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On Winter Running

Happy Friday, ya punks! Who has a long run scheduled for this weekend? I doooo, tomorrow to be precise, and I have to be done, showered, and ready to leave for a day at the winery by 11:30 am. Ouch. I have somewhere between 4-5 miles on the schedule, which means I need to be out my door by like 8:45-9, woof. Plus side; the high tomorrow is 50, so it won’t be absolutely freezing at that time of the morning. Just a little bit freezing.

However, I’m kind of digging this whole winter running nonsense. Sure it’s cold, but only for a little bit in the beginning, and then it’s kind of nice. I like looking at the snow and ice, and I really like not sweating my face off and struggling to breathe in the DC summer humidity. Oh, and the best part of course is no chaffing! I really don’t miss hopping in the shower after a long run and cringing in pain as the water hits some area of my body that unbeknownst to me, has been completely rubbed raw. Anyway, so yeah I’m acclimating to this winter running stuff, and it ain’t so bad.

photo 1

Yesterday afternoon I hit the trails for 3.5 miles. It was sunny and 33, which felt amazing, and I was peeling off layers almost immediately. I lost my gloves after .5 mile and my headband after 2, and probably didn’t need two long sleeve shirts. I was really making an effort to keep yesterdays run at an “easy” pace, so I’d feel good for tomorrow. I was hoping to stay around a 9:10 pace, but every time I looked down at my watch I was running sub 9. Oops, I really need to work on my pacing efforts. The bike path was still all covered in snow and ice and looking pretty, so I took some time to appreciate it once I finished running.

photo 2 photo 3

January 30: 3.5 Miles


It Goes on and on My Friends…

Winter, that is. I just looked back through my archives and it was in the 80s on this day last March. Today… this:

spring… is that you?

This tree is confused

It’s still snowing, and accumulating, which makes this the most snow we’ve had in the DC/metro area since January 2011. I’m at work because, well I’m not sure why, I guess they neglected to look outside today or something. Anywho, before the snow moved in I actually had a lovely weekend enjoying the weather outside during which I drank waaaay too much and needed to spend all of yesterday in bed.

A few months ago, when we thought it would be awesome and warm by the end of March, a group of my friends and I all bought tickets for the inaugural DC Beerfest at Nats Park. It wasn’t nearly as warm as we expected, but it was in the 50s and sunny, so as long as you stood in the sunshine it was fabulous.


There were A LOT of different beers to try, and I did sample a good many of them. My least favorite? The one that tasted like a sour apple jolly rancher by Shock Top. Sadly that was my last beer of the day and I hated it.


It was crowded, like super crowded, but I did manage to spot a few other friendly faces in the crowd, like Chase and my gurl Kacy.  After they kicked us out of the stadium at 4 pm, I made the less than brilliant choice to head out with Kacy and her fiance to continue my all day bender. We went to Matchbox for food (my first trip!) then Bar Pilar, and finally Lost Society where after some dancing and too many vodka and sodas we finally went home.

vodka soda… damn you!

I also lost many layers of my outfit as the night went on… remarkably I made it home with all of them. I ended up sleeping at Kacy and Tom’s and then they were kind enough to drive me home the next day, despite the threat of my barfing all over Tom’s car. It was completely unnecessary but so fun at the same time, well until I woke up in the morning.

So here we are at Monday, and 17 days away from my vacation to Ireland with my sis. I can’t believe it’s a little over two weeks to go! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. How was your weekend, were you as dumb as me?

Was it really already a month ago?

Hey so remember how just the other day I was whining about how this winter was lame and I wanted it to snow?  Well, yesterday it did just that.  Only, it wasn’t the huge snow storm I wished for that would keep me home from work.  Instead, it was a light dusting that started in the late afternoon, just in time to make my commute home make me want to kill people.

snowwwww, and Christmas decorations that need to come down

I’ll procrastinated at the gym for as long as possible, before I started to get light headed from hunger and finally faced the war zone of traffic for my drive home.  The workout consisted of 45 minutes on the elliptical, abs (three types of crunches) and planks, and push-ups.  Some of my other lady friends have been doing this lifting program, and I’m thinking I might try it out because I’m super bored of what I have been doing.  We’ll see though, they’re all super far ahead of me, and I don’t like lagging behind.

As much as I love the snow in the winter time, I couldn’t help but be reminded that on this day last month I was on my way to warm and sunny Jamaica with my love.

 Oh hi, take me back please.  Dar says we’ll go on another trip, but I don’t know if I believe him.  I also think it might be a tad too soon to start bugging him and planning another one.  He has other things on his mind, like buying a house, or something.  I don’t know, whatever.  I guess I should also finish paying him back for that one before I start talking about another, hmm…

Anyway, it’s Tuesday, which we all know is a far suckier day of the week than Monday.  So, I curled my hair and wore a comfy pink sweater to see if it made it a little better.  No luck so far, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed.  Later!