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Founding Farmers

Hey, remember that time I had an awesome weekend with some really pretty ladies and we went to Founding Farmers and I said I’d blog about the food later?  Well, I hope not, because clearly I had forgotten as it’s been almost 2 weeks since said visit.  Anyway, luckily for you, today I remembered so that’s what you’re getting from me.

It all started with a cocktail.  This cocktail to be specific, the Fraise Fling – Strawberries, lychees, Cap Rock Organic Vodka, agave, prosecco.

There was a whole fresh strawberry on the side, but I ate that before taking the picture.  It was very good, and very refreshing on the hot, hungover day that  was that Saturday.  After a round or two at the bar, we were shown to our table and I immediately started studying the menu.  Trying to look at it online on my phone was too overwhelming so I didn’t really know what I was in for.

Steph, having been before, insisted we order the Fried Green Tomatoes and Corn Bread to start.  Now, I’m not typically a fan of either of those things, but I figured I would go with it and I’m glad I did.

my picture is terrible but the corn bread was really good

Yup, I ate two slices, it was that good.  I enjoyed the actual whole corn kernels, and the butter served with it wasn’t too shabby either.

I wasn’t as thrilled with the Fried Green Tomatoes, and only ate half of one before passing it off to one of the other ladies.  My roommate Danielle loved them though, so maybe it was just me.  That greenish sauce you see served with them was fantastic also though.

For my meal, I couldn’t decide between playing it safe and predictable with the Rotisserie Chicken or venturing out of my comfort zone with something else.  Ultimately, after conferring with our waitress, I decided to go with the Slow Braised Beef Short Ribs with a side of mashed potatoes and mac and cheese.  Naturally.  I’m pretty sure my only previous experience with ribs was in the form of Pork, so I was really excited.


This was, So. Good.  I ate every last bite of that piece of meat, and then searched and searched for more, disappointed to realize it was all gone.

The mashed potatoes and mac and cheese were just as delicious, and I should be embarrassed to admit this but I’m not, I cleaned my plate.  I ate every single thing, and then I ate dessert.  Dessert, that I should mention, had to be ordered before we’d even gotten our meals.  I didn’t think I had room, but once these were put on our table I found it.

Holy sweet mother of God were those things good.  I ate one, with a little bit of each of the sauces; raspberry, chocolate, and caramel.  I want one now just thinking about how good they were.  This was easily one of the richest, and most decadent meals I’ve eaten in quite some time and the long walk back to Kacy’s apartment was a welcome relief at the end of it.

So to recap, it was delicious, I ate all of the food, I want to go back.

(Side note: I’ve heard random comments about the service here being AWFUL, but we had none of that.  Our waitress was awesome, answered all our questions, was attentive, and we never really had to wait for anything we needed.  Perhaps a 4:45 reservation is the key to success here).

Where We Stayed

A few months before my trip, Amy forwarded me a sweet Living Social deal for a one night stay at Hotel Raffaello at a price we could afford in the area we wanted to stay.  I sent the info on to Darren, and we quickly had our two nights booked.

The hotel itself is an older, boutiquey type place, but very cute.  The rooms looked like they had recently been renovated, and ours was way more space than we needed.  The king size bed was one of the most comfortable I’ve ever slept in.  The two tiny elevators were really the only thing that gave away the buildings age.


sitting room area


The shower was the best part


I really liked the hotel, especially for its location.  We only took a cab one night, and walked everywhere else the rest of the weekend.  Definitely cute, check it out if you’re looking for somewhere nice to stay in Chicago.  Also, Dar and I payed for the stay ourselves, (ok he paid for it) so they have no idea I’m giving them a review, just my thoughts on the matter.  Also, Darren wanted to know why I didn’t post any pics of him where you can see his tattoos.  I told him it was because they are frightening.  He disagrees.  So let’s see what the general consensus is.




If I remember correctly, he started getting them when he was 17?  Men.  The two on his back are the same on both sides.  Anyway, they scare me, and I know him.  Also, that cork screw was the most worthless piece of crap ever.  I just wanted some damn wine!

Due to extreme exhaustion by the end of the day yesterday, I did not run or work out at all.  I went home and laid on the couch, only to transition to my bedroom at 9 pm.  I also still have not unpacked.  Who knows when that will happen.  I’m currently on cup of coffee number two for the day, so hopefully I’ll have some more energy for the 7 miles scheduled for tonight.  Laterrrrrrrrrr.