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The Best Day

I had the best day ever with my sister yesterday. Actually the whole weekend was pretty damn great, but the photos from the wedding on Friday are on my camera still.  So I’m starting with Sunday.  Well I guess I can start with Saturday, I have those pictures as well.

Saturday morning after the wedding,I managed to check out of my hotel room on time, thanks largely in part to the blueberry muffin my mom had the foresight to give me. I swear the blueberry muffin saved me from a morning of vomiting. Open bar- 1, Kelly- 0, but I suppose that’s pretty much always the case.  Anyway, I had a nice hour long drive into Philadelphia ahead of me for a 1:15 hair appointment. I made it into the city with just enough time to cram some Cosi into my face before spending the next two hours getting beautiful.  Then after some quick stops in Steve Madden and J. Crew it was off to NJ for my Aunt’s 60th surprise party.

my sis and I at the party

with our momma

My escapades from Friday night eventually caught up with me, and once we got back to my sister’s apartment later that night I passed out cold on her couch. It worked out for the best though, since we had big plans for Sunday. For years now, my sister and I have been tossing around ideas for matching “sister” tattoos. Nothing corny, nothing that would resemble “best friends forever”, but something we could both get that would have meaning to each of us.

Back in the beginning of the year, during some intense idea googling, I stumbled across our family crest, and instantly LOVED the motto on it.  I immediately emailed my sister, she was on board as well, and we finally knew what we were doing. The plan was to get them done back in August, during a trip to WI that never happened, and we’ve been trying to find time ever since. When I realized I was going to be at her apartment on Sunday, with no plans, I told her we were doing it.  So there we were, yesterday at noon, standing outside waiting for the doors to open. I think we both got hit with nerves when we walked up to the door.

Col went first, and was a complete pro. Although, some of the faces she made during the process made me a little more nervous.

oh ya know, just ready to vomit

once we got started, it wasn’t nearly as bad as I was expecting. There was only one letter that nearly made me bite through my lip

All finished, and red. It says “sine timore” and means “without fear”

I love it. Could not be happier. Obviously drinks were needed immediately afterward, and lucky for us there was a bar directly across the street playing all of the football games. Our day continued to rock at the bar where we got 4 free shots, a fee drink ticket, and ended up having our food comped. It was a fantastic day with my sister.

I can’t wait to see her again on Saturday when she comes down to VA!

Happy Birthday Sissy!

Let me just take a minute to wish a happy 23rd birthday to my favorite person in the world, my sister!  Happy birthday Col, can’t wait to celebrate when I get home for Thanksgiving!  I also can’t wait to finally give you your present so I’m no longer tempted to keep it for myself.  I hope you have a lovely day.  At least I didn’t make  you get up at 5 am over hung to go watch me run 13.1 miles this year :).

Col's 21st Birthday

Uhhh happy 22nd Birthday?

My weekend was pretty nice and relaxing.  Friday I stayed in, cooked myself dinner, took down a bottle of wine, and went to bed early.  That’s a pretty perfect Friday in my opinion.  Saturday I managed to drag myself to the gym, 5 work-outs last week holler, the dry cleaners, and got a free hoagie.  The work-out was 30 minutes on the elliptical, next to some crazy chick in a sweatshirt who did 7.6 miles, and I followed it up with a leg lifting session.  Bulgarian split squats, plie squats, wall sits, and calf raises.  I was sweating out Friday night’s wine the entire time.  Gross.

Saturday night, a decent sized group of us headed out for an “Around the World Bar Crawl” where we drank ethnic beverages in each different country.  We started in “America” and managed to check off “Mexico” “Japan” “England” and “Thailand”.  It was a lot of fun, and filled of sake bombs and lots of varieties of beer.

kicking it off at Front Page, aka America

Goblets of Dos Equis


It was a great night, and we started early enough that I was still home in bed by midnight.  Perfect.  Yesterday involved a lot of lounging around in my bed, pretending to pack for Thanksgiving, but mostly watching One Tree Hill episodes on Netflix.  I have a feeling this short week isn’t going to feel so short, but here’s to hoping! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend.

My Sister, the Beard?

So my sister told me a hilarious story on Saturday, and I’m going to share it with you all, because what is this blog for if not to share things that I find funny.  I don’t really care how anyone else feels about it ;).  Just kidding, you know I strive for your acceptance and love.

As a recent college graduate, my sister has reached the point in her life when her close friends are moving away, she’s depressed about not meeting her soul mate in college, and just generally freaking out.  A lot.  I’m thinking all of this, along with a few cocktails, is what spurred her to leave her phone number for her waiter while out with a girl friend on Friday night.  Hey, I’ve been known to do that once or twice myself, so good for her.

Said gentlemen actually used that phone number and texted her later on that evening with the following:

“Got your note, but I just wanted to be real with you, I have a BOYFRIEND.  If you wanna get drinks and go dancing though, that’d be awesome.”

My sister said she was laughing so hard she was crying, and that in retrospect his pants were a little tight.  Poor girl, she’ll never leave her phone number for a stranger again.  I obviously told her to promptly make him her gay bff and go dancing immediately.  I guess her gaydar was just reallllllly off that night :).

Anyway, my day was not nearly as exciting as that yesterday.  The craziness of last week seems to have slowed down for the moment, and I enjoyed a relatively relaxing day at work.  No workout because I have a nasty ass blister from my 8 mile walk on Sunday, and I was just feeling lazy.  What I did accomplish, was allotting time off for the rest of my vacation days before the year is up.

We’re given time off in hours each pay period, which confuses me, so I really had no idea how many I’d used/had left.  After figuring it out, I realized I had used 4, 2 scheduled in October, and 5 scheduled in December.  That left me with a whopping 7 (counting 3 floating holidays) to make use of.  I now officially have off from work from December 12-26 (we’re closed the 23 and 26).  I personally can’t think of a better way to follow up my week long Caribbean vacation, than with a week off at home for Christmas.  Bonus?  Darren will be home for Christmas also, so we’ll get to spend like 18 days straight with each other.  That’s more than I’ve seen of him all year.  Don’t hate me.

Also, it is absolutely gorgeous this morning, and my car actually told me it was in the 50s during my drive in.  Fall is definitely on the horizon and I can’t wait.  Happy Tuesday!