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It Goes on and on My Friends…

Winter, that is. I just looked back through my archives and it was in the 80s on this day last March. Today… this:

spring… is that you?

This tree is confused

It’s still snowing, and accumulating, which makes this the most snow we’ve had in the DC/metro area since January 2011. I’m at work because, well I’m not sure why, I guess they neglected to look outside today or something. Anywho, before the snow moved in I actually had a lovely weekend enjoying the weather outside during which I drank waaaay too much and needed to spend all of yesterday in bed.

A few months ago, when we thought it would be awesome and warm by the end of March, a group of my friends and I all bought tickets for the inaugural DC Beerfest at Nats Park. It wasn’t nearly as warm as we expected, but it was in the 50s and sunny, so as long as you stood in the sunshine it was fabulous.


There were A LOT of different beers to try, and I did sample a good many of them. My least favorite? The one that tasted like a sour apple jolly rancher by Shock Top. Sadly that was my last beer of the day and I hated it.


It was crowded, like super crowded, but I did manage to spot a few other friendly faces in the crowd, like Chase and my gurl Kacy.  After they kicked us out of the stadium at 4 pm, I made the less than brilliant choice to head out with Kacy and her fiance to continue my all day bender. We went to Matchbox for food (my first trip!) then Bar Pilar, and finally Lost Society where after some dancing and too many vodka and sodas we finally went home.

vodka soda… damn you!

I also lost many layers of my outfit as the night went on… remarkably I made it home with all of them. I ended up sleeping at Kacy and Tom’s and then they were kind enough to drive me home the next day, despite the threat of my barfing all over Tom’s car. It was completely unnecessary but so fun at the same time, well until I woke up in the morning.

So here we are at Monday, and 17 days away from my vacation to Ireland with my sis. I can’t believe it’s a little over two weeks to go! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. How was your weekend, were you as dumb as me?

If I Could I Would

So I’m not currently shopping, I did way too much emotional purchasing of everything I wanted like 6 months ago, but that doesn’t stop the emails from my favorite stores from inundating my inbox everyday. So let’s play, “Things I would buy if I wasn’t broke and my rent wasn’t about to go up by $383 a month.” Just to make things easier, these pics all came from the J.Crew website. Basically that store is my kryptonite.





How obsessed am I with those mint eyelet cafe capris? It’s probably unhealthy. The purple, mint, and aqua plaid shirt is also incredibly adorable. I have two of the Tippi sweaters currently, and they are wonderful, so obviously I wouldn’t mind adding a few more colors of it to my collection. I’ve worn my Cece flats to death, and I love the green color.





I don’t really own a lot of pink, but I did buy those bright pink shorts at the top last summer and I wouldn’t mind adding a few of these pieces to the closet. Specifically the pink and white check shirt, and that pink mini. I’d say those Sperry’s but I own Toms already that are pretty much the exact same colors.



navy2I am loving all things Nautical right now, my scarf today has anchors and boat wheels on it, so when I saw this stuff I about died. The navy dress at the top right, the navy and white striped blazer, the pencil skirt (which also comes in shorts in that pattern) and silver shoes, want it all. Minus the hat, I don’t do giant hats, I’ll stick to my worn in salt stained Lacoste baseball cap thanks.

Unfortunately the only thing I’ll be adding to my wardrobe in the near future is a new pair of jeans. You see, as I was pulling on my favorite pair of skinny 7’s on Saturday (straight from the wash mind you) I heard the terrible sound of denim ripping. Right, down, the thigh. I knew it was coming, as my go-to jeans off and on for the past 5 years the fabric was thinning, and they were totally worn out. I still mourned the loss of them however, and it became very apparent this morning as I tried on no less than 5 pairs of jeans to find ones that were neither too big nor too small that I need to replace them ASAP. I don’t even like the jeans I had to wear today.



They’re old, and flared, and have weird whiskering, and I have the giant True Religion “U” on my ass. No bueno. So until I win the lottery, I’ll just window shop and mark all the things I would buy if I could. The end.



Shit My Boyfriend Says

I’m actually stealing this idea from Marie, because her two SMHS posts have cracked me up, and not a day goes by where something doesn’t come out of Darren’s mouth to make me roll my eyes and shake my head.  A little background on my love.  He uses Facebook so rarely that his profile picture is a good five years old, until he actually came with me on a blogger meet-up he was convinced I was going to be murdered by one of them some day, he doesn’t read my blog and asked me if it was ok if he never did.  I’m not at all sure why he has a smart phone, he owns guns, he wants to send me MACE.  Uh, profanity to follow because he curses like a trucker.

“I swear to god if u put one live, laugh, love sign up in our house I’ll fucking kill you.”

This made me laugh because naturally, the girls and I have this decorating our living room:

(Still on the same topic) “Honestly though, is there a class all these women took in college on how to be cliché and typical?”

In response to a picture of Manolo Blahnik Mary Janes I sent him:
“Seriously, women have terrible taste. It’s why u guys look so ridiculous a lot of the time.  Heels with big pointy toes look fucking dumb.”

“I told you I wouldn’t be good at this relationship thing.”

Him: “You wanna see the only thing sexier to me than you?”
Me: “Sure.” (fully expecting a picture of a porn star’s ass or something)
(sends picture of a paintbrush to my cell)
Him: “Brand new 2 1/2 inch purdy clear cut baby.”

Life is definitely never boring :).  Anyway, last night I hit the gym for a lazy 3 miles at 9:40 pace just to shake out the soreness in my calves.  I’m swearing off the heels this week, and will be foam rolling before Sunday just to prevent any additional pain.  I’m a little more excited for Sunday now, because the roommates have promised to meet me at the finish line and then we are going to brunch, so at least I will have the thought of mimosas at the end making me run fast.

So it’s Tuesday, that blows, but the roommates and I are having taco night tonight, which is always delightful.  Not delightful?  The fact that I’m still wearing a coat and scarf in almost April.  Come on Spring, where the hell are you?