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Must drive while medicated

I suffer from road rage, and I will be the first one to admit it.  Ride my ass because you think I am driving too slow?  Well then there is almost a 100 percent chance that I will slam on my brakes and drive slower.  Sadly however, I am also a giant hypocrite.  If I think someone is driving too slow in the left lane on the highway, or even going one mph below the speed limit, I am on their ass like nacho cheese dorrito residue sticks to your fingers.

There are times though, when I am completely baffled by the speed in which people are trying to get somewhere.  This morning on my drive into work, a mini van was behind me.  Now typically when I see a mini van i think, oh hey that’s probably a family taking their children to school.  Maybe that is a tad stereotypical of me, but keep in mind the town I drive through to get to work has at least two schools in a five-mile radius.

So whatever, the speed limit here is 25 mph and I’m going just over 30, because really 25 is just an appalling speed limit, and out of nowhere this mini van is on top of me.  Naturally, I am immediately irritated and begin to slow down to the speed limit, but Mr. Mini Van persists inching closer to my back bumper.  WTF!  At this point, I’m barely paying attention to the road, just staring into my rear view mirror.  Then ahead of me I see the sign where the speed changes to 45 mph, and I’m thinking, “ok, now this person will finally get off my damn ass”.

Up to around 52 mph I go, and Mr. Mini Van lags behind for a few minutes and I momentarily claim victory.  Then he is right back on my ass, but wait, now he is flying by me in the opposite lane.  Are you kidding me dude?  This is a residential street, where the hell are you trying to get to so fast at 7:30 in the morning?  So while I was no longer annoyed at ride my ass Mr. Mini Van, I was extremely disgruntled at getting passed by said mini van.

Sigh.  Do I need therapy?