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I’ve Got It! Kinda

So, when looking at tomorrow’s forecast, I’m not really sure whether to laugh or cry.  Snow? In October?  Seriously?  I once got a sunburn on Halloween while sitting out at a football game because it was in the 80s.  It will be interesting to see what actually happens, but if it is snowing tomorrow my availability for football will probably change.  Sorry team.

I actually came up with a Halloween costume idea, but it involves my significant other, so I’m calling dibs on it for some Halloween in the future.  Even though he did tell me it was “pretty gay hun,” he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Jax and Tara from Sons of Anarchy!  Yeah, I’m kind of obsessed with them, and the show.  I think we could totally pull it off, boyfriend’s facial hair is blond when he grows it in, and if he had a hat on no one would know he was bald.  He just needs a few more tattoos, which lucky for us he intends on getting.  I have long brown hair and an ass, so I’ve pretty much got Tara covered.  I’ll give Darren a few years to adjust to the idea.

Last night’s workout was an hour of weights, and I must have gone lower in my split squats because man are my legs sore today.  I really love a good weight session so much more than cardio these days.  Although, driving through Rosslyn this morning and seeing everything set up for the Marine Corps Marathon did make me want to sign up for another race.  Maybe in the spring.

Happy Friday friends, take pics of yourselves dressed up this weekend so I can live vicariously through you!  I’m hoping my sis decides to come hang out with me this weekend, and we can have a scary movie marathon on Saturday, while it’s snowing.  Later!

A Fashion Switch

Last night I had a dream that Dar told me he didn’t really like me anymore, it was pretty sad.  Obviously when I woke up this morning, I texted him about said dream, and he agreed that it was sad.  He said that of course he still liked me, but generally he doesn’t like anyone this early in the morning.  It was 6:15 his time, oops.  I also had awful acid reflux/heart burn going on that woke me up at 2:30.  Related?  I’m not sure, but it was not a good night’s sleep to say the least.  I did turn the air conditioning off for the first time since about April and sleep with the window open though, that part was nice.

The rest of my Labor Day weekend ended up being just as boring as the rest of it.  On Monday the roommates and I went shopping for a new couch (we did not find one yet) and then watched absurd movies for the rest of the day. Piranha 3D, without the 3D, and She’s the Man because that movie is just hilarious and Channing Tatum is gorgeous.

Yesterday I got myself back into the swing of things with a workout after work.  3.25 mile run followed by abs and push-ups.  I then made myself go to the grocery store to stock up on staples for the week so I would stop living on leftover Chicken Fried Rice and pizza.  The rest of the night involved Season 3, disc 2 of SOA and making sure my DVR recorded Season 4, episode 1.  Dear Netflix, please hurry with disc 3!

In other news, I’ve decided it’s officially time to retire my beige and white purses for the year and switch to the fall collection.  Since I was obsessed with my newly purchased blue Coach bag last year, this one did not get nearly enough use and I figured that meant it should be first up in fall/winter rotation.

It’s purse love people.  It’s giant, holds everything, and has a center zip pocket that acts as a divider between the two sections.  Not to mention the swanky red interior :).  I bought this a few years ago, when I must have thought I was a millionaire because the price tag still makes me choke, but I loveeee it.  Dear LV, I missed you last year.  ❤ Kel.

Question of the day:

Can I eat a piece of chicken I cooked last Monday night? Or will I die?