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Vampires and Wolves, Oh My!

Last night my sister and I met up with two of our friends to go see the latest Twilight movie, Eclipse.  I have to say, this was by far my favorite of the movies yet.  The third and fourth books were my favorite to read also, so that might have something to do with it.  This one was packed full of action and not just the sappy romantic stuff between Bella and Edward.  Taylor Lautner was shirtless a lot, so that helped too.  I also think Dakota Fanning does an awesome job as Jane, she really looks like she is pure evil and emotionless.

Dakota Fanning as Jane


So uh yeah, that’s that.  I’m very excited for Breaking Dawn now.  It should be interesting to see how they handle everything in the book, or even if they do.  I think that’s also what I like about Eclipse so much, it followed the book almost exactly, including the back stories of Jasper, Alice and Rosalie.  Alright, moving on from Twilight mania.

Before the movies, I came home with every intention of doing Yoga Meltdown.  Unfortunately it is now gone from the Jillian Michaels On Demand section!  It was very upsetting.  I tried to do another yoga workout, the Exercise TV Yoga Sculpt, but I got about 15 minutes into it before I realized I hated it.  Guess I will be ordering the Yoga Meltdown DVD this week.

After my yoga fail, I just did some other random exercises on the floor.  They included some rolling T’s, chatarunga push-ups, and that’s about it.  Meh, better than nothing?

Dinner was a quick California Pizza Kitchen pizza.  This time the Sicilian, which I never tried before.

Sicilian Pizza

It was good, but I think I’ll stick to my normal Margarita or Spinach and Artichoke CPK pizzas.  Then at the movies, I ate about 1 billion mini soft pretzels and cheese.  Yeah, I couldn’t help it, and they were delicious.  I mean I figure, I never go to the movies, I can indulge in some soft pretzel bites if I wanna!

Anyway, this morning I’m pretty sure my cat lost her damn mind, because as I was making my turkey sandwich she jumped up on the counter and tried to get at it!  Now normally, she just winds her self in and out of my legs while I’m making lunch so that I’m actually wearing fur pants by the time I get to work, or she stands on her back two legs, pawing at me with the front two.  Today, she decided that turkey was hers though, and up onto the counter she went.  I grabbed her quickly and put her back on the floor, but that cat, she’s getting ballsy in her older age.

Ok everyone, I hope you all have a great day.  Seriously thank god it’s Wednesday already.  I only have 4 more days left of being 24, then I’ll probably have a quarter life crisis meltdown.  Good thing I’ll be surrounded with plenty of booze this weekend to drown my sorrows in.  See ya’ll later!