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Sunday Routine Returns

Is there anything more terrifying that sneezing while driving in traffic?  I honestly don’t think so, and I sneezed no less than 10 times on my drive into work this morning.  We’re all lucky I managed to avoid slamming into the cars in front of me while having my sneezing fits.  Geeesh.

As you know, I spent my Friday night being a loser and stayed in crafting a wreath for my front door.  My mom, Aunt, and sister are coming to visit this weekend, so Saturday I spent an absurd amount of hours cleaning my room and bathroom.  I even rotated my mattress, who am I?  Actually, the indent on the side I normally sleep on was really starting to become prominent, so it was about time I flipped that sucker.  Now, I roll into the middle because one side is so much higher than the other.  Oh, just another joy of the LDR.

Saturday night I did manage to drag myself out of the house for a few hours.  I met up with some friends in Clarendon for a few beers and attempted match making.  Anyone in the Arlington/DC area looking for a man with a fun southern accent?  If so, I have a friend who would be perfect, inquire within!  Four beers and a few hours later, I said my goodbyes, and was home in bed by 12:30 watching Sex and the City reruns.  It was a lovely night if I do say so myself.

Yesterday was the return of the NFL season, and I am thrilled with the performance by both my fantasy team and real life team.  Go Birds!  I basically lounged around all day watching the various games and checking scores and updates on my laptop.  Twas lovely. It was also lovely getting to talk to my love for over 2 hours on Skype last night.  I haven’t seen him since the first weekend of August, and won’t see him until October 20, and I miss him oh so much, so it was really nice to “see” him last night.  Ten points for Skype!

Alright kids, back to the grind of the work week.  I hope you all had a fabulous weekend!


What a Day

It seems I am not alone with my struggles with jeans.  Apparently runners are not the fit models designers use, go figure.  Anyway, thanks for the nice comments.  I’m well aware that I’m not fat, it’s just frustrating to put on jeans that are way too tight, when a year ago you couldn’t wear them because they were too big.  I’m going to start really tracking calories for the next few weeks and see if that makes a difference.  Also, last night was night one of the vodka diet.  One drink, instead of 3 large glasses of wine.  Plus a turkey sub from Subway.

Yesterday was a bad day, I won’t go in to all the details, I’ll just show you this.

Needless to say, by the time I finally got home last night I was cranky, moody, and in desperate need of a drink.  I actually did force myself to work out though, and managed to do 3 miles in about 28 minutes before I died of boredom.  Did I mention I left my iPod in my car and was running sans music?  Yup, realized that just as I walked into the locker room to change, debated just going home, running back out to my car in the rain, or just sucking it up.  I sucked it up, sort of.  It still sucked.

When I finally got home I saw a large box from Victoria’s Secret sitting in my living room, and immediately tore it open.  Everything fits, luckily, and I don’t need to do any returns.  I bought a pair of nude Colin Stuart Pumps, two dresses, a pair of brown tights, and some basic things that I needed.  I can’t wait until summer to break out the new sun dresses.  I’ll show you pics at some point.  My night ended with a Skype date with Dar and TV in bed.  Ehh, I’m still pretty cranky today, and actually threw a pair of jeans across the room this morning.  It’s also rainy and gloomy which isn’t helping, maybe I need more coffee.  At least it’s Friday though, I guess.  Ugh, wow I’m not even that excited that it’s the weekend.

It’s a Love/Hate Thing

Happy Valentine’s Day lovers!  I have a hot date tonight with the gym and grocery store, I can’t wait!  Let’s see, when I last left you on Saturday afternoon I was trying to decide whether to do my long run or push it until Sunday.  Well, it never happened on Saturday.  Instead the roommates and I sat around drinking mimosas all day.  Much more enjoyable than running 6 miles moderately hung over if you ask me.

Saturday night the ladies headed out for the bachelorette party, and I was a complete geek and had a Skype date with Dar.  In my pajamas, with wet hair, I looked pretty.  In fact, the only time I wasn’t in pajamas on Saturday and Sunday was when I actually did manage to get my ass out the door and run.  I had a pretty great run too.  Although, yesterday’s long run was a perfect example of why I despise 5k races, and tend to like any run over 3 miles a lot more.  This was my train of thought during my 6 mile run

Mile 1: Ugh, I feel like crap.  I think my love handles just jiggled over the waste band of my spandex.  Gross. Maybe I’ll just call it quits at 4.  I hate running.

Mile 2: I wish I had some gum, my mouth is so dry.  These stupid pants keep falling down, I should stop and tie them tighter. If I stop I may not be able to make myself start again. I wonder how far I’ve gone.  My toes are numb.

Mile 3: Ooooh a water fountain, yes.  God damn it, why is it turned off!?  Hooray almost time to turn around and head home.  Oh look there’s someone with a Philly marathon 2010 shirt, I’m gonna go say hi!

Mile 4: Hey I think I’m going pretty fast.  Don’t look at your Garmin, you’re probably not.  At least my toes aren’t numb anymore and legs loosened up. My teeth are cold.

Mile 5: Only two more to go! That’s less than 20 minutes, you can totally do this and hey I still think I’m going pretty fast.  I am really, really thirsty.

Mile 6: Man I feel great, I am definitely hauling ass right now.  Yaaay omglolzrunningisawesome!! I love running outside.  F the treadmill.  Oh there’s the mile post I started at, let’s kick it up for the finish!

First three miles in 28:09, second three in 24:44.  Talk about a negative split huh, and can we just take note of mile 6 for a second.  I couldn’t even tell you the last time I ran a sub 8 minute mile.  I would have to assume it was in high school, but since I flat out refused to run anything longer than the 400 m race, I can’t be positive.  I have no idea where it came from, I’m thinking I really wanted to get home and chug some water.  Anyway, I felt amazing during the run, despite the fact that I sat around until almost 1 pm before I finally got my ass out the door.  It was a lovely 50 degrees, mostly overcast with a light breeze, a perfect running day.

I laid on my yoga mat in the middle of my living room for about 20 minutes “stretching”, showered, and put my pajamas back on.  Then last night I sat and watched the Grammy’s with about 300 of my closest friends.  Things I enjoyed, Biebs and Usher, Lady A, Mumford and Sons, and Eminem.  Things that annoyed me, having to Google the best new artist winner, Lady Gaga.  I won’t bore you with the rest of my thoughts, I was pretty vocal on Twitter.  Did you watch the Grammy’s?  What did you like/hate?