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Guard and Protect her Heart

First things first.

Dear boyfriend,
Just because we are in a long-term, committed relationship that does not mean we have to share EVERYTHING.  I do not like this scratchy throat, annoying cough, or runny, stuffy nose.  Please take them all back and keep your germs to yourself next time.

Ok, moving on.  After four days of pounding the pavement in NYC and two weekend runs, my body was craving a break from the impact and a good stretch.  I turned on Yoga Meltdown and got to work.  Maybe the chatarunga push-ups felt a little less like torture?  The rolling t’s and side plank still make me want to cry though.  How long have I been doing this now?  Like once or twice a week for three weeks or so?  If I weren’t so lazy I could go back and check, but that sounds about right.  Hopefully I start to notice some changes soon.

We leave for vacation next weekend, so food wise it’s kind of make do with what we got for the next two weeks.  Luckily, last night “what we got” was a can of black beans and a can of corn.  Throw some veggies and cheese in a wrap, and it’s quesadilla night!

Stuffed to the brim with purple onion, and red and yellow peppers along with the beans and cheese.  Delightful.  Dinner was followed by a desert of one Raspberry and one Strawberry Milano cookie, even more delightful.  Then it was time for The Bachelorette, the most awkward two hours on television.  Last night they were in Iceland, hiking on volcanoes with booted feet, and getting drunk in nature made hot tubs.  At one point Ali was visibly tanked, and was struggling very hard, it was hilarious.   (Spoiler Alert!)

Thankfully, crazy Kasey was sent home last night.  My favorite part was when Ali was talking to the cameras and said, “All Kasey has to do tonight is be normal.”  Epic fail.  He whipped out the protect and guard your heart tattoo and he was donezo.  I can’t wait to see the drama that unfolds next week in Istanbul, Turkey!

Alright friends, try not to hate Tuesday too much.  Have a great one!