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A Singing Puppy

Last night the roommates and I had a romantic dinner date in Georgetown to celebrate our love for each other and Valentine’s Day.  We started out at The Guards, where the food was only alright, but the atmosphere was cozy and nice.  After dinner it was off to do some shopping, our only stop?  Anthropologie.  They have all their spring/summer dresses out and I want everything.  Seriously, it’s all so cute.  I did have one amazing find though.  I had been stalking this skirt online for months, but for some reason it was never available.  So imagine how excited I was when I walked into the sale room and saw a stack of them, and one in my size!

Originally $138, it was on sale for $39.95, a no brainer purchase obviously.  I can’t wait to wear it!  Neither can Dani, she already told me she has a brown belt that would look perfect with it.  I told her hands off until I wear it first, haha.  Anthroplogie eventually closed and kicked us out, and we decided to stop at another bar for one more drink before heading home.  Well one drink turned into three, because our wine glasses magically kept refilling themselves.  I think our bartender liked us, because they were pretty hefty pours.  Maybe it was because of the wine, but the three of us had a fantastic time, and I haven’t laughed so hard and so much in a really long time.  A Kelly Clarkson singalong filled drive home later, and we were all in bed by midnight.

I just got the best Valentine’s Day care package ever from Darren.  This was my favorite part.

Haha, I was cracking up.  I also got some very nice PJ’s from Victoria’s Secret, body spray, shower gel, and 5 of the best cards ever.  Love it.

I’m still on the couch in pajamas trying to decide if I want to do my long run today, or wait until tomorrow when it will be even warmer.  Tomorrow is sounding better and better as I still have a slight headache from the hefty glasses of wine last night.  Or maybe I’ll do it tonight on the treadmill after the roommates leave for the bach party.  Decisions, decisions. Have a good Saturday everyone!

Uuuuh, yeah

So it would seem most of you are in agreement upon the sexiness of Brooks Laich, although as my sister pointed out, that picture does not do his baby blues justice.  Google him, it’s worth it.  Happy hour last night was a fun success, and there were about six of us who hung out until around 8:30.  Bar nachos were consumed for dinner, and $2 Blue Moons were drank.  I made it home in time to catch Modern Family and Cougar Town, um completely didn’t realize both were new episodes last night!  Both were hysterical as always.

I’m currently sitting here wondering if I really feel like walking all the way back out to my car to retrieve my water bottle.  I’m thirsty, but I could just use a cup all day.  Sigh, decisions decisions.  Maybe I’ll just wait a few hours until I go out to the post office, then I can accomplish both things at once.  Yes, I really am that lazy.

Tonight I have a date with the gym scheduled, and then possibly taco night with the roommates if they can wait until I get home from the gym to eat that is.  I promise to make it a quick workout and be home by 7!  Either way, I’m defrosting some ground beef so I will be eating tacos for dinner.  Surprisingly this week went by pretty quickly for being the first full week after the holidays.  I’m somewhat shocked that it’s Thursday already.  I’m thinking about asking to work from home tomorrow because it’s supposed to snow overnight/in the morning and I don’t feel like dealing with the commute.  We shall see though.

I’m really trying to think of something even remotely interesting to say today, and while I do have lots of thoughts I’d like to share, I can’t really write about them at the moment.  (How’s that for cryptic and mysterious, did I suck you in?) Instead I will just drive myself crazy with my own thoughts for a while.  Alright, well I give up for today, maybe I’ll be more interesting tomorrow.

Nothing to Say

So, ummm, I spent the whole ride to work this morning trying to come up with a post today, and I’ve still got nothing.  Except for trying to figure out why yesterday was the most popular day for views of my  blog ever.  I didn’t even write about anything exciting, verrrrry curious.  Does anyone know when Starbucks is going  to stop serving gingerbread drinks?  Because I might go into withdraw when they do, I’ve stopped and gotten my gingerbread latte the past two mornings just in case.

Happy hour was fun as usual last night, and I called it quits at a reasonable hour and was home on the couch by 8 pm.  Apparently there is another one going on tonight, since most of us are off tomorrow, not sure yet if I’ll be going.  I have to run some last-minute errands for roommate Christmas tomorrow morning and New Years Eve festivities tomorrow night.  Originally the roommates and I were planning on buying tickets for an event at one of the local bars, but those lucky ducks ended up scoring two free tickets to the Winter Classic and are leaving for Pittsburgh tomorrow afternoon instead.  They’re huge Capitals fans, and couldn’t turn down an offer like that.  So my NYE has all of a sudden become remarkably low-key, but I’m fine with that, in fact I’m pretty excited for what I’ve got going on instead now.  I’ve always thought of NYE as kind of overrated anyway.  Who wants to pay $100 to stand in an overly crowded bar with tons of sloppy drunk idiots, not me.  I could use some help though, help me decide!

Parking garages are still closed here at work, luckily I escaped getting booted yesterday, fingers crossed my good luck continues into today.  Apparently the lack of people working, also means a lack of heat in the office because yesterday I spent the whole day wearing my North Face down puffy jacket, and was still cold.  Today I’m prepared in a super old school, but super warm, Abercrombie sweater.  Not even kidding, it’s probably close to 10 years old.  I’ve also come prepared with some of my home movies on DVD to watch today, since I have no work to do and I almost died of boredom yesterday.

Meh, sorry to be so boring today.  I guess I’ll post another youtube video in hopes to at least provide some entertainment.  I watched this yesterday, and it is seriously one of the craziest things I’ve ever seen.  Enjoy!  Oh and thanks for the condolences and well wishes about my break-up, much appreciated.