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Special Delivery!

Oh hey Friday, so happy to see you again!  Thank you for coming so quickly (twss).  After not really having much to talk about yesterday, I’m happy to report I actually do today!  I’m not saying it’s anything exciting, but at least it’s something.  I finally made it to the post office yesterday to ship Alex his belated Christmas presents even though he apparently returned mine, which is fine I just thought we agreed to exchange no matter what, and then decided to buy the gift for myself.  My mom spilled the beans so I knew what it was anyway.


Merry Christmas to me!


They should arrive in 5-10 days.  Hooray!  Just in time for winter and all the gross snow we seem to be getting.   After work I headed to the gym after work with the intention of hopping on the treadmill and getting a few miles in.  I just so happened to check the class schedule before leaving for the day and noticed a 5:45 Body Works plus Abs class.  It sounded similar to Body Pump, which I used to take at my old gym, so I figured I’d give it a shot.  70 minutes later, dripping with sweat and muscles quivering the class ended, and I decided that this might be a great thing to incorporate into my workouts.  The class uses a combination of free weights, body weight, stretching, and some cardio to give you a full body workout.  My favorite/least favorite part, crab crawls.  Not your typical crab crawl where you’re in a bridge position, for these you start standing up, bend over and place your hands on the ground, walk them out until you are in a push-up position, then walk your feet in while keeping  your legs straight.  Do this across the room, and then back, going backwards.  It’s intense, my shoulders have never burned so much.

This leads me to another question.  How do people work out in long pants and cotton t-shirts?  If it were allowed, and I wasn’t worried about rolls and unsightly jiggling, I would work out naked.  I seriously sweat so much, I think if I wore pants I would probably pass out or die.  I don’t get it.  Anyway, end of that tangent.

I then rushed home in hopes of still catching the roommates before they ate dinner, no such luck.  One was already in bed, the other packing to go away for the weekend.  Oh well, roommate taco dinner night turned into me eating tacos alone while watching Dexter.  At least I had a fun package waiting for me!

Homemade cookies from the kitchen of my favorite Chicago lady, Amy!  Of course I immediately ripped open the package and ate one, delicious.  I would send you some baked goods Amy, but you’re a better baker than me and it would just be a disappointment for you, haha.

It ended up not really snowing very much at all, a light, light dusting, so I am sitting at work right now.  Hopefully the day goes by quickly!  As of right now I have no weekend plans, anyone else doing anything good?