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Oh, so it’s Friday the 13th

First things first, how beautiful did my sister (blondie) look at her senior dinner dance this past weekend?  Brit you looked gorge too!  Not going to lie, I’m jealous of her teeny tiny waist and bootay :).  I wonder if I could borrow that dress…

I can’t wait to celebrate her graduation all weekend at Villanova, I just hope the weather cooperates.  I seriously feel like it was just yesterday when she was at my JMU graduation and I was at her high school grad.  Time goes by too fast, waaaaaaaaaaaaah.

Last night at the gym I did 35 minutes on the elliptical followed by the same core workout from last week.  It takes about 30-35 minutes to get through the three sets of all the exercises, for those who asked last week.  I like the workout, it makes me pay attention to areas of my core that I usually neglect, like the lower back.

So after a beautiful Mon-Thurs this week, storm clouds rolled in this morning and are expected to stick around for the next six days or so.  Typical.  Especially since I have to get in the car and drive this afternoon, because rain never makes traffic better.  Ugh, I might spend all day researching ways besides 95 to get to Philadelphia.

I broke out the white jeans today for the first time this season, there was a moment of apprehension when it came time to pull up the zipper.  They fit, but not as loosely as last year.  You win some, you lose some.  I also just put a piece of tape across the  bottom of my shoe to hold the sole together, I will not give up my favorite pair of Coach wedges, ever.  Staples might be the next thing used to keep them together.

Alright well I’m off, someone was mean enough to schedule a 9:15 meeting.  I haven’t even finished my coffee yet, so it should be interesting.  What are you all up to this weekend?  Oh yeah, and Happy Friday the 13th!


Thanks for the compliments on my Easter dress yesterday!  It’s from Victoria’s Secret, my go to for cheap summer sundresses actually.  They’re always cute and comfortable, in fact, one summer when I was a hostess at a restaurant in Philly we used one type as our uniform.

"Hi, welcome to Bongo!"

That one was really short though, made it interesting when I had to climb a ladder to get to the loft to change the music.  I typically wore a bathing suit bottom underneath at all times.  That was the best summer job ever, I got to work outside every day, on a boat, on the Delaware, and if it rained we got to go home :).  I miss the Bongo days :(.

Sorry for the tangent, anywayyyy, last night I went to the gym with the intention of running 3 miles.  I ran one, decided I felt like I was going to vom or pass out, and decided to do a walking work out of sorts.  I alternated between a 6-10 incline for two minutes each, bringing it back down to a 4 and jogging at 6.0 mph for 2 minutes after each time at 10.  I ended up doing something like 2.6 miles in 30 minutes.  Whatever.  Then I did 10 minutes on the arc trainer.

Our fitness facility at work opens next month, and you have to have a fitness assessment in order to join, so I signed up for mine yesterday.  So that will happen sometime in May.  It will be nice to workout at lunch time and right after work without having to drive an hour in traffic.  I can’t wait.

Since I have a visitor arriving in 2 days ;), I spent most of last night cleaning my room.  It was seriously looking like a bomb exploded, I wasn’t even sure if I still had a floor.  Also, since I brought back my entire summer wardrobe and didn’t bring any of my winter clothes home, I had to make some big time room in my closet.  I switched out all my heavy sweaters and winter shoes and boots, to the smaller closet and organized the summer stuff in the makeshift closet I built when I moved in.

Much better, and now I don’t have to go digging around on a closet floor to find the pair of shoes I’m looking for.  Although I am missing one of my favorite pair of gold flat sandals, which is really pissing me off.  Yes, you do see pink and teal pants hanging in my closet.  I’m sorry for my preppiness, but not really.

So, we don’t have central air in our house, just window units in all our rooms, and technically the living room, but we haven’t put that one back in yet.  Yesterday when I got home, it was so hot downstairs that I felt bad for Pumpkin.  So today I locked her in my room with her food, water, and the A/C.  I hope she’s not pissed at me, but I have to keep the door closed and I don’t want her to get too hot.  Sorry Pumps, it’s for your own good!

Anyway, it’s Tuesday, yuck, but I might be having dinner with some people tonight?  Maybe? Today kind of snuck up on me.  I can’t wait for Thursday to get here though.  Laterrr.

Cupcake Wednesday

First of all, Pumpkin says hello and thank you for all the well wishes with her plethora of vet visits lately.

Nearly $500 later, I have good news from the vet.  The test results are in and her kidney function levels are a normal level.  The explanation?  A high in meat diet.  Interesting since all she eats is Purina Cat Chow Indoor Formula hard food.  She must be sneaking into my turkey lunch meat after I leave for work for the day.  Anyway, looks like she’ll be fine, unless I kill her for waking me up at 3 am every morning.  The other night I finally used my brain and started taking her collar off of her so when she runs around like a crack addict in the middle of the night she doesn’t jingle like Santa Clause.  So much nicer.

Yesterday after work I hit the gym for a speed session on the treadmill; 2×1 miles at 8:25 pace.  The speed felt good, as did my new shoes.  I think I may have accidentally ordered them in a narrow width, um but whatever, I didn’t seem to have any problems last night.  I’ll let you know if I lose a toe.  After the speed workout, I hopped on the elliptical for another two miles and called it a night.

Once home, I got right to setting up my replacement Blackberry.  It’s smaller and more light weight than my old one, and purple.  Those are the only things I like about it.  Mostly because I cannot for the life of me figure out how to download the freaking Backup Assistant onto it.  The tech guy at Verizon did it for my old one on Saturday and didn’t show me how, and the VZW website provides absolutely no help.  None.  I might have thrown my old Blackberry on the floor in a fit of rage.  Then I ate a chocolate fudge cupcake and felt better.  So yeah, I currently have three contacts in my phone.  If anyone can help me, I’d appreciate it, otherwise I will be storming the Verizon store later in a cranky fit.

Lastly, I may have been given the “ok” to start researching a vacation for the late fall (mostly because I’m a whiny beotch if I don’t get my way) so if anyone has a favorite place they’ve been too.  Throw em at me!  I’m trying to stay under $1000 per person, so keep that in mind!  Alright so since most of the country is buried under snow and ice today, stay safe and warm!  We’re heading into the 50s with lots of rain.  Boo.  Happy Wednesday.  Oh, and I’m about to eat a cupcake for breakfast.