HATES.


you can see the hatred in her eyes, and the vodka in mine

Sunday morning, my mom was kind enough to bring Alex and I some Starbucks to coax us out of bed and entice us to join her for breakfast.  We complied and headed out to my favorite breakfast spot, Charcoal (aka Charcoal Steaks and Things).  It sits right on the river and serves an amazing breakfast.  After breakfast the three of us headed over to Trader Joe’s to pick up some steaks for dinner and other fantastic products.  After an eventful morning, Alex and I were more than happy to crash on the couch when we got home, just in time for the day of football to start.

Eventually it was time to drag myself up off the couch and start to get dinner ready.  My mom and I threw some sweet potatoes in the oven, sprinkled some olive oil and pepper over the filets, and I took them outside to grill.



I'm the grill master in this house

My cat is a little monster, and uses every opportunity that the backdoor opens to try to escape and eat some plants.


snagging her to bring her back inside

filet with sautéed mushrooms and onions

half a sweet potato that I sprinkled with cinnamon sugar

And then the monster returned to beg for some pieces of steak.  She sits next to your chair and will occasionally reach up and tap you with her little paws.  I contribute to her bad behavior by actually feeding her some pieces, but look at that face!  How can you say no!?



Unfortunately, after dinner it was time for Alex to hop on a train and return to NYC, but he’ll be back on Friday for my cousins wedding!  We really had a fun Halloween weekend, and I can’t wait for the rest of the holiday’s to get here!  Sadly, now it’s Monday again and the start of another long week.  I hope you all survive today.  Also, my two roommates moved into our house yesterday without me and I am extremely jealous.  Can’t wait to join you guys!