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Struggles City, Population Me

I am still sick.  It’s awful, my throat hurts so bad, and I have a cough.  I try to not cough because it makes my throat hurt so badly I want to cry.  I tried to call my doctor earlier, but they don’t open until 1:30 or something today?  Ridiculous!

Anyway, not much to report here.  I went home from work yesterday and collapsed on the couch with season 2 of Newlyweds.  I like to watch and pretend like Jess and Nick never got divorced, it makes me happy.  I made some soup and crackers for dinner, but even trying to swallow that was hurting my throat.

Luckily Pumpkin was very interested in my soup and pounced on the bowl as soon as I put it down.

I took it away before she could eat too much, pretty sure she would have cleaned the bowl.  I moved on to a popsicle and Glee.  Not enough singing on last nights episode in my opinion, and I didn’t really like the story line.  Nothing about Rachel, or Mr. Shue and Emma, although I do love Kristin Chenoweth, she’s hilarious on the show.

Yeah, that’s really all I’ve got for today, sorry to be so boring, but I am exhausted and sick.  So uh, happy Wednesday!

To dye or not to dye

Hoooray, it’s Friday!  Friday mornings are always interesting for me.  I tend to still treat Thursday nights as if they are the first day of my weekend, I blame college and typically never having Friday classes, while I don’t go out I tend to drink a lot more wine/vodka then I normally would.  I didn’t have any vodka last night, but I did manage to drink almost a whole bottle of wine.  Whoops.  I have that problem, once I open the bottle I keep going back for more and then the whole thing is gone.  That happened last night, so this morning I am dragging and have a headache. Boo.  However, it is Friday which means Starbucks Day!  It was a sad day this morning, I used the last .67 cents on my gift card.  I had been using that $100 since Christmas, and now I’ll have to start using real money for my morning java jolt.  Sigh.

Now, I typically don’t take pictures of my lunch because they’re usually boring and the same thing every day.  Some sort of turkey or ham sandwich, a piece of fruit, and some other snack, but yesterday I switched it up so I took a picture for everyone to see.

Turkey Vegetable Soup and a salad.  Now, I didn’t make this soup so I don’t know exactly what is in it but here is the general idea.

  • Ground Turkey
  • Potatoes
  • Peas
  • Celery
  • Corn
  • Zuchinni
  • Some other random stuff

The salad was pretty standard for me, lettuce, baby spinach, peppers, carrots, black beans, cheeese, and balsamic dressing.  It was fun to switch up my lunch, I should try doing it more often, sadly I am very lazy in the mornings and like to squeeze out every minute of sleep I can possibly get sooooo I probably won’t.

Last night I made a new favorite of mine again, Tofu Lo-Mein!  At Trader Joe’s on Monday, I picked up some Asian Rice Stick Pasta for this very meal.  I liked it soooo much more than just with regular whole wheat spaghetti.

Also, pre-cubed Tofu is my new best friend.  I used a whole teaspoon less of red pepper flakes this time, but this dish is still so spicy.  By the end of dinner, I was sweating, haha.  Looks like next time I’ll only be using one.  This recipe serves 8, and clearly I am only one person, so there is like a pound leftover in my fridge.  I guess we all know what I’ll be eating all weekend.

Ok, now moving on to the most important aspect of this morning, my hair.  I have extreme hair ADD, and get bored with it all the time.  Seriously, it’s probably been every different color from blonde, to red, to black, and varying lengths also.  Now, it’s been its current color (my natural dark brown) since ooooh say Dec 2008 which is impressive for me, but as we approach spring and then summer I’m beginning to debate highlights again.  I can’t decide if I really want to do it though.  What do you all think?




Help Please!  Alright, I hope everyone has a fantastic day!  Shock of all shocks the area is going to be hit by another Nor’easter today, just rain this time, no snow.  So if you need me, I’ll be trying not to float away.