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I Actually Did Things!

You guys want to see something funny?  Not funny “haha”, but funny “just my luck”.

At least it will be nice the day we leave?  Seriously though, I think the weather is going to be better in DC this weekend.  Sigh, that’s typical.  You have 4 days to get your act together Vegas and act like a desert.  Do it.

Anyway, no news on the house yet, apparently the seller is now getting his own estimate to replace the roof in hopes that it will be less than the one we submitted.  Good luck dude, we didn’t even send you the highest bid we got, that one was about $2000 more.

This past weekend was a combination of relaxation and fun, with excessive amounts of champagne thrown in.  Friday night I stayed in and made some homemade chicken fried rice and banana chocolate chip bread.  Both things were delicious and I’m hoping they last me until at least Wednesday since I have no plans to grocery shop this week.

Saturday morning I was woken up bright and early by the sounds of a table saw and home construction.  There should be laws against that kind of thing happening during the 7:00 hour of a Saturday morning, just sayin.  Thanks to the home renovations on the street over, I was bored out of my mind by 12 pm, and had already painted both my fingers and toes an obnoxiously bright color.  Cue text from one of the roommates, “Do you want to drink with me?”

One bottle of champagne and a few mimosas later, I was feeling adventurous and decided to head out for the evening.  Nachos were consumed, a lot of Corona Lights imbibed (we were sitting outside it was necessary), and hours and hours past my bedtime later I face planted into my pillow for a solid 7 hours of sleep, only to begin the madness again at noon yesterday.

I crashed my other roommate’s Easter celebrations with her family, where more mimosas were enjoyed along with some wine.  I also ate a lot of delicious food over the course of the day at their house including french toast casserole, bacon, sausage, ham, potatoes, and crescent rolls the size of my face.  The drive back to Arlington last night was long (ok it was 45 minutes but it felt long), and I once again could not wait to face plant into bed.  That seemed to be the theme of the weekend.

Thank baby Jesus that my next three weeks of work are all 4 day weeks, because I don’t know if I’d make it otherwise.  I hope you all had a fabulous weekend as well, now who’s in for a group detox?

It Was a Good One

Well folks, it was a long weekend of drinking which left me exhausted and holed up in the house on the couch all day yesterday.  From the time the roommates and I left the house Saturday at noon, until we returned around 1 am we didn’t sit down once.  Probably part of the reason I slept until 11:30 on Sunday morning :).

Friday night the ladies and I headed into Chinatown to Lucky Strike for a fun girls night out.  We reserved our lane and got in an hour of bowling before moving over to some couches to lounge and chit chat.

pretty ladies

Some of the girls headed home after that, but Dani, Adrienne, Sharon, and myself weren’t ready to call it a night yet so we moved on to another bar to continue the evening.  Eventually Dani and I were the only two remaining and continued the bar hopping finally making it home around 3 am.

Waking up on Saturday morning was a little rough, but after some coffee and a bagel I was more than ready for the next round of the weekend.  After a quick stop at 7-11 for a bottle of Andre, we were on our way to DC for our double header day of kickball games. Mimosas are to kickball as Gatorade is to running ;).

I’m having a great time I swear, I don’t know why I look so angry in that picture.  We won both our games, obviously, and then  moved on to The Bottom Line for our respective flip-cup match-ups.  We won both of those also.

Around 5:30 we managed to drag ourselves away from the bar and hopped on the metro to head on  out to RFK Stadium to meet-up with our guy friends and tailgate for the DC United game.  The game started at 7:30 so we had just enough time to enjoy a few beers in the parking lot before heading in and finding our seats.  All that really meant was cramming into our row and standing in the general vicinity of our seats, because apparently no one sits at soccer games.

oh, hello David Beckham


DC United managed to tie the game with only a few minutes left, so it was an exciting one to say the least.  We returned to the parking lot for a little post game tailgating before getting back on the metro for a longgggg ride home.  I’m actually not really sure what time we finally got back to the house, but I sent my last text message around 1:11 so I’m assuming I was sound asleep shortly after that.

It was a very, very fun Saturday, and definitely felt like the longest day in the history of the world.  Back to work today unfortunately, because it’s going to feel like summer out there.  It’s about time, although I’m starting to think we’re going to go straight from the 50s consistently to the 80s and 90s with no spring whatsoever.  Oh well, whatever.  How was everyone else’s weekend?