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Bikram… Spin

Well I made it to spin last night, and I loved it, and hated it.  I’m pretty sure the last time I took a spin class was when I was still in college and my roommates were the instructors.  I always swear it off because my hooha hurts almost immediately after, yes even though you are barely in the saddle, and yes it hurts right now.

It’s funny to take a spin class as a runner who can run 10 mile races and half marathons and considers themself in shape, because spinning is a whole different kind of workout.  No lie, I was tired and sweating 10 minutes in.  That could also be because the fans in the spin room are broken and absolutely no air was coming in or circulating.  Yup, you read that correctly, I have never sweat so much in my life.  The manager joked with me that it was probably like Bikram spin, yeah dude, it was.

But yeah, spin was good, and I’ll definitely go back because I can see it really supplementing my cardio and giving me a kind of workout that running and ellipticalling don’t.  The music was my kind of tunes and the instructor was kick ass and tough, although I do feel bad that he had to teach the 6:45 class right after.  I would have passed out, or slipped off my bike due to sweatiness.

In other unshocking news, I’m already having issues with packing for the weekend.  We’re taking a bus, there will be walking from said bus to hotel, and the forecast looks like this.

I also have to pack tonight because we’re going to the Phils/Nats game tomorrow and I won’t have time.  So far the only thing on my list is rain boots. Uuuh, help?  I hate packing for things this time of year, the weather is weird, it’s always debatable whether a coat is necessary or not, and of course it’s rainy.  Blah.

Also, I have an apt at the lady doctor tonight which I am dreading, because I know I have to get weighed.  I have not stepped on a scale since last July, and I like it that way.  No matter what the number is I know I won’t be happy with it, and I especially won’t be happy with it today because I know it’s higher than it was last July.  It’s going to depress me, and I don’t really want that because despite knowing I’ve gained a few lbs, I don’t think I look that bad.  Ugh, freakin lady doctor.

Well anyway, at least it’s Wednesday and I have a three day weekend to look forward to, even if it is going to be a rainy mess!

All My Bags Are Packed, Almost

So last night I started packing.  I had my list, a glass of wine, a cupcake, and Twitter to occasionally complain to.  I was good to go.

Surprisingly, the only real dilemma I faced was whether to pack my boring, comfortable plain black pointy toe pumps, or cuter, uncomfortable peep toe nude pumps.  I went with the cuter heels.  I figured what the hell, I’ll probably only wear them at night, and won’t be walking around that much.  I have outfits planned out that I currently like, but will probably hate once it’s time to wear them.  I typically have that problem when I plan outfits.  Luckily we’re staying within walking distance of some of the best shopping there is :).  So yeah, the clothes and shoes are ready to go, which leaves me with two days still to get everything else together.  I think I can manage that.

I’m blaming my anticipation of Thursday for how slowly yesterday went by.  Monday felt like five days, and by the time 4:30 rolled around the last thing I wanted to do was go work out.  Knowing that a majority of my runs are going to get screwed up this week, I forced myself to go and managed to do a completely mediocre 3 miles on the treadmill.  Luckily that is all my training plan called for.  I stretched a lot after, because my IT Band is really acting up (a-hole), and did some abs before heading home.

Tonight is my hair appointment (yay!) and I’m hoping I’ll be able to get my eyebrows waxed also, because they are seriously out of control.  Alright, well I’m off to yet ANOTHER training class until 1 this afternoon.  They better provide me with a morning snack, otherwise we’re going to have issues and I’ll be super cranky.  I’ll post a picture of my hair tomorrow, unless I hate it, then I’ll keep it to myself.

First Day!

Well today is my first day at my new job, and I’m currently sitting at my new desk, on my new (old, but new to me) laptop, craning my neck around my cubicle wall to occasionally glance out the window.  This morning was full of introductions, tours of the building, and initial set-ups, and web training.  Fun stuff!  I have a few meetings this afternoon, and then my first day will be behind me.  Seems pretty good so far, I’ve already had an invite in calender for the company Holiday Party on Friday, wooo!

Yesterday, the girls and I did more decorating of the house for Christmas, this time tackling the outside fence and front porch.  We’re pretty happy with the outcome so far, but I think we are going to hang some more lights as soon as we figure out an outlet situation.

Front of the house!

After the decorating, I finished unpacking my clothes and hanging them in the makeshift closet that Adrienne’s dad helped me put together.  The one that came with my room is teeny tiny, so something had to be done about it, and thanks to one trip to the Container Store I was stocked with the makings of a new closet.

new closet!

Pumpkin is trying to decide how she can make it to the open window, and I still need to buy a curtain to hang across there, but you get the idea.  It definitely added a lot of space to my cozy room :).

The rest of the day was really the epitome of a lazy Sunday.  I was in my pajamas by 6:00 relaxing on the couch with my roommates, and in bed by 10 pm.  Today after work I’m going to try to figure out a gym situation.  There is a LA Fitness (which I already belong to from home) about 10 minutes from my new house, and then there is a Bally Total Fitness right near work, which they will pay for.  With my new 9-5 hours (I used to work 7-3:30) I definitely want to try the whole working out before work thing, it’s just do I want to work out close to home and commute to work or get the commute over with and work out close to the office.  Decisions, decisions!

Alright well I’m off to meet more new people and hand in my new hire paperwork so I can get paid!  Happy Monday, only 24 days until days off for Christmas!