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The Weather is as Drunk as I Was

So I ended up bailing out of my interval run last Wednesday night when my hip started hurting 1.3 miles into it. I took Thursday – Monday completely off and hopped on a treadmill tonight to slowly ease into a run and see how I felt. The verdict? 3.12 miles in 30 minutes without any popping/grinding in my right hip whenever I landed on that foot, so we’ll call it a success for now. We’ll see how I feel tomorrow. I’ve decided that if I can’t do the runs I need to do this week that I’m probably going to have to pull out of Cherry Blossom on April 6, keep your fingers crossed for me that it doesn’t come to that.

I had a fabulous weekend that mainly revolved around the 3rd annual St. Paddy’s “Kegs” and Eggs Party that my roommates and I started throwing back in 2012. The party starts at breakfast time and goes until the last person passes out. It’s always a delightfully drunken time where people in their late 20s and 30s try to pretend they’re still in college, and we once again seriously lucked out with the weather, especially after this winter. 70 and sunny, FTW!


My shirt says “I Can’t Keep Calm I’m Irish” because… duh

We had some college buddies come in from out-of-town, which is always fun, because who doesn’t still love a big sleepover? I woke up on Sunday at 5:45 am, hurting, because someone (ahem it was not me) could not remember how their night ended and wanted me to tell them. This person is lucky I kind of like them, or I might have murdered them, or thrown up on them (ironically enough this almost happened a few hours later anyway, oops). There was more sleep to be had eventually, thank the lord. LUCKILY (read that with all the sarcasm) it started snowing on Sunday night and when I woke up on Monday morning there was about 10 inches on the ground so I got another day in the house to recover.

there were only clues left that it was nice enough to party outside the day before

there were only clues left that it was nice enough to party outside the day before

a sad, snow covered flip cup table

a sad, snow-covered flip cup table

If it snows one more time, I’m cashing in my frequent flier miles and heading to Mexico. Who’s coming with me?



Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

With a name like mine, would you expect anything less of me on this day of Irish celebration?

BTW, drawing a shamrock on one’s face is a lot more complicated than I anticipated.  Happy drinking!

Kiss Me, I’m Irish!

With a name like mine it’s only natural to embrace my Irish roots, so naturally I am wearing green today and planning on having a few drinks later.  My sister is already indulging in green beers (she’s a senior at Villanova) before her day of classes begin.  That’s probably why she gets A’s in college, and I, well did not.  St. Patty’s at JMU was totally a day for skipping class, especially when it coincided with March Madness.  I miss those days, flashback to 2007!



green gin bucket

we called this Roofie Delight



way back when in 2004, my bff's


Both of my roommates took off from work tomorrow, and I am supremely jealous of them.  I have to conserve vacation days for my week long trip in December.  Oh, have I not mentioned that yet?  I will eventually :).  You can assume I’m very excited for it.

I finally made it to the gym last night and got in a pretty good 4 miles.  I started to get really bored after a few, so I alternated my pace between 6.4 and 7.0 every song.  One song at 6.4 one at 7.0, etc.  It helped move things along and keep me from dying of boredom.  Altogether, just short of 4.5 miles in 40 minutes.  I then hopped on the elliptical for another 20 minutes of cardio before heading home.  Well, I planned on heading home, but decided to stop for wine first, which somehow resulted in me  buying $74 worth of groceries.  I never know how that happens.

I finally sat down to dinner at 8:45 pm, and was excited to enjoy my large glass of wine, and chicken teriyaki with rice.  Before I could even take one bite of dinner, my wine glass went toppling over, spilling red wine everywhere, and my glass broke in half when it hit the ground.  It was really the most disappointing thing that could have happened.  I alternated bites of dinner, with sopping up the wine.  The rest of the bottle didn’t stand a chance, and I took it down like a champ before passing out to Criminal Minds.  BTW, doing that inspires reallllllllllllly weird dreams, fyi.

Anywho, Happy St. Patrick’s Day!