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Snowpocalpyse 2010

Like the other major snowstorm back in December, this one was worse the further south you were located. I managed to make the 7:08 train out of Hamilton, NJ, and was at Penn Station by 8:30, in a cab by 8:32 and on my way to Alex’s apartment. Since he is such a fantastic boyfriend, he had a delicious salad and vodka and club waiting for me when I walked in the door. I was about to pass out from hunger, so there wasn’t any time to take a picture, but it had cucumbers, corn, peppers, and balsamic dressing.

Me and Alex on Friday night

We met up with his other two roommates at a bar called Nikki Beach, I really wish I had remembered my camera because words do not do this place justice. I think the main form a lighting was black light, and a long table in the middle of the bar served as a stage/catwalk, and there was sooooo much table dancing. There was also lots of fist pumping techno music, not my scene but it was hilarious and I went with it, and had tons of fun. I’m actually not sure what time we went home, but I don’t think it was too late.

I woke up Saturday morning in NYC expecting a few inches of snow, I mean that is what they were calling for, but when I looked out the window there was a dusting, maybe. I called my mom just to see if home was actually getting the snow that was forecast and she sent me this picture:

So, to answer my question yup it was definitely snowing. After seeing Meghann talk about Moe’s a few times on her blog, I was very excited to hear that one had opened around the corner from the boyfriends apartment recently. I requested we go there for lunch on Saturday, and he was all for the idea since he is a huge fan of Moe’s. I ordered the Art Vandalay, which is a burrito with rice, beans (I chose black), pico de galo, a little bit of sour cream and guacamole, and lettuce.

It was fantastic! The chips come on the side, and there is a salsa bar where you can pick the spiciness yourself. I will definitely be visiting Moe’s again when in NYC. My hardworking boyfriend had some law school things to take care of on Saturday afternoon, so I had to entertain myself, which actually meant bothering the other two boys all day. I watched a soccer game, and tried to initiate a game of Catch Phrase, no one wanted to play. Alex is always telling me about this bar near them that gives you a free pizza with your beer, so I suggested that we head there for dinner/pre-gaming fun. Luckily everyone thought it was a fantastic idea, so off to the Crocodile Lounge we went.

I love pizza, so any place that is going to give me one for free is pretty much the best place ever.

My $3 Yuengling and free pizza! Soooo yummy, and fresh out of the oven and into my belly. After Crocodile Lounge, we went back to the apartment, play a game of Apples to Apples (one of my favs), and then went upstairs to another apartment where I had my first experience with Rock Band. I was terrible, I totally need to work on my skills. The rest of Saturday night was just as low-key, we went to another apartment party, and then Alex and I called it a night earlier than everyone else and went home. Sunday morning I woke up absolutely starving, and immediately began begging for food. The other boys were still asleep, so Alex and I went someplace close for a quick bite. MJ Armstrong’s was the choice.

There were so many delicious things on the menu, I had a hard time choosing, and eventually went with a classic favorite of mine, the turkey club.

It was alright, I don’t think I would order it again, the turkey was not my favorite, and I prefer my bacon a tad crunchier, but it did the trick and stopped my stomach from growling. The fries were excellent though. Alex had a cheeseburger, I snagged a bite, that was yummy. After lunch, Alex had promised he would go see Dear John with me, so we headed over to the movie theater. I had to elbow him in the gut a few times to make him stop laughing, but I LOVED the movie. I can’t wait to read the book now. The movie was so cute, and Channing Tatum is not too hard to look at for two hours. Unfortunately, part of the agreement for getting Alex to see this was that he gets to pick the next movie we go to. I’m a little scared.

After the movie, we had just about an hour until the Super Bowl kickoff so the two of us walked over to a bar called Brother Jimmy’s. Oh man was it crowded, we didn’t have a reservation, but since there were only two of us we thought we might be able to get a table. We were able to sit down, right before the national anthem which was fine with me because I was really looking forward to seeing Carrie Underwood sing. She rocked it of course! Brother Jimmy’s is a BBQ restaurant, so the two of us immediately decided on an order of hot wings, and they were some of the best wings I’ve had.

If you look closely you can see some wing sauce still on my face, haha. Washing down my wings with a Natty Light pounder. For my main course I ordered the pulled chicken sandwich and Alex ordered the pulled pork.

Also amazing, I only managed to eat about half of the fries and the sandwich before I thought I would explode.

Alex’s pulled pork sandwich with slaw, and sweet potato fries. He cleaned his plate, but I managed to snag a sweet potato fry before they were all gone.

Very full of yummy bbq. Anyone notice a theme of his wardrobe? Haha bonus points if anyone can find a picture of him on here not wearing plaid or flannel. I was routing for the Saints, so I loved the Super Bowl, my mom is actually heading down to New Orleans this weekend, lucky! I took off from work today so that I could fully enjoy the Super Bowl in NYC last night. It was a great weekend, I can’t wait to be back there on Saturday! I’m playing in a beer pong tournament, haha wish me luck! Alex and I are Team Patron Patrol, we have sweet shirts to wear. I hope everyone else had a great weekend. Oh, and guess what is in the forecast for Tuesday and Wednesday? That’s right another snow storm… fingers crossed for a snow daaaay.

Another snowy commute

I’m seriously beginning to wonder if I moved to the Midwest or upstate New York without knowing it.  This morning when I walked out my front door I was met with a layer of snow covering my car, again.  Global warming my ass, this has been the coldest, snowiest winter I can remember having in a long time.  Also, my travel mug fell from the roof of my car on my foot this morning, now I have a giant bruise.

Snowy Thursday

No work out last night, I ended up meeting my mom at Macaroni Grill for dinner, where I had some deeeelicious Lobster Ravioli and two glasses of Cab.  And then another glass when I got home.  I really love my red wine.  Some punk ass busboy had the nerve to call me ma’am last night.  Really, do I look like a ma’am to you?  That was the first time that happened, I almost cried, and my mom laughed at me.  How does someone get carded by one waiter when ordering her wine, and then ma’amed by another one.  Oh 25, you are going to be a rough birthday aren’t you?

I did not watch the State of the Union, but because that was on none of my usually scheduled Wednesday night programs (Cougar Town and Modern Family) were so I was forced to find something new to watch.  What did I find?  A show on TLC called I’m Pregnant And…  The two episodes I was privileged enough to catch were, I’m Pregnant and Homeless and I’m Pregnant and Have an Eating Disorder.  Because I’m not already completely terrified at the thought of pregnancy and parenthood, I don’t know why I do this to myself.