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Just a few brief things.

Thank you all for your well wishes and concerns about Pumpkin! I know some people don’t really like cats or pets in general for that matter, but she’s the first pet I’ve had that’s been mine and she’s been with me since college so I’m kinda obsessed with her.  The good news is that her urine test showed her kidney’s are still functioning, we just really need to keep them that way. So I’m thinking about trying one of those fountain water dishes for her, since she loves drinking from the sink.  I also mixed some tuna juice and water together and froze it, and gave her a cube this morning so we’ll see if she drinks that.

I finally went to a doctor last night, ok CVS Minute Clinic, and they said I have bronchitis.  Now I am fully loaded with 3 different prescriptions including a fun bronchial inhaler.  Apparently I should start to feel better in 2-3 days.  Somewhat worrisome though, is my blood pressure which was sky high at 144 over 90.  For someone who has a history of ridiculously though blood pressure, like 100 over 78, this is confusing.  I’m hoping it’s just the coughing and sickness that has driven it up, but I will be having it checked again when I start to feel better.

I wish I could work from home one day a week every week, it was awesome yesterday.

I had my performance review meeting this morning.  Apparently I’m bad at keeping eye contact with others when they talk to me.  Oops.  Although if that’s all people have to complain about, then I think I’m doing just fine.  I will gladly take my 8% bonus and 1.8% raise and work on my eye contact skills.

My head hurts, I’m blaming a combination of my coughing and high blood pressure.

Happy Leap Day! Real life is for March.  Hope you’re all wearing blue and yellow!