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I’m Back!

Was I missed yesterday? I hope so! Well I’m back today, and going to be super mysterious and not talk at all about what I was doing on my day off yesterday ;). Sorrrry, haha.  I will tell you all about the nail that ended up in my tire though.  Actually, that’s pretty much all there is to say about that also.

I was driving, the scariest warning light ever showed up on my dashboard, I BBMed boyfriend asking him to look up what it meant, and discovered I had some low tire pressure.  Pull off at a rest stop, got the tire pressure checked, and discovered a nail right in the middle of the front right tire.  Fantastic.  I’ll take one I-95 nail special to go please.  I got it plugged, but my warning light is still on.  I’m hoping it just needs to be reset and that I don’t have to buy a new tire, because they’re a freaking expensive.

So the Yankees finally remembered how to play baseball last night, and now we only need to win two games in a row to make it to the World Series.

The Phillies are actually in the same boat right now, despite ALL the sports radio broadcasts leading up to this series declaring them unbeatable, and pretty much just jumping right into talk about a World Series match up.  Karma, it’s a bitch isn’t it?  Maybe next time you won’t jump the gun, because shit happens and pitchers are beatable.  Especially when your teams offense has been asleep since the start of the playoffs.  Anyway, go Yankees!  And alright, go Phillies, because I really have nothing against them unless they are playing the Yanks.  I just HATEEEEEEE listening to the sports radio broadcasts.

One last thing, check out my adorable new house!

My future roommates and I found out that we got it on Tuesday, and I am so unbelievably excited.  More photos and location disclosure after I actually move in!  Eeeeek, sorry it just still makes me so happy to see it.  We already have plans to make use of that front porch, sitting on it with our drinks, and maybe in some rocking chairs.  Or a hammock, or bench swing, the possibilities are endless!

Thursday already, huh?  It actually kind of feels like a Monday since I was off yesterday.  Anyway, one more day until the weekend!  Boyfriend and I are heading out to Villanova on Saturday to play with my sister and watch our college, JMU, take on Villanova in football.  Should be a fun weekend!

Stuy Town Greenmarket

Sunday on our way to brunch, Alex and I walked through the Stuyvesant Town Farmers Market.  While it is nowhere near the size of the Union Square one on Saturday’s, for being 10 steps from Alex’s apartment it’s pretty great.  I can’t for the life of me figure out why he doesn’t buy things from here on a weekly basis!  The fruits and vegetables looked fresh and gorgeous, not to mention gigantic, and they even had local, hormone free meats for sale.  The Stuy Town Greenmarket runs from June 6 – November 14, 9:30 am until 4 pm on The Oval.

Last night I had a little bit of trouble making it to the gym.  It was Monday, I was tired, blah blah blah, but I made it.  I did my easy 4 miles at a 10 minute pace, and then stretched for a bit before calling it quits and heading home.

I actually got some work done before the Yankee game started at 8.  That unfortunately did not go as I hoped it would.  Luckily I had a feeling it was about to get ugly, and turned it off and went to sleep when it was still only 2-0.  Imagine my disappointment when I saw the final score of 8-0 this morning.   Good thing the bullpen pulled through, huh?  Ugh, game 4 tonight with Burnett starting.  I never have good feelings about him, so we’ll see how this goes.

I am off from work tomorrow, so I’m not sure when I’ll get a post up.  Don’t think I’m dead if I don’t post in the morning, haha!  I’ll be back as scheduled on Thursday though, so don’t worry.  Alright everyone, have a good Tuesday!

Shoes for Sale!

So yesterday there was some good news, some bad news, some wine, and then the Yankees won game 2 of the ALDS!  Happy Friday!


My lover Andy Pettitte

Look at that intense stare.  I love him, especially when he opens his mouth to talk and that thick Texas accent comes out.  Swooooon.  Anyway, despite just coming back from injury, Andy pitched 7 strong innings leading the Yankees to a win.


I hightailed it out of work at 3:30 on the dot, and got home to change for my workout.  That was when I received the phone call with the good news :).  It really lifted my spirits after yesterday, and I felt great for my 6 mile tempo run.

  • 1 mile warm-up at 10 min/mile
  • 4 miles at 9:05 min/mile
  • 1 mile cool-down at 10 min/mile

I really enjoy tempo runs, because even though this one was technically 6 miles in my head I only considered it 4.  I saw the email with the bad news after my run, but I’m not too worried about it.  I picked up a bottle of red to have for the game, and went home to cheer on my boys.

Alright, so now for some fun stuff.  Shoes!!! Two days before I started my senior year of college, on a shopping spree at Bloomies I picked up these adorable Coach shoes.

Now somewhere in my shopping haze, I became convinced that my size 9 foot would fit into a size 8 shoe without serious damage.  I was wrong.  I wear these shoes, nearly lose a pinky toe forget about them and the pain for a good year and then try to wear them again.  It’s a vicious cycle that I have to stop repeating.  So my impulse shopping purchase, is now someones gain because I have decided to sell these shoes.  I’m not kidding when I say that in four years they have probably been worn five times.  They’re in fantastic shape, and I wish my foot actually was a size 8.

While they were too small for me, I think the style does run a little big, and would be perfect for someone who wears an 8.5.  Both my mom and sister wear a 7.5 and they were too big on them.  I paid a little over $200 for them, and would like to sell them for about $100.  If anyone is interested email me!  The heel isn’t too high, less than 3 inches, and for someone they are the right size for they’d be super comfortable.  I wanted to offer them up to you ladies first before I put them for sale on e-bay or something, so let me know if you want em!