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Shit My Boyfriend Says

I’m actually stealing this idea from Marie, because her two SMHS posts have cracked me up, and not a day goes by where something doesn’t come out of Darren’s mouth to make me roll my eyes and shake my head.  A little background on my love.  He uses Facebook so rarely that his profile picture is a good five years old, until he actually came with me on a blogger meet-up he was convinced I was going to be murdered by one of them some day, he doesn’t read my blog and asked me if it was ok if he never did.  I’m not at all sure why he has a smart phone, he owns guns, he wants to send me MACE.  Uh, profanity to follow because he curses like a trucker.

“I swear to god if u put one live, laugh, love sign up in our house I’ll fucking kill you.”

This made me laugh because naturally, the girls and I have this decorating our living room:

(Still on the same topic) “Honestly though, is there a class all these women took in college on how to be cliché and typical?”

In response to a picture of Manolo Blahnik Mary Janes I sent him:
“Seriously, women have terrible taste. It’s why u guys look so ridiculous a lot of the time.  Heels with big pointy toes look fucking dumb.”

“I told you I wouldn’t be good at this relationship thing.”

Him: “You wanna see the only thing sexier to me than you?”
Me: “Sure.” (fully expecting a picture of a porn star’s ass or something)
(sends picture of a paintbrush to my cell)
Him: “Brand new 2 1/2 inch purdy clear cut baby.”

Life is definitely never boring :).  Anyway, last night I hit the gym for a lazy 3 miles at 9:40 pace just to shake out the soreness in my calves.  I’m swearing off the heels this week, and will be foam rolling before Sunday just to prevent any additional pain.  I’m a little more excited for Sunday now, because the roommates have promised to meet me at the finish line and then we are going to brunch, so at least I will have the thought of mimosas at the end making me run fast.

So it’s Tuesday, that blows, but the roommates and I are having taco night tonight, which is always delightful.  Not delightful?  The fact that I’m still wearing a coat and scarf in almost April.  Come on Spring, where the hell are you?

A Much Better Run

As predicted, after a couple good nights of sleep I had a much better run yesterday than on Monday and Wednesday.  Also a perk, it was 74 degrees and somewhat cloudy so I took my run to the streets.  I started out with no real distance goal in mind, I was thinking something between 4 and 5, but I also had the “something is better than nothing” mentality running through my head.  I finished my two-mile loop around my neighborhood, and was just getting in the groove of things so I moved on out to the bike path running a long the road.  All together I did 4 miles in what I think was my fastest outside pace for that distance ever.

  • Mile 1: 9:28 (tried to start slower than usual so I wouldn’t burn out)
  • Mile 2: 9:06 (big uphill part which also includes a large downhill)
  • Mile 3: 9:25 (got stopped at a red light and lost my stride for a minute)
  • Mile 4: 8:58! (so impressed by myself with this pace for the final mile)
  • Total: 37:02, 9:14 pace

There was also wind blowing in my face the whole time, which I would like to blame for the two slower miles, haha.  That run really boosted my confidence for Sundays 5k.  I think for a while I was just expecting my runs to feel easy, and I just had to remember that running isn’t easy but that I have the endurance to do it and push through the hard parts.  Oh speaking of Sunday, the forecast is 72 and rain because it prefers to rain during races I sign up for.  It poured the whole time during Broad Street when I ran it two years ago.  Oh well, hopefully it doesn’t rain too much.

For dinner I was craving one thing and one thing only, Chinese food.  I know when I get cravings like that trying to satisfy it with anything else is pointless so Chinese food it was.

steamed pork dumplings, chicken lo mein, veggie spring roll

these are my absolute favorite

my other favorite

Obviously not the healthiest meal, but I hadn’t had Chinese food for a while and it’s all about what you want in moderation right?  After dinner I sat on the couch waiting for the return of one of my favorite shows from last year, don’t laugh, Vampire Diaries.  I really love it and the two main vampires, Damon and Stephan, couldn’t possible be any hotter.  The bf makes fun of me for loving it so much, but I think it’s really good and this season looks awesomeee.

Tonight I have no plans and it looks like I’m going to have the house to myself, which typically means cheesy movies I’d be embarrassed to watch with anyone else.  One of the last times this happened I watched RENT, and danced around singing every song in my living room.  I’m resting the legs today and tomorrow to prepare for Sunday, so hopefully I’ll have some good luck!

What is everyone else up to this weekend?  Happy Friday!

Back on the beaten path

Over the weekend I ventured out to Barnes and Noble to stock up on 2010 supplies; a wall calendar for work and a daily planner.  Yes, my desire to have things color coordinated and organized is somewhat OCD.  While I was there, I decided to check out the various books on running in the sports section, and wound up purchasing the Beginner’s Guide to Long Distance Running, by Sean Fishpool.  It is exactly what I wanted, less than 100 pages, information about proper gear, diet, cross training, injury prevention and treatment, and training schedules for distances from a 5k to marathon.

The book offers training plans for starter level, refresher level, intermediate level, and upper level.  After looking at the specifications, I placed myself in the intermediate level which assumes you are running 20-30 miles a week at a pace of 9-11 minute miles.  This week I’ve had the cold from hell, and routinely blow through half a box of tissues a day (ha ha no pun intended) so I was a little skeptical about starting this new fitness schedule.  Last night I decided to just suck it up, and my box of tissues and I headed to the gym.

Yesterdays workout was only supposed to be a 25-35 minute run at a slow pace (about 65 percent of your working heart rate, which I still have to figure out) but for someone who was logging anywhere from 5-8 miles each run decreasing my distance that much seemed counter productive.  Sooo I cheated, just a little bit though.  I did 37 minutes, which worked out to about 4.2 miles and I could have easily run more but I restrained myself.  I plan to follow this fitness schedule for the next five weeks before moving to the actual training schedule for my 10 mile run in May.  I’ll be sure to keep you all updated on how it’s going.