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Unnecessarily Ruined

A conversation with my sister yesterday got me thinking about just how many things can be ruined by a breakup, besides the relationship of course.  Whether we realize it or not, certain things will always bring back memories of an ex, and for a while it’s only natural to avoid those things.  For me it’s a fairly simply, although quite funny, list.

  1. The term “woman”- I had an ex who used to refer to me as woman all the time, don’t even mutter that word around me anymore, unless you enjoy death stares.
  2. Applebees- I have not set foot in one since June 2009 when I was broken up with prior to a dinner there.  Although, I’m not too sad about that one as Applebees kinda sucks.
  3. Tom Petty- I know right?  Well an ex and I went to a Tom Petty concert together once, and it was awesome and amazing and the best concert ever, and for the longest time after we broke up I couldn’t stand to listen to my greatest hits album.  The first strums of Free Fallin was enough to send me into an emotional breakdown and running to the vodka in the freezer.
  4. LOST and Dexter- These were really hard for me to get over as both were in the middle of a season when we broke up, but they were two shows we watched together EVERY WEEK.  Wednesday and Sunday date nights in front of the TV with our respective alcoholic drinks of choice.  In the very beginning, every time something crazy happened I would pick up the phone to text him about it, and have to physically force myself to stop.  That sucked.

Eventually I got over all these things, I can sing along to all my favorite songs again, and I powered through all the following seasons of LOST and Dexter, but at first they made me a train wreck.  Breaking up sucks, but I think having some of your favorite things ruined by said breakup sucks even more.

What have breakups ruined for you? Anything funny/weird?

I’m still reeling from last night’s season finale of Grey’s.  I’m furious and annoyed all at the same time, how dare they end the season like that.  The worst.

Brunette Moments?

So, you guys know I’m kind of ditzy right?  I say and do some really dumb shit, often.  Like that time I accidentally “liked” an ex-boyfriends relationship status change on Facebook.  That was embarrassing.  Oh, I never told you all about that?  It started innocently enough, I saw said ex-bf was now “in a relationship” and 8 people had “liked” the status. Obviously I wanted to see who had done so, but instead of clicking on “people who like this” I clicked “like”, and then there it was “Kelly McCormick and 8 others like this”.  FUCK!  After I recovered from my heart attack, I unliked the status immediately and began to wonder if ex-bf still got a notification about it.  If he did, he was kind enough to ignore it and not remark, but holy shit, did I feel like an asshole for a few days.

After I moved to Virginia in 2010, I noticed I was missing my favorite pair of Coach gold sandals when it came time to  bring out spring and summer clothes. I searched and searched, both in VA and PA, and after a year convinced myself that I had lost them.  Left them somewhere to never be recovered, probably at an ex-bf’s house where they may have been thrown away.  I sucked it up, bought some new sandals and moved on.  When I went up to PA two weeks ago, I was digging around in my closet hoping I’d maybe left some sneakers there so I could go to the gym with my sister, and what did I find?  The missing pair of gold Coach sandals, in a shoe box, in my closet.  Guess I never thought to search there.

Here they are, making an appearance with my new coral pants. Doesn't matter that it was 47 degrees out this morning.

My toes are bright orange and my nails sparkly blue.  Apparently I was feeling silly when I picked out my colors at the salon last night, or like a 6 year-old girl.  Whatever.  The eye-brows have also been tamed, and I’m nearly ready for Vegas.  Damn though, being a woman is expensive.  However, having freshly waxed eyebrows makes me feel like a brand new woman, so that’s worth the $15 or whatever I paid last night.  (So bad at paying attention to prices).

In fact, I recently inquired with some of my ladies as to what a normal price is for a large sectional sofa, as it occurred to me I really had no idea.  Apparently, the $5000 Crate and Barrel charges is not normal, go figure.  Darren will be happy to learn I’m trying to take lessons in bargain hunting and being frugal.

This post was really random, but it will probably (definitely) be my last one until Monday or Tuesday, unless I pay for wi-fi on the flight tomorrow,  but I’ll probably be too busy drinking with my roommates to do such a thing.  Wish me luck in Vegas, homegirl can’t drink like she used to!  Oh and Happy Happy 30th Birthday to my friend Michelle! Miss you!

A Shared Attraction

There are many reasons why I love my significant other, his stunning good looks and muscular stature aside.  Alright, alright, it’s the bald head that really does it for me :).  No but seriously, part of the reason is that we can have conversations like this, where it’s hard to tell who in fact is the female in the relationship.

Ahem, I’m in the green, for you non-iPhone people.  So uh yeah, at least we have the same taste in men?  Anyway, the show in discussion was Kitchen Cousins and I am officially obsessed because damn are those boys fine, and they can build me my dream kitchen? Where do I sign up?  HGTV was playing back to back episodes last night, which helped me get through my 60 minutes on the elliptical, broken up into two 30 minute sessions with some biceps and triceps thrown in the middle.

As far as the house goes, we still have not heard anything because apparently Dar and I pick THE WORST houses to put offers on. The first one was a REO, which means it had been foreclosed on, and was now a bank owned property so they could take their sweet ass time deciding about offers.  Now on this one, the couple is going through a less than amicable divorce where the husband now live in Green Bay and the wife is in the house with the kids.  Apparently the decision to sell the house was not something they agreed on, but more of a necessity therefore no one can come to an agreement on what to do with our offer.  If we don’t hear anything today, we are going to submit another offer at a slightly higher price uh because we really low balled them with our first.

Anyway, I should really get some work done so I can get out of here at 2 today to entertain my family members.  We have dinner reservations at my favorite, American Tap Room, tonight and then I’ll probably fall asleep because I cannot stay up past 10 pm these days.  That could have more to do with the NyQuil/codeine combination than actual tiredness though. Happy Friday!