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What I’m Loving

So apparently I’m a Gemini now?  That really makes more sense, because if this doesn’t describe me perfectly, I don’t know what does.

Since they lack the quality of conscientiousness, they are apt to fight a losing battle in any attempts they make to be moral
(in the widest sense of the word)


My mother will tell you, I will argue anything to the death, no matter how wrong I am about it, haha.  Anyway, sure glad I never got my Zodiac sign tattooed anywhere on my body.  Actually I’ll credit that to the Cancer sign being completely inappropriate, but whatevs.  Hey happy Friday!  How many of you have a three day weekend?  Sadly, I do not, but I get President’s Day off next month.

Last night I was all prepared to take the Body Works class again, but the instructor was away and they didn’t have a sub.  Lame, so I had to force myself to do weights on my own.  I did about 45 minutes of weights, trying to remember what we’d done in class last week and replicate it, and then a 15 minute cool down on the elliptical.  Some day soon I’ll actually start running again, I swear.  After the gym, I hit the Harris Teeter where I bought three bottles of red wine, and some lady products.  I already had the chocolate at home in the form of cupcakes.

Dinner was nothing spectacular, unless you consider frozen pizza spectacular, which I sometimes do, and a few glasses of wine to wash it all down with.  In honor of it being Friday, and not having much else to say today, I’m just going to end this post with some things I’m loving this week.

Cupcakes.  Specifically Georgetown Cupcake cupcakes.  This is my 4th one since Wednesday.  Please send help.

My new Starbucks coffee cup, because my other one was made for cold beverages, and my straw was starting to melt.  Thanks Adrienne!

This song.  What up Hootie.  I enjoy you much more as a country singer.

Daydreaming about warm weather and being back at Seacrets for my birthday again. (I just ate a finger full of icing).  Last but not least, that January is half way over, suck it winter.  What are you enjoying this week?

The Countdown Begins

Yesterday I did something I’d wanted to do for the past two years, at least.  I walked into my boss’s office, told him I was offered a new position, would be relocating to Virginia, and this is my two weeks notice.  The look of surprise on his face was comical, but he quickly regained his composure, offered up congrats and wished me good luck.

My last day here is November 19, and I am pumped.  Also, I now conveniently have off the entire week of Thanksgiving and the day after my half marathon.  Not complaining about that at all ;).  Moving day is tentatively scheduled for November 27 and my first day at my new job is November 29.  I have a lot to do, in very little time.  Including lots and lots of shopping :)!

Last night, per my training plan, I did an easy 3 mile recovery run on the treadmill.  Why does 3 miles sometimes feel more difficult than 10?  I was so bored and just not feeling it last night, but it did feel good to loosen up the legs and stretch.  Although I’m very glad I wasn’t out doing a 20 mile training run, like my friend Chris was.  How’d it go? Did my Garmin work for you this time?

This morning I had to run by a Lab to get my pre-employment drug screen test done (read: pee in a cup).  Why are those places never open at convenient times?  This one happened to be open only during the hours of my work day, so I showed up at 6:45, was the first one in line when they opened at 7, and out the door on my way to work 11 minutes later.  Normally my work day starts at 7, but I called saying I would be late.  Since I was already going to be late, I figured wth, and stopped and picked up a Gingerbread Latte from Starbucks :).  Still made it to work by 7:45, a lot earlier than most people.

This morning really reminded me of high school.  Once I got my driver’s license I always encouraged my mom to make doctors, dentist, eye appointments etc. in the morning.  Morning appointments automatically got you a note to give the office that you were late, and I took full advantage of it.  Driving around to grab a coffee, taking the long way to school, grabbing a bagel, and finally making my way to school.  Haha, it was the best.

My motivation is seriously lacking today, I plan to do some online furniture shopping (I need a bedroom set that will fit in my tiny new room), perhaps order a cute gift for me and my new roommates, and browse for the other things I need.  Have a great Tuesday!

18 days…

Random Thoughts, Aided by Caffeine

Thanks to everyone who offered up advice yesterday with my training plan! After reading everyone’s comments, I’ve decided to definitely shorten my last two long runs before the race on the 21st.  I have no doubt that I could have run two more miles after finishing my 11 miler on Saturday, so I think as long as I do maybe one more 10 miler this weekend, and then 8 or so the week before I’ll be fine!  Because yes, I would like to be able to walk after I cross the finish line that Sunday ;).

So yesterday I had to have like my 7th cavity in the past two years filled, and per usual had the exact same conversation with the dentist for the 2,093,435 time.

Dentist: “So are you still in school?”
Me: “Ha, no I’m 25”
Dentist: “Wow, you really look 16 still”
Me: (in my head, ugh I know, you told me that a month ago when I was here) “ha, ha I’m sure I’ll appreciate that when I’m 30”
Dentist: “You must just get carded ALL the time”

No lie, the exact same every single time, after the discussion of age we usually move on to where I work before he numbs the shit out my mouth.  One day I’m just going to be like, oh yeah I’m 16 just got my driver’s license, it’s awesome!  That will really throw him.

No work out last night because I had just had holes drilled in my mouth, and that tends to give me a headache, so instead I sat with my computer and cat on my lap watching some TV.  Amy and I must have been watching the same channel, because when I posted on Twitter about wanting to go see Love and Other Drugs, she immediately responded that she’d told her friend they were going to see it opening weekend no excuses.  This led to a discussion of our love for Jake Gyllenhaal, then to us fighting each other for him, and finally deciding just to join forces and take on whatever girl he happens to be dating.  Good talk Amy, good talk.

I don’t even want to talk about how cold it was this morning, let’s just say the temperature started with a 2 and ended with a 4.  Hello suede ankle booties, welcome to my wardrobe for the next few months.  Another thing that cheered me up this morning?


Gingerbread Latte in a holiday cup!


Yes, that’s right, holiday cups and syrups have officially rolled out at your local Starbucks!  Sad that this is the most exciting thing about my week so far?  Meh, whatever, I’ll take my happiness in the form of caffeinated beverage and festive cup.

Happy Wednesday, we’re almost at the weekend!