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It Goes on and on My Friends…

Winter, that is. I just looked back through my archives and it was in the 80s on this day last March. Today… this:

spring… is that you?

This tree is confused

It’s still snowing, and accumulating, which makes this the most snow we’ve had in the DC/metro area since January 2011. I’m at work because, well I’m not sure why, I guess they neglected to look outside today or something. Anywho, before the snow moved in I actually had a lovely weekend enjoying the weather outside during which I drank waaaay too much and needed to spend all of yesterday in bed.

A few months ago, when we thought it would be awesome and warm by the end of March, a group of my friends and I all bought tickets for the inaugural DC Beerfest at Nats Park. It wasn’t nearly as warm as we expected, but it was in the 50s and sunny, so as long as you stood in the sunshine it was fabulous.


There were A LOT of different beers to try, and I did sample a good many of them. My least favorite? The one that tasted like a sour apple jolly rancher by Shock Top. Sadly that was my last beer of the day and I hated it.


It was crowded, like super crowded, but I did manage to spot a few other friendly faces in the crowd, like Chase and my gurl Kacy.  After they kicked us out of the stadium at 4 pm, I made the less than brilliant choice to head out with Kacy and her fiance to continue my all day bender. We went to Matchbox for food (my first trip!) then Bar Pilar, and finally Lost Society where after some dancing and too many vodka and sodas we finally went home.

vodka soda… damn you!

I also lost many layers of my outfit as the night went on… remarkably I made it home with all of them. I ended up sleeping at Kacy and Tom’s and then they were kind enough to drive me home the next day, despite the threat of my barfing all over Tom’s car. It was completely unnecessary but so fun at the same time, well until I woke up in the morning.

So here we are at Monday, and 17 days away from my vacation to Ireland with my sis. I can’t believe it’s a little over two weeks to go! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. How was your weekend, were you as dumb as me?

So Evil

Yesterday it was 72, today I woke up and it was 33.  Should I just resign to the fact that I’m going to get sick?  Because seriously, the drastic temperature changes are just a flu waiting to happen.  Crap, and I just remembered I forgot to take my new gummy vitamins the past two days.  I’m a huge failure at vitamin taking, and I’d hoped having fun delicious ones would help.  Apparently not.  Sigh.

I headed to the gym after work yesterday and got in a lousy 4 miles at about 9:22 pace.  I say lousy because if I had to guess, I’d say it was a balmy 80 degrees in the gym last night.  And humid.  I know I complain about this a lot, but last night was seriously on the verge of unbearable.  I have never sweat so much in my life.  I cooled down with 15 minutes on the elliptical, and then tried to find an air vent blowing cool air  to stand under.  Which I did, for a good 5 minutes.  I’ve complained to the front desk before, but the only answer I ever get is that the manager has certain temperatures he has to stay between.  What are they, hot and burning in hell?

In other news, I almost threw Pumpkin out my bedroom window last night.  The little asshole thinks it’s perfectly acceptable to do wind sprints around my room, up and down the stairs, and jumping on and off the bed at 2 am.  News flash cat, it’s not.  I can’t lock her out of my room either, because then she sits outside my door crying and I don’t want her to wake everyone in the house up.  She’s been doing this a lot lately, it’s getting old.  So in a sleep deprived, evil mood this morning, I got some revenge.  When I came walking down the stairs to see her curled up  on the chair sleeping, I said to myself, “Oh hell no, you’re not going to sleep all day and keep me up all night.”  I walked over to her, picked her up and dropped her on the floor (don’t worry she landed on her feet), muahaha, take that cat.  She was quite confused, it made me feel better.  I am evil.

Anywho, happy 1st day of March!  I’m so happy that spring is just around the corner for real now.




Also, this morning I woke up and couldn’t remember what day it was.  Then I remembered it was only Tuesday and cried a little.  Try not to hate it too much.

Gotta Love the South

I fell asleep last night to the sound of sleet pelting my bedroom windows, so obviously the first thing I did when I woke up at 6:30 this morning was call my works emergency weather hotline.  After hearing “operating on a two-hour delayed opening” I turned off my alarm, rolled over, and went back to sleep.  I’m not sure that delay was completely necessary, but hey I’m not complaining.

Last night I immersed myself in the world of Lifetime, and watched the Amanda Knox movie.  It’s definitely and interesting story, and I’m not sure whether I think she did it or not, but she sure did seem to handle the situation strangely.  I guess we’ll see what happens in her upcoming appeal process.  Anyway, definitely much better than the job they did with The Craigslist Killer.

On my way into work this morning, I heard the exciting news that today is National Margarita Day!  I immediately sent out this text message:

Me: It’s national margarita day, we should celebrate
Dani: Margs and glee tonight?
Me: I like it

Tequila is my nemesis, or best friend, depending on how you view the situation, but I do love it so.  There was a period of time two summers ago where I did multiple shots of Patron every night I went out.  That was fun.  I should start doing that again :).  So happy National Margarita Day! Will you be celebrating?

I ❤ Patron (excuse my hair sticking up)

I do plan on going to the gym after work and getting my tempo run in before margs and Glee take place.  Last weeks training kind of took a big hit, so it’s time to get back on track.  I’m not really concerned about missing my 7 mile long run, I finished my 6 mile one so strongly that I know I can do 7 no problem.  So I’m just going to chalk it up as a loss and move on with my training plan as scheduled.

Can I just say how much I love that this is the last week of February and the first few days of March are in the 10 day forecast?  I am definitely ready for spring, and my trip in 16 days, although I doubt it will feel like spring in Chicago.  Oh well.  Have a good one!