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No Morning Should Include Cat Pee

So I was standing in my bathroom this morning straightening my hair, and I looked around the corner to see where the cat was and why she wasn’t in her usual spot, the bathroom sink.  She was perched over a pair of jeans that happened to be laying on the floor, PEEING ON THEM.  I obviously screamed at her and she bolted out the bedroom door, but why would she pee on a pair of pants when her litter box is in the same damn room?  There was plenty of litter in there, and it was relatively clean.  Was she just being an asshole or should I be worried something might be wrong with her?  As far as I know, she’s never really done this before.  She’s about 7.5 and had a clean bill of health at the vet on her last check-up.

Anyway, moving on.  The other morning on the radio I heard something that reminded me so much of Darren, and was cracking up.  A woman called in because her husband had used vacation days to stay home playing the new Call of Duty game, and now wouldn’t be able to travel home with her for the holidays.  She wanted to know if she was justified in feeling pissed off.  Well, boyfriend didn’t exactly take off from work since he is the boss, but he stayed home almost the entire day on Tuesday playing the exact same game.  Men and their video games.  Adrienne sent this out in an email the other day, and just, yes.

After getting all the way to the gym locker room on Tuesday night, and then realizing I forgot my sneakers, I was more than ready for a good workout yesterday.  35 minutes on the treadmill followed by lots of core work and push-ups.  Push-ups are not getting any easier, and I’m still struggling through 2 sets of 10. Wah.  Then I battled traffic for an hour going home, and made it just in time to watch the CMAs.

The CMAs are pretty much the only award show I watch, 1) because country boys are dead sexy 2) Carrie Underwood is hot, and 3) it’s back to back performances of all my favorite songs.  Last night’s show didn’t disappoint, well until Taylor Swift won entertainer of the year.  Can’t we just all agree she’s pretty much pop now?  I mean I still like her, but she shouldn’t really be considered country.

Well, happy Thursday! Almost to the weekend, unless you are lucky enough to have tomorrow off. I am not.


I Made It!

Well I officially live in Virginia now!  Pumpkin and I hit the road yesterday morning around 9 am, and three hours later (after a minor incident with someone having an accident in their crate) I was parking in front of my new house.  My roommates were waiting with open arms, and ready to help me unload my car.  Luckily all my beautiful furniture arrived without a problem and was ready and all set up in my room when I arrived.

We made quick progress of the unpacking, and before I knew it my bed was made and the clothes were hung up in my closet, and the three of us were running out the front door to head to Target.  Yup, I was in my house for approximately two hours before our first Target trip was necessary.  We picked up a million Christmas decorations so that we could immediately start decorating together, and our little tree is now complete.

Pumpkin is slowly settling in and getting used to our new surroundings, although she still follows me every time I leave a room, I think she’ll get used to it soon though.  To celebrate my first night in our new house, the three of us stayed home enjoying some adult beverages and playing in the house together.


roommates take 1

take 2!


I am so incredibly happy and excited to finally live here in VA with my best friends, but I will really miss all the great Philly friends I made and of course my mom and sister.  It’s weird sitting here and realizing I don’t have to make a three-hour trip home later because I am home!  My first day of work is tomorrow and I am very nervous about that, haha, I hope they still like me.

I just made my grocery list for the week and plan to head to the store with Adrienne in a little bit, we’ll see how my first attempt at meal planning for myself for the week goes.  Happy Sunday!

Can You Tie Your Shoes?

So for such a small creature, my cat can be extremely annoying.  She’s super clingy and needy, and loves to rub her furry self all over my black dress pants while I’m making my lunch in the morning.  Also, if she feels like you aren’t paying enough attention to her she will sit and meow at you until you do.  I don’t really know what was wrong with her the other night, but she wouldn’t shut up or leave me alone so I decided to bribe her with a can of soft food.  Pumpkin normally only gets the hard stuff.  Well, have you ever seen a cat who is not used to getting soft food eat it?  I swear it was like crack for her.  She did not make a sound for a good 10 minutes while she ate, and then she proceeded to lounge on the floor sleeping for the rest of the night.  I’m pretty sure she ate herself into a coma.  She looked something like this:

Even yesterday when I came home from work, she didn’t get off the couch and follow me around like she normally does.  She merely lifted her head up, looked at me, and put it down to go back to sleep.  Although, I think I’ve created a monster because now she won’t eat the hard food and just keeps meowing at me.  Little shit.

Anyway, last night I did my 4 mile easy run at a 10 minute pace, followed by some abs and push-ups.  I’m happy to see the push-ups seem to be getting easier, might be time to up the number in each set.  Still had some stomach issues, I’m blaming the coffee I’ve been drinking in the mornings but hopefully I have no problems tomorrow for my long run.

Ok, so I know you all think you learned how to tie your shoes in kindergarten but did you know you’ve probably been doing it wrong?  I came across this video on Runners World yesterday and found it pretty interesting.  Go ahead, check it out, are you tying your shoes the right way?  I’m not, and I still can’t figure out the correct way, haha.  Every way I tried, my laces still pointed the wrong way.  I see this occupying me until I get it right.

We have our company picnic today at noon, so I pretty much only have a half day which is fantastic.  Then I’m hitting the road to VA, this drive always inspires my worst bouts of road rage because of traffic.  Dani and Adrienne, wine when I get there?  What is everyone else up to this weekend?