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We Have Awful Luck

Soooo the inspection… was not good.  Although I suppose it could have gone worse, but everything we suspected was wrong, was wrong.  The roof needs to be replaced, like yesterday, there are some rotted out windows, the Radon level was absurdly high, and the furnace and AC were original to the house… so from 1988.  Sigh.  Now, we negotiate on price to be able to afford to do all the things that need fixing.  Wah.

Anyway, after getting the news about the inspection, I decided to venture across the street to happy hour with some other co-workers.  I stayed for many more hours than I should have, but it was fun, and we met this guy!

Mike Aubrey from HGTV’s Real Estate Intervention, which is apparently done.  Although he did give us the inside scoop on a new show he’s filming for HGTV called power broker or something like that, but he said not to write about it on the internet.  Oops.  He was nice enough, although relatively douchey when he dropped a line about his ring from the Orange Bowl.  Psh, whatever.  He was out with a girl who looked young enough to be his daughter, but we were excited and totally obvious about discovering it was him.

Today, I am tired, and thinking about going home to PA for the weekend.  We’ll see though.  Happy Friday!