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It’s Over

Well, my birthday is over and I am officially 25.  I think it is safe to say that 24 went out with a bang though.  Oh lordy, where do I start?  I hit the road immediately after leaving work on Friday, and made it to Bethany Beach around 7:00 without encounter too much traffic and just as the boys arrived home from their golf outing.  At this point there were 7 of us there and we got right to grilling up some burgers.  Danielle and Adrienne were awesome and also picked up 3lbs of fresh shrimp for everyone and a crab cake for me :).  Thanks ladies!

After dinner the real fun began, the four remaining guests arrived and Dani and Adrienne surprised everyone by springing a JMU Beer Olympics on us.  They had set up two teams, one purple and one gold and planned out the events.  We played flip cup, a new game called JOOSEHeart, another new game called Blackout, and Thumper.  I think I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking for this post.  Enjoy!

Team Dukes

Team JMU

JOOSEHeart is played like beer pong, except you have 28 cups, and the back middle six are filled with JOOSE.  If before you shoot you scream JOOSEHEART and make it in one of the JOOSE filled cups, all six are taken away.  You only can try this once though, if you miss you are done.  The rest of the game is played like regular beer pong after the JOOSE cups are drank.

my turn to shoot

The ladies sticking together

And it ended like this

We had a 10 am pick-up time scheduled for taxis to take us to Seacrets on Saturday morning, so we were all up bright and early.  Surprisingly, no one felt awfully hungover after our night of Beer Olympics.  The cabs picked us up and we were at Seacrets about 10 minutes before the doors opened at 11 am.  Seacrets was just as amazing as I expected it to be, I think I need to make it a tradition to celebrate my birthday there every year.

some of the gang



My favorite pic

No clue what's going on here

Needless to say, I came home showered and promptly passed out for two hours.  I think it is safe to say the only reason I got out of the bed was because the bf told me there was pizza.  It was really the best birthday ever, and I was so glad to be with 10 of some of my best friends from JMU.

After such an amazing weekend, I was not looking forward to going home and being by myself.  Luckily I had my new iPod Nano from the bf to play with!

And then I got to thinking, what better to go with a new iPod than a new MacBook!  I finally caved and bought one last night, and I am very excited.  The laptop I was currently using is from 2003, so it was about time for an upgrade.  According to FedEx tracking, it should arrive by the end of the week.

My mom also gave me a great birthday gift, a beautiful new watch!

No those aren’t diamonds, they are all Swarovski crystals.  It is a little too snug, so I’ll be heading out to KOP to have one or two links added to it this week.  All in all, it was a great birthday and I didn’t end up feeling too bad about turning 25.  Although, I will definitely be recovering until at least Wednesday.

I hope everyone had a great weekend.  Try not to hate that it’s Monday too much!

So many prizes!

Is there anything better then coming home from work, and having not one but three packages waiting for you!?  No, I didn’t think so.  First up was the giant box that had been delivered to my front steps.  I had almost forgotten that my mom and I had ordered the third piece of my luggage set last week!

My mom is going to Italy for 18 days next month, and needed another suitcase so she figured if she was going to buy one that we might as well buy one that matches my carry-on and rolling duffel.  Now I just need to go on a trip so I can use them all :).

That delivery alone would have been enough to make my day, but I ran out to grab the mail in the mail box, and there were two more packages with my name on them!  Last week, Leslie at And Her Little Dog Too was doing an Inperspire give-away, and I was one of the lucky winners.  My Inperspire towel came yesterday, and it is awesome!

I can’t wait to use it at the gym, so thanks to Leslie and Inperspire!  And the last prize that came in the mail yesterday was from The Angry Runner.  She accidentally ordered a very nice Brooks running shirt in the wrong size, and was looking to trade with someone and I jumped all over it.  You can be expecting your Starbuck’s gift card!

And you’re right, everyone does love stickers!  So yesterday kind of felt like my birthday, and it was awesome.  After all of my glorious present opening, I had to run out to a doctor’s appointment and then to PT.  PT was the same old stuff just another day, but I did jog for five minutes yesterday!  Woo, getting up there!  Apparently we are just going to build on the time each session.  Fingers crossed I stay pain-free.  During the massage part yesterday, my therapist told me it still felt very tight, but maybe just a little less than before.  That’s good news right?  Sigh, I hope so.

Dinner last night was made from my Easter basket goodies.  Basil Oregano Fettuccine and Feta Stuffed Olives.  I am not a fan of olives, so my plate consisted of just some pasta.

It was good, but I’m guessing the olives give it most of the flavor, because mine just tasted sort of plain.  I would probably buy this pasta again, but use it in a different recipe.

Tonight I am going to a Philly Foodie meet-up in the city, and I am super excited!  I can’t wait to meet all these girls, who I feel like I already know.  And it’s supposed to be a beautiful evening.  Don’t worry there will be a full re-cap tomorrow.  I hope everyone has a lovely day, can you believe there is only one week left in the month of April?

Cookies and presents, it’s like a second X-mas!

Apparently facilities management reads my blog.  I was all prepared this morning to take a picture of the major fail on their part, of the six-foot snow piles in the handicap spaces, but they were gone!  Ok, it’s highly more likely that someone called to complain about the stupidity of that, but a girl can dream about being that popular, right?

Anywhoooo, happy Friday everyone!  This weekend I’m heading back up to good old NYC for Valentine’s Day.  I have off on Monday, so it’s another long weekend for me, yipeeee.  Whether I’m going tonight or tomorrow, I have no idea, babe a little help?  I was originally preparing to go tomorrow, so I am not packed at all, unless you count the fact that I am still packed from last weekend :(.  I know, I’m the worst.  Tomorrow the bf and I are playing in a co-ed pre V-day beer pong tournament.  Go Team Patron Patrol!  So uhhh yeah, tomorrow will not be the healthiest of days for me.  Chugging beers at a bar/restaurant.  I see fried food in my future.  Oh well!.

I had another one (or two or three) of my yummy pumpkin chocolate chip cookies last night for dessert.

Dinner was take-out Chinese, and I ate so much my stomach hurt, whoops.  Dessert actually came before dinner, and I did not take any pics of dinner.  You all know what lo-mein and chicken and broccoli look like.

Last present picture for the boyfriend’s gift guessing game!

The bear is not for him, my mom gave that to me.  If you say “I love you” to it, it talks back.  Haha, too cute.  Look what I found in my bbm’s when I woke up in the middle of the night!

It’s my presents!  Alexis and I have already analyzed shapes and sizes to guess what they might be.  Together we guessed correctly that my x-mas present was in fact shoes!  The boyfriend and I are trying to guess how long we can make it without exchanging gifts, no way we make it until Sunday.  My guess was after the beer pong tournament if I didn’t go up until Saturday.  If I end up there tonight though, all bets are off.

As most of you had probably guessed already, I did in fact have my triple venti non-fat caramel machiatto this morning.  Hooray for caffeine.  Ok, hope everyone has a lovely day!