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Sweet Summertime

Hello, hello and happy Monday to you!  How was everyone’s weekend?  Mine was lovely, because I spent most of Saturday and Sunday in my roommate Danielle’s pool.  Well, technically it’s her parent’s pool, but they were out of town and we took full advantage.  When I say I spent most of the day in the pool, I mean in, it was 106 degrees out.  I’m sure the amount of chlorine I absorbed through my skin was not healthy, but you couldn’t even stand on the pool deck without your feet burning.  Anyway, I’m sporting quite a deep tan/burn today, and I like it.

Dani, her bf, and his daughter enjoying the pool

Prior to heading up to MD for the weekend, the Orkin people came to our house to try to take care of our mouse situation.  My appointment window was from 10-12 and the guy showed up at 10:23 which was awesome.  He was so nice, and asked me where I thought the mice were coming from.  I told him that the cat usually sits in the kitchen staring at the oven, and the trap I had placed in front of the oven on Friday night was the only one that caught something.  He pulled our oven away from the wall, and immediately saw our problem.  Two giant holes in the floor by the back wall.  There was also mouse hair and droppings along the sides of the wall and the back, so it seems my intuition about where they were coming from was correct.

He put some copper wire mesh stuff in the holes, and then calked over them, which he said should ultimately solve the problem.  He also closed up another hole on the side of the wall near our radiator.  I took advantage of the oven being pulled away from the wall and scrubbed the side of it clean with bleach.  It was disgusting.  After taking care of the problems in the kitchen, he did a once over of the whole house, including my room in case there were any strays up there, and then sprayed the outside.  It’s been two nights now with no mice in traps and none in my room!  So hopefully we’re in the clear.

So, I’m only in the office for three days this week before I head off to Bethany Beach for a nice long weekend at the shore.  This is the 4th annual trip, and we have a pretty big group going this year.  I’m excited.  Past year’s trips included things like this:




I’m excited.  My liver is not.  We’ve gone every year around my birthday, some years the trip falls on my birthday, this year it doesn’t, but I’m still calling it my birthday trip.  It’s also my one and only beach trip/vacation for the summer and I plan to relax and enjoy as much of it as I can.  Come on Wednesday, get here!

The Great Mouse Hunt of 2012

So remember that time I found my cat playing with a mouse in my room?  Yeah, me too.  Well, I had just finally started to recover and sleep soundly in my bedroom almost two weeks later, and it happened again.  Except this time it was worse.  Here’s where I wish I was skilled in the art of MS Paint, because illustrations would be much more hilarious, but I’ll do my best to explain in writing.

It was about 11:30 pm and I was laying in bed reading, when in strolls Pumpkin all proud of herself with a MF mouse in her MOUTH.  Why she felt the need to bring it upstairs to me, I do not know, but then SHE LET IT GO!  I have never seen something move so quickly in my life.  That damn mouse bolted behind my suitcase that was leaning against the wall, where it stayed while Pumpkin tried to get at it.  At this point I am standing on the middle of my bed, freaking the eff out, trying to figure out what to do.  The mouse must have seen an opening, because all of a sudden it was scurrying across my bedroom floor in the direction of my closet, while Pumpkin was still sniffing around the suitcase.

I tried to move some things around in the closet to see if I could find the mouse, but it’s packed pretty full in there and I was not moving from my perch in the center of the bed. I took some of the larger suitcases out, banged around a bit, hoping to scare it out of its hiding place, and then had a complete and utter meltdown.  I just started sobbing.  I called Darren, who was no help at all, and just told me to find it and kill it or shut up about it.  In between heaves I just kept repeating, “I can’t find ittttt.”  He kept saying something about me being a grown woman and to just handle it, but I couldn’t really hear him through my sobs. Then he hung up on me and went to bed.

I knew I’d never be able to sleep in my room that night, not with mouse hunt 2012 taking place, so I crawled into my roommates bed with her.  She was sound asleep, and initially very confused, but more than willing to give me refuge.  Throughout the night I could still hear Pumpkin stalking and chasing the mouse, so I just hoped the situation would be taken care of when I woke up (not that I really slept well at all).

I went into my room this morning and saw no mouse body, or evidence of a mouse murder, but Pumpkin was also nowhere to be seen.  I slowly made my way downstairs, where I saw her laying on the living room floor, staring at the couch.  When she saw me, she got up and moved towards the couch and started meowing at it, and trying to get at something under it.  I moved the couch back, and there it was, a dead mouse.  I’m choosing to believe that dead mouse, is the same mouse that was living in my closet hours earlier.  The alternative is too horrifying to imagine.

So,  yup, we have mice.  My guess would be they live under our stove or kitchen sink somewhere, because I’ll often catch Pumpkin sitting in the dark kitchen staring intently in that direction.  I will be buying traps this afternoon and placing them throughout the house.  Anyone have recommendations of good ones?  I refuse to use those snappy ones that sometimes do not kill the mouse, just injure it.  So terrible.  I’m probably traumatized for life.  I have no problems with Pumpkin hunting down the mice in the house, but can’t she keep them downstairs?  I don’t need to see what she’s caught.

Mouse Suicide

Every morning and afternoon while I’m driving on the GW, I see the various crew teams out practicing on the Potomac and always feel bad for them.  I especially feel bad for them on mornings like this, when it’s 39 degrees and misting.  It’s hard enough getting out of bed and dressed for work, I can’t imagine having to get up knowing I’m going to go sit on a cold boat in a river.  No way in hell, I’m way to much of a wussy for that.  Props to you Georgetown Crew, and whoever else might be out there.

So somehow I forgot to tell this story last week after it happened, which works out nicely for me now since I’m struggling to think of content this week.  The girls and I have had a leaky pipe in our kitchen sink for oh, let’s say months now.  Very easily fixable since we lease, and just have to call a plumber and our landlord, but we’d just had the dishwasher fixed and for some reason never got around to it.  It wasn’t really a big deal, we stuck a giant bucket under the pipe, and emptied it once it was full.

Hehe, I’m laughing again just thinking about this.  So last Wednesday Adrienne and I were sitting out in the living room, probably watching Criminal Minds or SVU, and Dani was in the kitchen cooking dinner and getting ready to empty the bucket.  All of a sudden we hear her go, “ohmygod, ew, ohmygod,” and start laughing.  I half heartedly inquire as to what happened, and she walks into the living room and says, “There is a rat in the bucket!”  I’m all, “A rat? Are you sure?”  She’s all, “Or a mouse, or something, it’s dead!”  At this point I get up off the couch and creep back into the kitchen to look with her, and sure enough there is a dead mouse floating in the water of the bucket.  Poor guy went in for a drink, or swim, or something, and didn’t make it out.  Haha, it was so gross, and now we’re kind of worried we might have a mouse problem.

Luckily Dani is not a vajayjay, and disposed of the dead mouse, and the tongs she used to pluck it from the water.  Anyway, that finally kicked us into motion and we called a plumber.  He came last night and occupied our kitchen until almost 8:30 pm.

Needless to say I was starving by the time I finally got to eat.  Despite that I managed to stop myself at half a frozen pizza instead of the whole thing.  Progress people, I’m making progress.  Sine my hamstring is feeling weird, I didn’t do any cardio at the gym last night, but 40ish minutes of arms and abs.  It feels a little better today, definitely less tight, so maybe just some light ellipticalling is in my future to get the legs going.

Anywho, it’s Thursday and the last day of March, which is not going out like a lamb at all.  WTF is up with that?  I’m off to scrounge up something for breakfast in the cafeteria.  Tootles.  (Yes I really just said that).