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Come Onnnn Holiday

Well, if my commute this morning is any indication of what traffic will be like later, it’s not looking so bad.  There was absolutely no one on the road and I made great time on my drive in.  Last night however, not so much, but I’ll try to remain positive for right now.

My cross-fit workout ended up getting cancelled yesterday, so instead I did 2.2 miles on the treadmill and the pyramid push-up workout.  I again used the 5k sport training course that simulates hills and was huffing and puffing up that 3% incline.  The 56 push-ups again kicked my ass, and I felt like I had spaghetti for arms for the rest of the day.

I headed home after work to tackle the packing situation for my trip to PA, and I’m pretty sure I packed my entire closet. I couldn’t decide what I was going to be in the mood to wear, so I brought everything.  I packed 4 pairs of jeans and 2 pairs of leggings for a 4 day trip.  I have problems.  In my packing though, I realized my closet consists mostly of blues and grays, so mom feel free to buy me colorful clothing items for Christmas.

Other things I accomplished last night?  I bought two new bathing suits for my trip in two weeks.  I was only going to get one, but then I remembered I’m going to Vegas in April and a sequins bikini is most definitely necessary.

Tropical Getaway


I figure, with those two suits, along with the Tory Burch sandals I scored at a Nordstroms sale not too long ago I am set as far as buying new things.  Now, I just hope they get here on December 5 like VS has promised me.
After I managed to squeeze the last clothing items into my large suitcase, I got around to painting my nails.  I have a new obsession, and it is the OPI Gold Shatter nail polish.  So far I’ve done red and gold, and now purple and gold.
The red and gold combo will absolutely be broken out for Christmas.  Alrighty, I’m off to countdown the hours until I can hit the road! I hope it’s around 2.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.

A boozey filled Saturday

Heyooo!  How’s everyone’s Saturday going?  I’m just checking in before I head over to my friend Michelle’s house to help her celebrate her 28th birthday!  Friday night was exactly as I thought it would be, with a small trip to the mall squeezed in.  My mom was going and I tagged along.  I picked up an awesome new eyeliner (it has a little bit of shimmer in it) and this outfit from Ann Taylor.

I’m trying to decide whether or not I want to have the shirt taken in a little at the waist.  What do you all think?  When I got home, I realized I have a dress (the one I wore on easter) that is the exact same colors but just white on the top and coral on the bottom haha.  I guess I know what I like.

I finally caught two episodes of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution last night and I loved it!  Although it’s so sad that a french fry is considered a vegetable, and that they’d rather serve that than that yummy looking pasta dish.  For anyone else who watched last night, how much of a douche was that stupid radio DJ?  I wanted to punch him in the face.  At least he came around by the end.  I went to bed somewhat early so that I could wake up and work out this morning, so I’m pretty sure I was sound asleep by 11:30, just as the bf was getting ready to go out, haha.

I swam again this morning, that makes 3 times this week wahoo, and it was good.  I did the same workout as the other two days, but dummy me left my swim cap and goggles in the pool area, so I have to swing by the gym to go pick them up.  In other news, I gained more weight this week, which is seriously baffling me because I know I am burning more calories than I am taking in.  Apparently my body just really hates the disappearance of the running from my workout regimen. Sigh, just what I want to happen before bathing suit season rolls around.  Come on leg get better!

For lunch I ate one of my leftover burgers with the zucchini.  In an effort to be somewhat healthier, I ate it on a piece of lettuce instead of a roll, and it was still just as delicious.

I know Michelle is going to have tons of yummy snack food at her house so I wanted to not be starving when I got there.  I also painted my toes with a new OPI color I picked up yesterday.  What do you guys think, yay or nay?

It’s definitely a toes only color, I think people would look at me strangely if I had bright green nails.  Please don’t mind my freak toes, they like to hide behind the other ones 🙂  Alright well I’m off to go have some drinks and food, I hope everyone has a fantastic afternoon!